Video Reminder of the Tea Party’s Fight – Video

Time to Take America Back

I’ve attached a video to this post as a reminder of the things our departed friend Andrew Breitbart had supported, because while he has passed, the movement he defended and supported goes on.  The Tea Party is still here, and conservatives are still here, so why don’t we take a moment to remind ourselves of where we were just two years ago.  This video went viral at the time of its initial posting on Youtube, but let us not forget this as part of our modern Tea Party heritage.  It’s easy to become dispirited, and it’s easy to forget how much worse others have had it.  It’s time to kick some ass, and we do so, we should remember why we fight:

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4 Responses to Video Reminder of the Tea Party’s Fight – Video

  1. Gsd16paws says:

    Amen Mark! RIP Andrew, we will carry your fighting, truth telling spirit with us.

  2. SDakota29 says:

    Amen! Thank you Andrew Breitbart, and thank you Mark. I needed that today. His truth is marching on! We the People

  3. bdwatcher says:

    We will know the loss of Andrew. I had him on my twitter, but unfollowed him.. There was so much vile and contempt toward him, things even I would not say to people that was said to him I didn’t believe was suitable for most of my followers.

    His courage will not go un-noticed.

  4. RebinTexas says:

    Thanks Mark – this a favorite of mine too……will be interesting to see what Stephen Bannon and the others over at Big Govt do in these coming weeks & months. Andrew will be missed, partly because he had no fear to say it….all….too many too timid on our side. You are another good leader……and help to spread the word.