Sarah Palin Talks to Fox News Weekend Live

Governor Sarah Palin appeared on FoxNews on Weekend Live.  She discussed the field of contenders, and whether she would get out and campaign for the GOP nominee if that happened to be Mitt Romney.  They talked briefly about the HBO fiction called Game Change, and her PAC’s response to it with a video.   Then she was asked about whether she would accept a GOP nominee’s offer of the Vice Presidential spot on the ticket, and she threw a name into the hat for consideration as the GOP’s Vice Presidential nominee that many of you will find quite interesting.

Watch the video:

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4 Responses to Sarah Palin Talks to Fox News Weekend Live

  1. Carmtom13 says:

    Thanks Mark for posting this. I agree with Governor Palin on her pick for VP.

  2. jerseyflash says:

    ” So is that a NO if you were asked to fill the VP slot ” ( ” IT’S NOT A NO…BUT I WOULD ASK ALLEN WEST FIRST ” )
    Yes it’s me again….the guy who said last year that Sarah could have had 16 years in the swamp…8 as VP and 8 as POTUS…am I reading something that isn’t there…I’m not exhaling until the fat lady sings
    Palin/West 2012 and 2016

  3. jerseyflash says:

    I got a skull-cramp and pressed the comment point to soon…so let me continue…I think Sarah should WATCH her PAC’s video a few hundred…this women seems to have a tough time wrapping her brain around the fact of what she did to this country in a short period of time…SARAH PALIN needs this country and this country needs SARAH PALIN behind the wheel of the car that’s going deeper and deeper in the ditch.  ( I THINK i’M DONE FOR NOW )
    Good job MARK !!!!!!!!!!!! 

  4. Shawn says:

    This is wishful thinking I’m sure, but when she said she would select Allen West as her VP running mate if she was the GOP nominee, she was tipping her hat to those of us who hope that by some miracle we wind up at a brokered convention. She still hasn’t said no to throwing her hat in the ring if we do get to a brokered convention. I have thought Palin & West would be a great combination since they met during her One Nation tour in DC.