Two Sponsors Ditch Limbaugh – I Will Not Buy Cowards’ Products

Does He Need to Worry?

In an irony one could scarcely script, two companies responding to complaints from Twitter users decided to pull commercial advertising on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show due to his comments on Wednesday regarding Sandra Fluke.  Sleep Train Mattress Centers and Sleep Number Beds have pulled their support.  Perfect.  While Sandra Fluke demands that government be inserted into the bedroom, the bedroom is being pulled from under Rush Limbaugh.  At the same time, Politico is also reporting that Pro Flowers is reconsidering its ad campaign on Limbaugh’s show.  All we need now is the wine and dine advertisers, and it will be a complete set.  I think Rush ought to begin running his old parody ad for Bungee Condoms in their place in the rotation.

What all of this reveals is what happens when you’re stuck with what Tammy Bruce calls the “Gestapos” who will apply commercial pressure to silence a radio personality.  Well, in the case of these sponsors, at least the two bed manufacturers, they’re dead to me.  The irony is that I am shopping for a bed, so now I know with whom I won’t be doing business.  All of this is nonsense, because what Limbaugh said is only outrageous before you consider that Sandra Fluke is an activist for radical feminist objectives, and that those same feminists have been trying to reduce the impact of the word “slut” to carry a less negative connotation by organizing what they call “slut-walks.”

Still, these advertisers really annoy me.  I would never have heard of their products without Limbaugh, and now I’ll be obliged to buy my next bed from somebody else.  I’m actually glad they chickened-out now, because later, I might have been sleeping on one of their products and be forced to  dump it at substantial loss.   Nevertheless, it is not advertisers who are the biggest wimps in all of this, as Dana Loesch at BigJournalism reveals.   A number of high-ranking or well-known Republicans are running from this story, and it demonstrates what cowards they really are.  These people who so easily tuck tails and run are not going to win anything in 2012, and the fact that this includes Speaker John Boehner simply proves the point.

Kudos to Dana Loesch for carrying on despite the pain!

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26 Responses to Two Sponsors Ditch Limbaugh – I Will Not Buy Cowards’ Products

  1. donpurser says:

    The best way to show our approval or disapproval toward companies like Sleep Number, Sleep Train, etc, is with our pocketbooks.  Although I don’t own and don’t plan on owning any of their products, I will send them an email expressing my disappointment with their lack of courage and my intent to not only never purchase their products but to also encourage my friends and family to do the same. 

    As for Ms Fluke.  Perhaps she isn’t a slut…unless we consider that what she did in front of Congress was slutted herself to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats for pure political purposes.  I have no idea the degree to which she needs condoms but her willingness to become the toy of the Dems and lie on their behalf means she has prostituted herself to them.

    Rush has nothing to worry about.  I’m sure he has advertisers waiting in line to get some precious broadcast time on his show.  I will remain a loyal Rush listener.  

    I’m not sure what Ms Fluke will be doing but no doubt she will be over-paying and under-delivering.

  2. Richardbleuze says:

    I wonder if she is single.  If so, then she is a slut and provides sex on the tax payors dime!

  3. Scott Morgan says:

    I see a new political group forming “Sluts for Obama”  or maybe “Obama Slutwalking for Hope and Change”

  4. bdwatcher says:

    Haha, I snickered when I read this.. Amusing as it is, still it shows how influence from the left is attempting again to direct our thinking. This is more important than even what Rush said. Besides…. birth control is  for what???? Single college girls need birth control for what?  I snicker again..  Choices, we all have choices, personal choices. Rushes comments were a leap, but still not so far off. If you want to have sex, buy your own means of birth control. It is your choice and it does not mean I must pay for your personal activities.. NOW.. if you video… (smile)

  5. the unit says:

    If she can’t afford law school and contraception, she must be having to pay for her condoms, pre-loaded, ready for action.  Like maybe she’s “the John” or paying customer for her action. Hear that lifestyle is pretty expensive in D.C.  Was for Gov. Spitzer, then again he got own TV show. Ole Weiner may as well.

  6. RanierWest says:

    I never would have heard this funny commercial if Sleep Numbnuts Beds didn’t play Gestapo! You make it so easy to avoid your products.  

  7. the unit says:

    :You mention you’re in market for new bedding and willlook to other companies.  Be sure to google: Chicago mattress company sells recovered used mattresses.  Chicago…, figures doesn’t it.  “O” from windy city, recovered socialist, marxist (not recovered as in AA).  Actually other companies as well, but funny Chicago showed up first on my search.

  8. gunfire7778 says:
    March 2, 2012 Patcnews: Joe Goldner, Bernhard Pudewell and Chelsea Berryman Mathews Listen to the college girl who wants to be paid to have sex on our tax payer $$$. Does that make Uncle Sam a Sugar Daddy?

  9. WallyPalo says:

    I noticed that a few weeks ago, I can no longer find Rush Limbaugh in the morning on any of my local conservative AM stations.    Just got thru reviewing the California stations that host Rush and don’t see anything in the Bay Area.   The Left is controlling my entertainment and enlightenment.

    • the unit says:

      WallyP, even in the southland he’s hard to find.  Do like me on internet…out of Tallahassee, FL.
      Good volume and of course its our time not Pacific.  Check it out.

  10. gunfire7778 says:

    March 2, 2012 Patcnews: Joe Goldner, Bernhard Pudewell and Chelsea
    Berryman Mathews Listen to the college girl who wants to be paid to have
    sex on our tax payer $$$. Does that make Uncle Sam a Sugar Daddy?ative

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  11. smbren says:

    Sleep Number bed? seriously? that is a riot. He was more than likely their biggest salesman. He paid for and gave away those beds….Just ridiculous.  I wait for his response. He has the power to destroy that company. I wonder if he will do it.

    • smbren says:

       Darn, that whole avatar thing did not work. I suck at computers.

  12. Sue Lynn says:

    Right on Mark…I just cancelled 2 sales for Sleep Number Beds. I went on their facebook page and told them this and told them Hey by the way that’s how I found out about their product in the first place listening to Rush and told them good luck in this weak market!!!!

    • the unit says:

      Glad you commented.  I tried to edit and omit my ego comment above but as I said…by the time I passed muster…typing in letters I couldn’t really see clearly in the maze to confirm registration…I lost sight.  I apologize , not if it bothered you, but because I apologize. And not that it bothered you, it did me.
      Can’t believe I’m only  one needing further identity.  Could be that’s why old posters are not commenting.
      Anyway, Fluke is just one side of the problem.

  13. the unit says:

    This is not my current last comment.   I’m signed on, but when posted…message…one more step…funny letters in black maze followed by a word.  What’s that about? Ole “the unit” couldn’t even  read the letters. OK and fine for security, but I was signed on. Perhaps a “fluke”;)…will see how this goes.

    • the unit says:

      I guess it’s still the learning curve, either here or there. But it did not let me post without the other step.  Anyways…here is what I wanted to say. (Still could post without deleting link)
      There is something missing here as we spout off.Noticed the usual lady comments on this site missing about this.I,we gotta be fair.  Although I do think this Fluke thing is a set up.  And there’s something in it for her, although it may be the same reward as Monica Lewinsky got, a bad taste.  But Fluke and other females don’t need contraceptives except because of males.  Who among us ain’t ready. Oh, hold myself back from temptation. Not so much anymore as is “the unit”‘s situation these days, but been there, done that, passed Go long ago.  Thanks for the memories.Let’s be compassionate, some of that gender are hoodwinked.  There’s a few notches on the handle, not from kills, just dusted a few feathers.  My ego let’s me count close shot with #8.See Soft Fluke Jerkbait @ (you’ll have to google

    • Mark America says:

      The Disqus site was doing some maintenance. Should be okay now, probably for more than an hour now.

      • the unit says:

        Glad it is a temporary problem.  Those maze letters are a problem for me. Don’t think it’s colorblind…just whatever blind, maybe old?  Must have got it right in order to post…finally after looking at a while to as be sure as I could, click Post.  No kidding…I’ll try this!   But what’s next to fool me?

  14. MiBones says:

     I will be sending an e-mail to everyone of these corporations , who pull their advertisements, or are thinking of it. The progressive blogs are gleefully talking about removing Rush from off the air. I lost Breitbart, I am not losing Rush.

  15. MiBones says:

    I have just finished doing my e-mail and phoning of the corporations that are pulling their advertisements. I lost Breitbart, I am not losing Rush.

  16. the unit says:

    Just watched news on tv.  Limbaugh said sorry …really to MSM and Fluke.  Even if we won’t sleep on Sleep Stains, uh, Numb…er, anesthetic effect, his bed is feathered with Euros, gold, and oxycontin.
    Just kidding… That’s just the CNN news…rest tomorrow and see what next week brings us.  Again…kidding…see y’all tomorrow!
    Hey Comments section is Back!! 20+ and counting.

  17. Cbartlett says:

    This is SO disappointing. We own two Sleep Number beds and have referred quite a few people to get them. I plan to write them and tell them that I will no longer buy their products nor refer anyone any longer due to this action. I hope they learn a lesson from this.

  18. Sue Lynn says:

    Mark you are a Great Patriot!!!! We need your continued truth in reporting. Truly love you Mark keep up the good fight!!!!!

  19. Phyllisfritz40 says:

    Any sponsor who dumps Limbaugh dumps me too!

  20. Sarahistheone says:

    I will stand behind Rush every day of the week. If it wasn’t for his strength I couldn’t have gotten thru this horrifying presidency. What would we do without voices like Rush, Breitbart, Levin, Hannity and all of our strong conservative voices. I don’t know about you but I am so grateful and thankful for what they do everyday. They have given me hope!