I Need a Back-Up Solution But I Know Who I Won’t Be Using

Still Taking a Beating

This is simply pathetic.  Carbonite has announced it is pulling all of its advertising from Rush Limbaugh, even though he has already apologized.  After “re-evaluating” over the last 24-48 hours, Carbonite decided it has had enough. Well, so have I.  I don’t care what they sell, or how good it may be.  I will never purchase or use their products and services, but I have held that opinion for some time based on some product  research.  I read this statement, and even if it wasn’t written in the tone of a simpering whiner, I would still be left with the impression that Carbonite CEO David Friend is gutless, based on his decision:

“No one with daughters the age of Sandra Fluke, and I have two, could possibly abide the insult and abuse heaped upon this courageous and well-intentioned young lady. Mr. Limbaugh, with his highly personal attacks on Miss Fluke, overstepped any reasonable bounds of decency. Even though Mr. Limbaugh has now issued an apology, we have nonetheless decided to withdraw our advertising from his show. We hope that our action, along with the other advertisers who have already withdrawn their ads, will ultimately contribute to a more civilized public discourse.”

Mr. Friend has two daughter around thirty? I’ll accept that.  Did either of them testify before Congress recently demanding that somebody else bear the exorbitant costs of their contraception expenses, thereby airing the details of their intimate lives? No?  Then what do Mr. Friend’s daughters have to do with any of this?

“Courageous?”  What is courageous here?  She testified before Congress. She didn’t scale any fortifications or charge any machine-gun nests.  I grant that speaking before large audiences can be daunting, but this young woman is a professional activist. I don’t know by what measure “courage” was required.  “Well-intended?”  In what respect was this well-intended?  I don’t think there were any good intentions in any of this Pelosi-prompted circus.  I think it was all a put-up job aimed at creating the kind of thing that has happened in its wake.  I don’t know how well-intended a thirty-year-old law-school student is who is advancing an agenda that attacks the religious liberties of all Americans.  Is that “well-intended?” I don’t think so.

“Contribute to a more civilized public discourse?”  More civilized than what, exactly?  Limbaugh didn’t run up to Georgetown and spit in this woman’s eye, or beat her up, or do her any physical harm.  He used two pejoratives to describe her based on her own testimony.  What is more uncivilized than going to government to ask them to aim their guns at religious institutions and coercing them to pay for one’s contraception?  Uncivilized?  This is the spew of a servile dolt.

Mr. Friend and his products and services now go on my permanent black list.  If I need a server or a workstation backed-up, I will use a stone tablet and chisel before I resort to Carbonite.  This is an obscene statement, and it deserves the scorn of any thinking person who can look at it in details rather than in the vague impression of indignation it seeks to create.  Who does this guy think his customer base is?  Fortunately, there are viable alternatives to Carbonite.  Mozy comes to mind.

I think this guy is about to learn that loyalty goes with the talk-show host, and not an easily substituted product or service. I understand that Rush apologized, but frankly, Friend’s piling-on with this statement looks like an attempt at ingratiating himself with a segment of the market.  If I dropped every friend who ever said one annoying or “inappropriate” word, I’d be in short supply of friends.  I know Friend has a business to run, and businesses try to stay well away from any undue burdens of controversy, but to compare his own daughters to Ms. Fluke in this context seems a little overwrought. I myself have a daughter somewhat younger than Ms. Fluke and I doubt he would care to hear her opinion on the matter.

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9 Responses to I Need a Back-Up Solution But I Know Who I Won’t Be Using

  1. palinsupporter2012 says:

    I am cancelling my Carbonite subscription today. May I link the url to this post in my cancellation?

  2. the unit says:

    And speaking of back ups.  Lead story on Daily Caller right now gives descriptive information on Ms Fluke’s college years and activist work afterwards.  Better make copy of this information to have on hand several years down the road when she’s considered for attorney general, or some federal judge position.  Record now for back up because later it’ll be sealed information leading up to appointment time.
    Interesting article fact was that Ms Fluke’s activist activities(at least one) at Cornell were held at Ho Plaza on campus I believe.  One comment after the article was I thought appropriate…concerning Ho Plaza.

  3. donpurser says:

    Every advertiser who bailed out on Rush is within their rights.  I am also within my rights to never use their services and to remind others why.  I hope Rush listeners will send a resounding silence to the cash registers of these companies.  It is the best statement we can make.
    We must also be doing the same with the MSM.  I simply NEVER watch them or any show in their lead-up or follow-up.  Hitting them in their pocketbook is one of our key weapons, along with the ballot-box.

  4. palinsupporter2012 says:

    Carbonite has been cancelled.

  5. Gsd16paws says:

    Woohoo!! Well said my friend! Love the tablet and chisel reference…made me laugh out loud!

  6. Idawg67 says:

    I was thinking of using Carbonite as a back up for my business.. Maybe I just wont now.. I dont listen to Rush much anymore, but he has the right and freedom to say something even if it ‘offends the libtard left… They have the right to yank advertising, and I have the right to not use those advertisers !!!

  7. Judy says:

    So Mr Carbonite has 2 daughters in their 30s like Miss Fluke? Are they promiscuous as well? Otherwise, why involve them? I sure wouldn’t want my father to compare me in any way to Fluke when I was in my 30s. If that’s the best Mr. C. can say as a CEO, I’m glad I didn’t sign on with that company. Oh, but I came so close……

    BTW…Rush used the correct adjective. He spoke the truth. The response to Rush tells you that our country’s morals are sadly down the tubes…the way liberals want it.

  8. Richard says:

    I have 3 daughters – one 36, one 26 and one 16 – and I STILL think she’s a SLUT to sit there at 30 years old, confess she is on the public dole for the cost of the schooling, THEN has the “balls”  (and apparent experience with many sets of them, not her own) to complain because WE – the tax paying public – won’t buy her ‘The PIll” in a top shelf brand, no less.  Not to the mention showing her apparent low IQ by the fact that she can’t price out or find a generic “PILL” at 1/5th the cost (or a free script from Planned Baby Killers, Inc.).   I have told ProFlowers where they can stick their thorny roses, and to stop sending me their crappy emails (no more 4 to 5 sales per year from ME)  and tomorrow we will transition from Carbonite to Mozy  –  and I will also let them know that that the little kiddies sitting in their underwear in Mommy’s basement making complaints for Goerge Soros-Obama’s Media-Mutters do NOT spend money with them – and never did – and now, neither do we – and we REALLY did.  They are ssoooo screwed. You watch – I predicts that Crap-o-nite they will go under soon. And I can help them…