New Mini-Movie Shows Obama’s Anti-Israeli Record

Friend of Israel?

This Youtube video was released in time for the AIPAC conference in Washington DC this week, by the Emergency Committee for Israel, and it highlights the despicable record Barack Obama has built in his dealings with the Israeli security issues, but also his befriending of radical anti-Israeli elements around the world.  It calls into question Obama’s sincerity on his campaign promises about the security of Israel, while pointing out that some of the President’s actions have been downright hostile.  It’s a bit lengthy, and it provides a bit of background for the narrative, but what viewers should understand is that Barack Obama and his administration have been systematically undermining Israel all along.  This sabotage of Israel clearly isn’t in the long-term interests of the United States, and it shouldn’t be ignored.

The mini-movie runs approximately thirty minutes:

I find the parade of Democrat politicians chastising Obama’s policy entertaining, if for no other reason than the remarks of Hillary Clinton last week, and what it reveals about the sincerity of their support for Israel. If nothing else, it certainly proves the point that the Obama administration isn’t playing straight with the American people, or with Israel. Barack Obama has been a disaster for US-Israeli relations, and for the prospects of peace and Israeli security.  The fact is that given another four years of his presidency, Israel will be among the biggest losers, second only to the American people.

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One Response to New Mini-Movie Shows Obama’s Anti-Israeli Record

  1. Carmtom13 says:

    Thanks Mark for posting this. BHO and his ilk are not a friend to Israel no doubt about it and the comments by Hillary Clinton proves it. This is one of the worst administrations. To my Jewish friends if you keep supporting BHO and his ilk than you are ignorant of fact. WAKE UP and inform yourselves!!