Even after Death, Breitbart Exposes Obama

Leave it to Andrew Breitbart to expose Barack Obama’s Alinskyite ties even after Breitbart’s untimely demise last week.  He had been determined to do the vetting on Barack Obama that the media refused to do in 2008.  His reasoning was simple:  If the mainstream media and the institutional left were going to hide who Barack Obama really is, he would expose it.  In an article posted yesterday evening under his byline, Breitbart continues to expose Obama and the radicals with whom he has consorted. Obama participated in a panel discussion celebrating Saul Alinsky, the author of Rules for Radicals, and was advertised in the poster as a panelist.

The following PDF is from the Breitbart site.  You can scroll down to the bottom, and all the way to the left, and what you will find is the misspelled name “Barake Obama” listed as a participant in a panel discussion at the event.  This is part of the problem with Barack Obama: He’s been involved in a great deal of radical activity but the bulk of the media refused to cover it.  Thanks to Andrew Breitbart, that trend will persist no longer:


Be sure to read the Breitbart article in full.



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