Gingrich Speaks to the NRA – He Gets It

Newt on the 2nd Amendment

If you missed Newt Gingrich when he addressed the National Rifle Association in mid-February, you missed a great speech.  He referenced history extensively, and explained the real meaning of the Second Amendment and its critical importance as a political right.  Gingrich did not mince words about the reason for the right to keep and bear arms, its origin, and its continuing relevance and application in our modern world.  It was encouraging to hear a politician say that he understands the new direction of the attacks on the Second Amendment being levied by the Obama administration and the institutional right.

This speech is a classic:

The idea that the Second Amendment is about hunting and target practice ignores the fact that the first purpose of the right to keep and bear arms is a political right, meant to keep government in check.  Yes, that’s right.  The idea of the founders is that by the guarantee of the Second Amendment, the American people ultimately retain the right to throw off a tyrant.  This is why every socialist on the planet, or in the history of the planet, eventually gets around to banning firearms: It’s easy to rule over disarmed peasants.  I am gratified to see that Gingrich has a thorough understanding of this aspect of our constitutional system of government.  His knowledge of history helps explain why this context is not lost on Gingrich, and it’s one of the many particulars of his candidacy that exhibits his qualifications for the job he’s seeking.


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5 Responses to Gingrich Speaks to the NRA – He Gets It

  1. Shawn S says:



    We are calling for a
    National Boycott of Fox News starting with March 6th Super Tuesday Primary
    coverage.  Newt’s supporters should watch
    CNN to impair Fox ratings as a payback for helping the RINO
    GOP Establishment pick our Candidate!


    Fox News has shown
    flagrant disrespect for Newt’s supporters via base tactics used to promote
    Romney while negatively portraying Newt Gingrich.  In many instances, Fox repeated and kept
    alive falsehoods and distortions of Newt’s record spread in Romney’s attack


    Fox coverage of Newt
    Gingrich has not been “Fair and Balanced.” 
    Fox has perpetuated the GOP Establishment’s grand illusion that “only
    Romney is electable; only Romney can defeat Obama.”  Most panelists and pundits on various programs
    have promoted Romney while mocking and excoriating Newt.  This nonstop bias has helped destroy Newt’s
    soaring lead early in the campaign and continues to prevent a rapid rise…


    There has been a
    strong imbalance while interviewing Candidates. 
    Romney receives “soft balls” while Newt is menaced with questions
    designed to unfairly depict his capability and remarkable achievements.  With the exception of Greta Van Susteren, all
    Fox Journalists have behaved disgracefully. 
    The last straw was Huckabee’s Forum III
    – the deck was stacked against Newt and Romney was again handled with kid


    We need to show the
    manipulators at Fox that Newt Gingrich supporters will not tolerate attempts to
    hide the Truth about Mitt Romney any longer. 
    We must take down Fox ratings, particularly on Super Tuesday!  Let’s deliver FOX
    the same harsh treatment they provided to Newt! 
    Perhaps Fox will get the message that Newt’s supporters do indeed have a
    voice.   Please watch election coverage
    on CNN.


    Thank you

    Shawn Simpson

  2. Dagger82 says:

    Thanks Mark for the uplifting reminder of our forefathers’ insight to the inevitability of usurpment of our rights and liberty.  As I review each week, it seems darkness is more prevalent than in the one prior.  Loss of a true jouralist followed by irascible indignance over a ‘right’ to subsidized contraception, as well as bold strategy to overthrow capitalism by OWS and union action.  Even weekend relief is short-lived in our 24/7 bombardment by media outlets.

    So, historically refreshing starts to the new week even begin with antipathy awaiting the next tsunami of pending doom.

    Your viewpoint, including Newt Gingrich’s affirmation to the NRA, replenished my resolve to go forward and reengage to the battle of ideas.  So, thanks again for taking time to write and publish.  As teams retire to rest and replenish, cohorts take the lead to confront the foe and maintain the momentum.

  3. the unit says:

    I get it.  Newt gets it.  Now let us along the Gulf Coast get it where it counts.  Let’s keep vets health care primary, not relegated to Romnycare or Obamacare. 
    If you’re along the way…come out.

  4. the unit says:

    I also meant to say these vets get it better than we do.  Their words praise our support.  We gotta do that. Not leave them to Obamacare.

  5. gothicreader says:

    Thanks for posting this – I never had watch this video and I’m truly impressed by Newt’s understanding and his sincerity. I only hope others see this for what it is. 

    I have been a Newt support from the get go because Newt personifies what a true leader is.