Poll: Was the Fluke Fiasco a Set-up?

Whether Rush Limbaugh was the target or not, many are wondering if this entire charade with Sandra Fluke has been a well-conceived and perfectly-executed set-up.  Some have conjectured that the real target had been Santorum, but that Limbaugh tripped the snare first.  Do you think this is pure opportunism on the part of the left or is it a perfectly executed plot?  I wonder if they’re more lucky in this case than smart.


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2 Responses to Poll: Was the Fluke Fiasco a Set-up?

  1. the unit says:

    More than a set up, more like a trap.  Traps often catch other game than intended target.  Sometimes other may be better catch than intended target.  And it usually breaks leg or neck.

  2. Lemuel Vargas says:

    And Rush fell for it hook, line and sinker..