Alan Dershowitz Identifies Anti-Semitism at Media Matters

Obama and Rosenberg: Tight!

Alan Dershowitz, the liberal Democrat and law professor at Harvard University has a good reason to think that Media Matters for America is harboring antisemitism within its heart. M.J. Rosenberg at Media Matters is the particular object of the Harvard professor’s ire. He has a long history of questioning the loyalties of Americans who support Israel, particularly American Jews, but I think what Prof. Dershowitz is missing in all of this is that the radical left has taken a turn toward naked antisemitism for a long while. Media Matters is part of this growing trend. I don’t think that there’s any hope that Obama will dissociate from Media Matters, or that MMfA will even dump M.J. Rosenberg as Prof. Dershowitz might like, because even more than the case of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, in this case, it’s all about ideology, and Obama will not turn his back on his radical friends.

This interview is from Fox News, with Alan Dershowitz explaining his position:



Media Matters and MJ Rosenberg are nothing but hard-left hacks, and while Dershowitz is definitely a liberal, and I certainly have my disagreements with him, on this issue, he’s spot-on, and it’s not the first time he’s been right lately. Dershowitz is cautioning Obama to place distance between himself and Media Matters, but Obama can’t do that, and it goes back to George Soros, who helped fund and launch the hack-squad over at Media Matters for America. He also helped launch Barack Obama. Obama is a Soros puppet, and so is Media Matters. Getting the two to distance themselves from one another is impossible. The President has too many friends and compatriots over at MMfA, and what Professor must know is that whatever else he may think, Obama is not his kind of liberal.

Barack Obama is a radical, and that is something one cannot say about Dershowitz. Don’t get me wrong, as Dershowitz is liberal enough, but he does not come from the same Alinskyite school of thought that gave rise to Barack Obama. Dershowitz seems to have a blind spot for some Democrats who are on the hard left fringe, not wanting to see them for what they are, but MMfA has finally gotten his attention. At this very moment, while Dershowitz complains about the lack of daylight between obama and MMfA, those two organizations are coordinating efforts along with Capitol Hill Democrats on another matter. More on that later…


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