Occupiers: No “True Democracy” While Capitalism Continues – They’re Right!

Anti-Capitalist Stephen Lerner

Andrew Breitbart managed to get his hands on some video of an Occupy strategy session, and in this video, SEIU skunk Stephen Lerner says that there can be no co-existence of Capitalism and “True Democracy.” Here’s the problem, and it’s one patriotic Americans need to grasp: Occupy is right. Now, before you go off the deep end to suggest that I’m losing my mind, because in this case, I agree with Occupy Wall Street, I would like you to watch the video. It’s important to understand what they’re saying so I can explain to you why they are right.

Here’s the video:

The problem we have is that most Americans have been mis-educated to believe that the United States is a democracy. It’s not. It never has been, and it was never supposed to be a democracy. Democracy is merely organized mob-rule under color of law. The United States was constituted as a representative republic, as demonstrated by the words of our own founding document, the US Constitution, in Article IV, Section 1:

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government“(emphasis added)

This is a part of our constitution that is often ignored, and one that is often side-stepped by leftists because they cannot tolerate the notion that we have a republican form of government by design, and by the intentions of our framers. They understood that democracy was a horrid wrecking machine that destroys individual liberty, and is ever the precursor to tyranny. What a democracy ultimately permits, but what a representative republic is structured to forbid is the voting away of rights of some minority, including the smallest minority that is an individual. The whole purpose of the strong requirements on amending the constitution, or replacing it via a constitutional convention is specifically to make the destruction of individual rights exceedingly difficult.

What we have seen over the last century is a concerted effort to turn the US into a democracy of sorts. Capitalism cannot operate where there are not strong protections of individual rights, including the right to property, or one’s sovereignty in the marketplace. What Stephen Lerner and the rest of the Occupy Wall Street crowd understand is that there can be no “true democracy” while capitalism still lives. In short, it’s a recognition of the fact that the mob-rule that is implicit in democracy is prohibited in order to make capitalism possible.

What makes capitalism work is that you have the right to your property, exclusively, with no valid claim upon it by society at large. That’s why the income tax was pawned off on the American people with the 16th Amendment almost a century ago: The idea was to wreck your legitimate hold over your own property. In order to redistribute your wealth, they first needed the legal authority to take it, and that was the entire purpose of the 16th Amendment. Once they had a method by which to steal your wealth, they needed the ability to make it easier to redistribute it, and so the 17th Amendment was passed, providing for direct election of Senators, turning them into a more democratic institution. From that moment on, the character of American government began changing from a representative republic into a democracy as a precursor to a police-state.

What Lerner and the other Occupiers in this clip have understood is that in order to have the police and welfare state they want, they must first destroy your liberties, and that one of the reasons you will fight them is because you know that without them, capitalism, the means of your existence, cannot last. Last fall, I received a number of comments here from Occupy-sympathetic posters who assured me that OWS is not anti-capitalist. Guess again. This video proves it, and it does so very easily.

These are people who have a clear understanding of what they are after, and frankly, I think too many Americans have been intentionally mis-educated as to the proper form and function of our government precisely in order to permit these people to make such statements.  You see, they’re right, and while it may seem shocking to some who think there’s no difference, this is why Americans must begin to arm themselves with the truth.  These people are out to make us into a democracy, but that is not the form in which we were constituted.  Our nation is a constitutional, federal, representative republic.  Capitalism is only possible here because we adopted that form. This  has led to our great wealth and prosperity, but if we wish to grow it or even keep it, we will need to retain our constitutional form of government.  Occupy Wall Street understands the distinction, but if you wish to keep your country, you had better learn it, and fight for it too.


7 thoughts on “Occupiers: No “True Democracy” While Capitalism Continues – They’re Right!”

  1. You are doing a wonderful
    service to America by educating many who have been lied to by our
    education system and our culture regarding the true nature of our political system. Kudos. 

  2. Like Allstate said…we didn’t know we were on Rush.  Maybe you don’t know about this sent to my email in your name Mark America…:
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      1. Thanks for explaining.  Last thing I want is a Obama/Eric Holder drone following me with my self tattooed Globally Recognized Avatar.

  3. My concern posted yesterday was off topic and I apologize.  But I was disturbed and posted at most current site so as to be noticed quickly.  And Mark America cleared that up right away.
    As to the topic, what a great video to really let us see the enemy.  I think it was the participant, David Graeber, who said paraphrasing as didn’t write down his word exactly…this  is a global revolution, starting (didn’t catch where), spreading to Europe, and now here. 
    So their revolution has started.  A political revolution mixed with the necessary violence from time to time.
    Learning my history back in the ’50’s, up until the 90’s I thought all was well in our country and my countrymen were all on the same page.  It was that old ’63 history book I bought in the ’90’s where I first read the Constitution is a living, breathing document.  Sort of been in shock ever since.
    I wonder that if spreading as Graeber said, and it seems so, there may be a lot more of them than us?  However I remember from history that in 1776 only 5%, maybe less, were in agreement for our revolution at that time.

  4. They want to overthrough the white male hegemony…all are white and only two? women.  Must be that only old white males can teach us how to overthrough the old white males…

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