Sarah Palin: I Voted for Newt

On Super Tuesday, Fox News talked to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.  She was asked who she voted for in the GOP Primary in Alaska, and she was blunt: She voted for Newt Gingrich.  She explained her thinking, and she explained why she thought the Republican primary contest should go on.  She also referenced the behavior of the media, and its focus on other irrelevant issues, or distractions.  She pointed to the focus Newt Gingrich has placed on the energy question, and she made it clear that Barack Obama must be replaced if we are going to turn this country around.

Here’s the video:

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2 Responses to Sarah Palin: I Voted for Newt

  1. Sue Lynn says:

    Great Post again Mark America. I stand with Sarah Palin, Rush, Newt and lets roll people………….

  2. M_over says:

    I will eventually compromise and stand with any of the 4
    against Obama, but by Newt sticking around, he will bring us Romney, and Romney
    is the chosen candidate to beat from the Obama side.  They have engineered his victory in the
    nomination process (the media has consistently promoted him as the inevitable
    choice for example), and with Newt splitting the “not Romney” vote, he will
    likely hand it to Romney and then Obama for 4 more. 

    I respect the choices and think competition is good, but I
    just don’t see how Newt can come back, he lost 3 southern states already, FL to
    Romney, and with OK and TN to Santorum. 
    If he loses any other southern state, he needs to figure out what is
    more important, but my rejection of Newt is because he is a narcissist, he is
    in it for HIS glory, I don’t think he’ll drop out, even if he ends up
    destroying his side, it is all about him in his mind, and when he speaks that
    is the pattern we hear.  He attacks
    Romney for his wealth but his is not supposed to be questioned?  Tiffany’s anyone?  

    At some point we need to boil down the options, the massive
    money and organization of Romney is the only reason he has won anything.  I saw how this happened in my state, WA.  In rich liberal areas, the usual liberal voters
    turned out for Romney, these are people that brought us Obama, and they will likely
    go back to Obama in the general.  They
    WANT Romney.  Look at the OH
    results.  The cities carried it for
    Romney, those are the BLUE areas that will vote for Obama, so what is going on
    here?  Newt and his massive ego won’t
    leave, and he ends up helping Romney, and that plays right into the hands of
    Obama and his people! 

    Obama is not afraid of Romney; Romney still only thinks
    Obama is incompetent, which is just not the case.  Obama is getting EXACTLY what he wants: a
    weaker America, just a puppet master Soros ordered.  If Romney can’t acknowledge this, there is no
    way he can stop it.  The pressure does
    not end after the election.

    It is sad that Sarah is still supporting Newt, I think she
    thinks his clever political skills are needed to go against Obama, but what is
    really needed is a candidate that stands firm on moral principles, and that is
    either Santorum, or Paul.  Unfortunately
    Paul has some goofy social ideas, which narrows it to Santorum.  None are perfect, but it is clear where the
    Conservatives and evangelicals are, and it is not with Newt.