Obama Says Energy Costs Beyond His Control; Not So Fast

Something Stinks

Barack  Obama has been on the campaign trail mocking Republicans, particularly Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin(although not by name,) who advocate an energy policy of increasing domestic energy production.  This is a bit odd, because while Obama mocks “Drill Baby, Drill,” he has already undertaken policies with the same effect in mind.  If increasing the supply can have no effect on prices, as the President claims, why did he order a release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve late last summer?  It’s now rumored that he will soon do so again in response to rising pump prices.  Does Barack Obama think we’re idiots?  Releasing oil from the SPR merely accomplishes the same thing as producing more oil domestically:  It provides more crude oil to the market, and that bump in supply tends to bring prices down over time.

Either Barack Obama doesn’t understand basic economics, or he thinks we’re too stupid to notice the contradiction implicit in the difference between his words and his actions.  Here’s what he’s saying:



Notice that he continues the lie about the so-called “hand-outs” to “Big Oil.”  You may hear his thesis that “there’s no silver bullet,” but what you must understand is that he fully understands that the silver bullet is supply, and when he has order releases from the SPR, it’s an acknowledgement of the fact that an increase in the supply available to the market is a downward pressure on prices.  This is pretty basic, and I assume even President Obama understands that concept, despite frequently demonstrating a a general ignorance of economics.  If he knows better, then there must be a reason he’s misstating the facts in this case, and there is:  He’s in political hot water over the issue, and he knows it.

This is his attempt to stave off criticisms over escalating fuel prices, but it’s not going to work when the electorate realizes that in other ways, Obama is working to constrict the supply of oil available to the United States.  On Thursday, even Mitch McConnell seemed to get it, and from the well of the Senate, he pointed out that Barack Obama is still obstructing the Keystone XL pipeline, and all of the jobs it would create, and the effect it would have on pump prices domestically:



Unloading On The Campaign Trail

This is a plain debunking of Barack Obama’s thesis, and Obama knows it.  You can’t expect fuel prices to come down so long as you’re restricting the growth of exploration and development of new productive fields.  Why does Saudi Arabia, in particular, but OPEC in particular regulate its production?  The answer is obvious: To prop up the prices oil brings in the market.  They intentionally restrict supply, and what increased production of domestic oil resources will do is to take away the ability of Saudi Arabia and other OPEC nations to effectively dominate the question of global supply delivered to the market.   Doing so will begin to have an immediate effect, as the oil market, like any other sees dramatic moves on the basis of even small marginal changes in the quantity supplied relative to demand.

Obama can’t talk his way out of this one, and worse, he’s been caught lying. You can’t legitimately claim that to increase  supply won’t effect prices while having undertaken measures to artificially prop up supply in order to drive down prices.  This is the nature of Barack Obama’s dishonesty, and it’s all political. I leave you with this:

Update: I just received this link via email. It’s a story on RightScoop, same basic subject.


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5 Responses to Obama Says Energy Costs Beyond His Control; Not So Fast

  1. the unit says:

    You’re so prolific…column after column.  Even I got to take a break, one unit at a time.  Comments gotta wait til later. :)  Later is tomorrow. Keep it coming, would be disappointed otherwise.  

  2. bdwatcher says:

    This was apparent the last time he released oil. I can only hope the media, any media gets this out. I think Rush has it right.. MSM should register as super PAC for O. I have looked for it, no where but here…

    Anyone, I mean anyone, understands supply and demand. This has been beaten in to us by the media over and over. Don’t drill? I laugh. Release oil? I laugh again.  Who in his right might will believe all this dribble?

    Someone should initiate NDAA against O for deliberate belligerent acts of terrorism to induce the downfall of the US. Hmm… I wonder if the Military wonders, too? Perhaps we are going about this the wrong way. If the commander and chief is committing acts of terrorism, shouldn’t the military be first to indefinately detain him until this threat is over? hmmm.. Biden won’t give the word.. Who is third in line?  I wonder if Boehner has balls? He and others have said O’s acts have been unconstitutional. Ohhh.. Indefinite detention, no trial, no lawyer, no rights.. Somehow this sounds legitimate.. (smile)

  3. Len McCormick says:

    We will need every drop of our SPR when the Middle East explodes. If O releases oil now it’s another step in fulfilling his father’s dream.

  4. donpurser says:

    I’m sorry.  I tried really hard but I could NOT listen to the entire weekly address by Obama.  As I hear the lies and mis-direction oozing from his mouth and I think of the mindless masses who listen to him and hang on his every word, taking it all as gospel truth, I get sick inside and I get angry.  

    Far beyond a president who finds it so easy to lie and act as though he is an innocent bystander – a “victim” if you will – we also have a press who serve no useful function. They prop him up as surely as the curtains hid the truth of “The Wizard of Oz”.  

    We have too many people who are out of touch with reality and lack the ability to think critically.  We cannot educate them between between now and November.  Turnout is our key: we must get every like-minded person we know to understand the importance of this election and turn out in record numbers, to turn Obama out of office.  God help us if we don’t.

  5. GOPKane says:

    I believe he thinks Americans aren’t very smart!