Video Flashback: Thomas Sowell Compares Derrick Bell to Adolph Hitler

Thomas Sowell

Breitbart has managed to dig up a small segment from C-Span2’s Book TV, in which Thomas Sowell is asked about Derrick Bell by interviewer Brian Lamb on the question of what sort of ideology Derrick Bell was pushing at the time.  The interview is from May, 1990, when Bell was using his radical approach of protest and occupy to try to force the administration of Harvard University to hire a professor based on whether that professor accepts the ideological viewpoints of Bell, at the time, a tenured professor at Harvard Law.  This is a stunning interview, inasmuch as Sowell was will to go so far as to compare Bell to Hitler.  If you’re familiar with Dr. Sowell, you’ll know that he doesn’t throw such comparisons around in jest, or thoughtlessly.

Here’s the video:

I think this demonstrates that even as early as 1990, in the same time-frame in which Bell was Barack Obama’s mentor, Bell’s Critical Race Theory wasn’t considered merely controversial, but radical, and this is the ideology Barack Obama was recommending when he embraced Bell, saying:

“Open your hearts and open your minds to the words of Prof. Derrick Bell.” -Barack Obama(Video Here)

To pretend that Derrick Bell wasn’t a radical, or that the philosophy of law he professed wasn’t controversial is a ridiculous position, but since the unveiling of the Obama-Bell video Wednesday evening, the media has been doing all it can to downplay its importance. In this case, Sowell was condemning Bell’s ideological bigotry, that demanded a complete agreement among faculty and students. This should be interesting because at the time, he was one of Obama’s mentors.



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  1. Risingbutterfly says:


    This is why Conservative black politicians are not treated the same. They may be black as he states but they think white according to Professor Bell so their opinions do not matter.

    Not only the issue of race was shown to be a problem with Bell, but I picked up on the fact that he stated a woman with a PHD was not going to get a tenured job because all the women voted against her because she wasn’t a radical feminist. Which goes to explain why NOW and other feminist organizations only support women who a liberal feminist like them.

    Mrs. Fluke deserves an apology to them because she is a radical feminist and Sarah Palin does not because she doesn’t tow the radical feminist line.

    So the issue isn’t just race, but gender as well.

    It is all starting to make sense.

    • the unit says:

      It’s ideological warfare. Not race or gender.  That’s the issue, only one opinion…mine.  Not black thinking white…but thinking real, right and not as to political party. Like with communism, ideology rules, not peons needs,  nor desires for a good life in the present.  That’s why millions died in Russia seems like eons ago.  System cannot suffice for that, and why John Holdren, Obama’s science czar, calls for a world population of not over a billion instead of the 7 billion we are approaching.  Somebody has to go.

  2. the unit says:

    Listened twice.  Had to listen with stethoscope as volume low.  Not this site problem.  Have to do that with other videos and my  old ears.  But heard what I needed to hear…ideological conformity said Dr. Sowell…not skin color… is this socialist, marxist, Lenin-est  plan of world domination. Red, Yellow, Black and White all conform.  

  3. the unit says:

    Sorry he’s 81, older than this unit.  He gave age on Hannity radio while driving home from work Tuesday.  I didn’t realize he was that old.  But maybe his knowledge is like what some have put up for famine.  Sow and glean and prepare. Be like female members of Coast Guard.   Motto “Always Ready.”  Bill Clinton liked them a lot.  But he missed out as they were ready for that. Fooled Hillary but not them!

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