What the Breitbart Video Reveals

On Wednesday evening, Breitbart.com revealed a video on Hannity that provides clear proof of Barack Obama’s radical ties.  In this case, the radical in question is Professor Derrick Bell, who was the first African-American to obtain tenure as a Law Professor at Harvard University.  He was also a radical, and ideological model for Barack Obama.  The most important thing to note may be that the video was hidden through the 2008 presidential campaign so that Barack Obama would never be called to answer for the association with Prof. Bell.  The reason they wanted to hide it is clear:  It shows a warm embrace between an acolyte and a mentor, the former showing his love and devotion to the latter.

Here’s a clip from Breitbart:

This video is just the first installment of what promises to be a heavy season of vetting for Mr. Obama if Breitbart’s crew is able to pull this off in the wake of Andrew Breitbart’s death.  So far, Joel Pollak and the rest of the staff writers have been churning out work with a remorselessly driven, dedicated fervor.  I think Andrew Breitbart assembled one of the best outfits in the business, despite critics who have tried everything possible to discredit the organization.  I expect it will worsen.  In this case, BuzzFeed actually released a highly-edited version of the video hours ahead of the release, all to give a chance to cause it to be covered differently than it might have been.  It was a way of trying to soften its impact.

This is hardly the last bit of video we will see from Breitbart.com in vetting Barack Obama.  Andrew may be gone, but his fighting spirit lives on in all the wonderful folks there who seek to bring you all the important news few outlets in the mainstream media will cover.

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  1. Sue Lynn says:

    Great Post Mark America…..Truly gifted writer!

  2. bdwatcher says:

    hmm… wonder why OSrcords have been sealed? Many of us already knew!

  3. bdwatcher says:

    Need to do something about black background when attempting to commenting.. Hard to see spelling etc when riting, oeverything is black…