Sarah Palin on Hannity Thursday

Sarah Palin on Hannity

Governor Palin appeared on Fox News with Sean Hannity on Thursday evening.  They discussed a wide range of topics, including the controversy over the Barack Obama Campaign’s unwillingness to urge an Obama SuperPAC to return a million dollars donated by Bill Maher in light of his long history of misogynist remarks over the years, including some aimed at Governor Palin and other women, including Rep.Michele Bachmann (R-MN).  This highlights the hypocrisy on the left, as they continue to pummel Rush Limbaugh for remarks that are tame by comparison to anything Maher has said.

The video is in two segments:

In the second segment, Hannity asked Governor Palin about the Breitbart tape:

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  1. donpurser says:


  2. Sue Lynn says:

    Great reporting Mark America…keep calling out the Liars from the Left. The truth will always prevail. Thank God for Sarah Palin and I will follow her lead. I trust her and just made a big donation to SarahPac where Sarah will be fighting for all American’s on the front lines.

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