The Obama Volt – Video(Humor)


Somebody did me the kindness of forwarding me this video, created by Ben Howe.  It’s clever and straight to the point.  Best of all, it was good for a laugh. It’s a short video that makes a point about the entire Chevy Volt fiasco through the lens of we who have been shafted to pay for it. If you’re an Obama fan, or simply an environmentalist who believes in all of this “green energy” nonsense, you may not want to watch. Hopefully, sane Americans will find it entertaining.


Chevy Volt – Building a Better Tomorrow from Ben Howe on Vimeo.



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5 Responses to The Obama Volt – Video(Humor)

  1. Marlin says:

    Bwahahahaha….. Good one.

  2. donpurser says:

    Mark, this raises a question I’ve had.  How do we email something of interest to you?

    • the unit says:

      Don, the members only category page is a good way.  Mark America has responded for me.

  3. $21961295 says:

    A Classic!!!!!!!