Obama For America Takes Swipe At Sarah Palin and Conservatives

Obama's Goon Squad

This is pathetic.  One could scarcely write a more predictable script for the sorts of things to which the Obama campaign would resort in trying to win the 2012 election.  Here, they’ve created a video ad aimed at trying to ramp up racial divisions, and the irony is that they feature a clip of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin addressing that very issue during a recent Hannity appearance.  Predictably, the Obama-drones tried to flip it, but frankly, I think this ad actually will work against them. Their intention is to portray Sarah Palin and the conservatives who support her as some how racially intolerant is a lie that smacks of the LBJ campaign of 1964 versus Barry Goldwater, but I think this demonstrates who it is the Obama administration really fears:  Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, and constitutional conservatives.

Here’s the video:


The ad closes by saying “these attacks are wrong and dangerous.  If you’re tired of it, do something.”  This ad constitutes a threat, and one could say that it borders on incitement.  One can only imagine the sort of thing this group of radicals is trying to incite, virtually proving Governor Palin’s point within a span of seconds.  You can’t run an ad like this and not know that it’s going to create some sort of backlash.  This advertisement actually makes Sarah Palin’s point for her.

There’s something disturbing about the radicalism that is expressed by this ad.  It’s veiled threat is a latent call to indefinite action of an indeterminate nature.  There’s no description of the “something” people should “do,” but merely a call to “do something.”  What?  Let’s be blunt:  The Obama administration is full of radicals, and Obama for America is full of radicals, including the sort of folks who thought that bombing government targets in the early 1970s was insufficient. Remember, Bill Ayers, rather than apologizing for his terrorist behaviors, said he wishes he had done more.  These are the sorts of radicals with whom Obama has surrounded himself.

Here, an ad that features Governor Palin decrying the divisiveness and radicalism of the Obama administration is actually used to incite more, and more of an unknown sort, although we can guess.  With the Occupy Wall Street movement having been unmasked as a front for the Obama-Soros push for a radical social state, with mayhem and violence throughout the protests, and with Frances Fox Piven declaring that it’s going to get ugly, I don’t think there’s any doubt but that this video constitutes an incitement to violence of some sort.


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5 Responses to Obama For America Takes Swipe At Sarah Palin and Conservatives

  1. MagnaEstVeritas says:

    Get ready for Martial Law !

  2. the unit says:

    Its “Popular Front” in action.  Google “Peter Paul and Mary commies.”  Click on the city journal choice to see how Hollywood, artists, stars, singers, and all works.  Hank Williams and Elvis through a monkey wrench for a while.