Barack Obama Dumps on Lone Star State

He's Messing...

Being a Texan, though by choice, and not by birth, I have a great appreciation for this state and its basic sense of fairness.  Barack Obama has poked Texans in the eye, and I’m not particularly thrilled that this dictator is still running our country.  While he has already undertaken a number of policies that have been punitive to the Lone Star State, this time, he has stepped over a boundary in the sense that he’s actually accused Texans of what could only be called a sort of de facto racism. As usual, he did so through his equally thuggish Attorney General, Eric Holder, who issued an order instructing Texas not to enforce its new voter ID law, aimed at reducing vote fraud. This is just the latest in a long line of attacks on Texas by the radical Obama administration.  This is the sort of thing that convinces many Americans that Obama is not merely incompetent, but malevolent.

This is going too far, because if we must not identify voters with reasonable certainty that they are indeed eligible, then every eligible voter who takes the time to register and to vote is being cheated, and their votes are being diluted by each and every fraudulent, ineligible person who shows up to cast a vote. To me, and to most Texans, self-identification is a reasonable measure we can take to be sure that the outcomes of elections are legitimate.  Of course, Democrats hate the idea, being the party of institutionalized vote-fraud, so it’s easy to understand their treasonous motive.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has already filed suit, joining with South Carolina in pursuing action against the Federal Government.  I realize politics are involved here, but maybe that’s the point.  I think Governor Perry should make plans to enforce the law, pending action in the courts, and if the courts don’t act before the next elections, scheduled for May 29th, he should go ahead and enforce it and dare the Obama administration to stop him. Perry talks a good game about the Tenth Amendment, but will he stand up for it?

Of course, the argument of the Holder Justice Department is that the new Texas statute violates the Voting Rights Act, as preposterous a notion as has been offered in a long while.  The other argument of the leftists is that there is no evidence of significant vote fraud.  No kidding!  How can you create evidence without identifying voters?  If we never substantially audit the vote, because we cannot verify who actually voted, how in the world are we to provide evidence?

This is another typical leftist scam aimed at pumping up illegal votes for Democrats.  They’re never satisfied to go to the polls and let the chips fall where they may, because if that happened, there would be many fewer Democrats in office, and every person who has paid even scarce attention to this issue over the last few decades knows this.  In fact, it has long been thought that without the legions of the dead who ‘voted’ for him, John F. Kennedy might well have lost in 1960.  That would have changed history in many remarkable ways.  The truth is that this is an issue far too important to ignore, and for the sake of the country, we must begin to get a handle on fraud in voting.  Too much is at stake to let the games continue.

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5 Responses to Barack Obama Dumps on Lone Star State

  1. JohnInFlorida says:


    Dems say Hispanics are being discriminated against because they are “less likely” to have Drivers License or other Government issued identification.

    Digital cameras are a wonderful thing … and, one cannot discriminate by doing the same thing to everyone who comes in to vote, so …
    Take a photo of everyone who comes in to vote … have them sign the photo “I am John Smith (name they SAY they are) of 123 Main Street, Anytown, Tx.(place they SAY they live)” and then hand them a ballot …

    I know this sounds simplistic but … I’m a simple guy … (simpleton? perhaps … :-) … )

  2. phillipser says:

    One of my greatest fears about this upcoming election is to wake up the day after and find that the Nobama wrecking crew has won four more years.  Then after a closer inspection only to find that the election was “stolen” by the likes of another Acorn.  Its no wonder that Nobama is against voter identity checks.  What ever happened to one citizen, one vote.  Why is this not a law in the entire country? 
    STAND TALL TEXAS….you hve done it before!

  3. C Bartlett says:

    I have lived and voted in Texas my entire life.  I considered the Voter ID law passed by the Texas legislature was one of the most important actions they accomplished last session. This move by Obama’s DOJ makes me extremely angry. I saw on the news last night that 15 other states have voter ID laws and, except for South Carolina apparently, none of the rest of them are getting picked on like we are. And people wonder why the biggest joke in Texas concerns seceding from the union – ha!  I agree, Mark – I sincerely hope Perry orders that the law be enforced as written and dare the feds to come here and do something about it.  They just might face a showdown…..

  4. Betty says:

     I am just a doughy old lady in MN, but I have a hand gun and I would like to tell all Texans that if it comes to it, I will change my name to Davy Crockett and meet ya at the Alamo.

  5. Dagger82 says:

    Shades of Putin, Chavez, Jong-il, and every other dictator nation and Third World country.

    Child of the 1950’s, career law enforcement officer, and parent to three accomplished career women, I’m fortunate to live in a land of freedom and unlimited potential.  Inheriting this Republic from a generation of morally sound, self-reliant people, some early recollections include excitement of Saturday serials at the local theater where G-Men always got the bad guys after succeeding weeks of cliff-hangers, black-and-white depictions of Superman on a 12-inch television, and disaster drills in school where stop-drop-and-cover became a song as air-raid sirens blared in the neighborhoods.

    Interwoven values of an Almighty God, respect for authority and elders, plus personal responsibility were firm bases for stepping into the world to assume the role of citizen adult.  Truth, justice, and the American way was more than just a lead-in to a television series – it was the way we viewed ourselves as a nation in the world community.  The cowboys wearing white hats were always heroes and FBI agents were invisible and mysterious, but always got their man in the toughest cases.  Courts invariably jailed the criminals, whereas unfairly accused were rightly vindicated.
    The word justice to us connoted the very essence of righteousness and freedom.

    My, how far we’ve come in one lifetime.  Those blasphemous names we remember from our youth; the names given to unholy organizations that suppressed freedom, torturing and killing a nation’s people and their spirit; names like Gestapo (Geheime Stats Poizei – State Secret Police), KGB (Komissariat for State Security),and Stasi (Staatssicherheit – State Security).  To this day, mere mention evokes images of unspeakable force, torture and criminal deviance perpetrated on the guilty and innlocent alike.  An evil presence so deeply imbedded into corrupt governmental tyrannies that enlightened peoples worldwide view the national leader with disgust.

    Through more than 60 years of love, honor, and pride in these United States of America, I never once conceived that a form of deviant evil could find a presence in our agencies specifically designed to protect and defend citizens’ freedom.  Yet, in three short years we’ve witnessed an increasing escalation in bias and oppressive actions by our own “Justice Department” under leadership of Eric Holder.  Son of Barbados immigrants in the Bronx, his wife’s sister was Vivian Malone Jones, one of two students that enrolled at the University of Alabama in 1963 over objection by Governor George Wallace and backed by the National Guard. After graduation, she was hired by the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department.  Under AG Holder, the Department has consistently suppressed citizens’ rights, perpetrated criminal acts disguised as enforcement operations, brought aggressive lawsuits against sovereign States for political objectives, and other actions too numerous to list.  To pursue their freedom suppressing goals, the Department uses hiring processes that ensure only radical, left-wing ideologues are added to their ranks.  Since Holder’s appointment, 100% of hirees have come from left-wing, radical organizations – 0 moderates and 0 conservatives.

    Like I said, never have I thought that agencies of the United States Government could succumb to processes and means so popular in oppressive regimes.  But, unfortunately that is how I now regard the department that wields the most powerful weapon to uphold or inhibit freedom – the law.  The title “Justice Department” now gives me chills in much the same manner as Gestapo and KGB.  It’s a sad testament from one who believed and worked within that system for most of his life.  Mark my words, if we as a nation do not take action to change course, it won’t be long until brutes in black trenchcoats appear at your door in the wee hours with their own “papers” telling you to come with them.