Ann Coulter Takes Another Swipe at Sarah Palin

Attacking Like a Liberal

One of the things that I have begun to notice is how similar the GOP establishment and its shills really are to Democrats.  Ann Coulter is a Mitt Romney supporter, who endorsed the former Massachusetts Governor after her preference, Chris “Krispy Kreme” Christie announced he would not seek the nomination on October 4th of last year.  Ever since then, Ann Coulter has been a non-stop verbal siren for Mitt Romney, a man she told us only a year ago would lose if nominated.  Coulter is never satisfied to let sleeping dogs lie, or to bury the hatchet and move on, but I think she actually takes her shots at Sarah Palin in a desperate attempt to curry favor with the GOP establishment.  In this video clip, she was asked about the notion of a brokered convention, and possible “outlier candidates,” and she decided the moment was right to take another miserable swipe at former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. It’s bad enough to be attacked by somebody in your own party, but when they resort to the same sort of cheap and nauseating tactics as the left, you know the attacker is a RINO.

Here’s the clip, H/T Sharktank:


Coulter lied.  I have never heard or read one word from Sarah Palin whereby she suggests that she should be the Republican candidate if we wind up with a brokered convention.  Many of her supporters would like to see that, but not once in all her media appearances has she ever said she would be that candidate, and she has explicitly said that the GOP establishment wouldn’t permit it.  She’s likely right, and as if to prove the point, here is Ann Coulter jabbing at Governor Palin for something she never actually said.  It makes one wonder what is next from Ann Coulter.  Will she next tell us that Tina Fey’s portrayal of Governor Palin is accurate, or that Julianne Moore’s is any better?

I realize politics can be a nasty game, complete with a bunch of ankle-biters(and some would throw me in that category) who take their shots at targets of political opportunity, but as a grass-roots activist, I wonder about Ann Coulter.  Apart from appealing to moderates and liberals with her attacks on Sarah Palin, and her unceasing, sycophantic support of Chris Christie, I am now in the position of being forced to ask what Ann Coulter has done for conservatives lately.

The truth is that when you listen to what Ann says, it no longer seems to be the speech of a firebrand conservative, but the compromising and haughty harrumph of an establishment lackey who has overestimated her worth to all concerned. Coulter apparently sees herself as part of the “in crowd,” but even if so, that won’t last the first time she questions something the GOP establishment does.  For the moment, however, she’s safe, and she’s still useful, because she stands ready to propagate their talking points with the unquestioning  obedience of a megaphone.

Actual conservatives hear her real message loud and clear, and are abandoning her to her establishment friends.  I wonder how many copies of her latest literary cacophony the RINO wing of the Republican Party will buy?  It’s a relatively narrow market segment, after all. Maybe that’s the problem:  For a long while, Ann Coulter was the one of just a few highly visible Republican women, and perhaps she doesn’t like the competition?  She’s seems concerned to a state of near distraction that Sarah Palin has the FoxNews job, doesn’t she?


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15 Responses to Ann Coulter Takes Another Swipe at Sarah Palin

  1. fancydancy says:

    She is assuring me that I won’t listen or buy her books anymore.

  2. Faith Martin says:

    Ann Coulter is a bee….ach and needs to be Newtered!

  3. Stevethird says:

    Two words….Bill Maher.

  4. Dagger82 says:

    “Ankle-biters” I like that, Mark!  Describes well many of the untold number of pundits that long for a national following, but just don’t possess the depth to be considered wise or accomplished.  I don’t place you in that category, although your target verifiably is the same proverbial area of the political body.  Instead, I regard you more as a bulldog. 

    When I was an investigator, there was a guy that worked for me whom I regarded in a like manner.  Frank was one of those low-key ‘every man’ characters that could saunter up to your car or home and in record time have you sharing innermost thoughts.  Part was casual dress, common language, apparent honesty – just the whole package made you want to like him and felt privileged to have the chance encounter.  It wasn’t totally a ‘front’, but I must say, Frank was very adept at putting people at ease.

    The trait that gave him such value, though, was that Frank was a bulldog ~ he never let go.  Even being immersed in many dissimilar investigations, his mind was a mental filing cabinet.  He pursued all of our objectives every day of his life, some actively and others passively.  End result was that Frank, like the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, always “got his man.”  I’ve come to find you that same brand of ‘ankle biter’ ~ less the nip-nip-nip and more the strong set of jowls that latches on and doesn’t let go.

    As for Ann Coulter, I’m one of those who’ve ceased listening to her drivel.  In my humble opinion, you’ve nailed her focus and intent.  I surmise she has a deep-seated confidence vacuum that is camouflaged by audacious jocularity and precocious innuendo.  And, I think she is jealous of Sarah Palin’s consistently obvious confidence, as well as her genuineness (is that a word?) that endears her to regular people who form the bulk of this nation’s strength.  As to Coulter’s loyalties, it seems she inwardly doubts the resolve of Sarah’s minions and fears that disaster could occur with a Progressive success, even if by treachery.  So, to preserve her future Ms Coulter has decided (consciously because she’s no dummy) to curry favor with Republican Progressives.

    All that having been said, it should be obvious that I no longer trust her.  It seems as though you don’t either.  And so, it chaps my behind to have her weaving in and out of conservative circles tossing hate bombs at honest leaders, who care little about their personal fortune, but are ready to make the ultimate sacrifice to preserve liberty.  If she were standing with Patrick Henry, I believe you’d hear Ann say, “Give me liberty…or at least take me out to lunch.” 

  5. TheresaAK says:

    Ann Coulter is Nicole Wallace’s “twin”…

  6. Agent 007 says:

    Skinny-ass skank !!!!!  Rhino D-Bag !!!!!!  STFU !!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wbsimb says:

    SHE has a gig with Fox news and written books.. What is she talking about? As far as Sarah Palin, I believe Sarah doesn’t even WANT to go back into all of that. I get that strong impression of her and I can say I don’t blame her much.  This is a rough game and not that Sarah couldn’t do it again…BUt they GUTTED Sarah abd her experience is the exact reason why good people do not run…. How many of us could have even stood what she went through?  I think I’d be curled up in a corner somewhere..My God!  … I think Sarah feels ..what’s the point?   She has a good gig on Fox where she can still be involved. She is always applauded and so welcomed whereever she speaks. She is obviously  a brave and great woman who cares so much about this country–I mean why take  jab at her at this point?  Whose toes is she stepping on. Oh yea, Ann’s, because Palin is for a different camdidate than she is…..Palin is not even running and she still gets it… even by her own party.. It’s liek they all have some obsession with this woman. It’s sick.   Gheesh is about all I have to say about this.

  8. John says:

    Careful what you say about Palin, Coulter. You are celebrity no. 769 on Palin’s hate list now. You should be getting death threats from her flying monkeys via fax, phone calls and having your personal home address and telephone number published in 3…2…1…

  9. duvallboob says:

    I I haven’t liked AnnCoulter since she and  Laura Ingraham had their big “gossip session” about Sarah when Laura was sitting in for Bill O’Reilly!  She thinks she is some kind of superstar political pundit, and she makes me sick just watching her throw her hair around on t.v. like a sex-crazed teenagerr, not to mention all the low-necked dresses she makes sure to wear!  I don’t know why anyone has her on for her political opinions becaue, IMHO, she doesn’t know diddley about which she speaks!I

  10. Stand Taker says:

    Rush might have said this but I think Coulter and the like feel threatened by Palin. Sarah is beautiful, genuine, honorable, and lives by core values – qualities that many female pundits don’t possess. 

    Frankly, I wish Coulter and her RINO gaggle would just shut up already. This catty junk has been going on for years from various women and it’s got to stop. We’re tired of hearing it. We get it – she’s the prom queen and you resent her for it. 

    Get a diary. Keep your blather out of the public arena.

  11. RebinTexas says:

    Good article Mark. I long ago gave up on Ann – when she first tried telling us how great, how conservative Christie was – I’d already researched him and knew I had month old baloney that tasted better……even with all the green things peeking at me. Thomas Dixon and Theresa and others here all shared thoughts with which I also agree – about Ann, Sarah, and you, Mark.

    I’m still praying……….

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