Will The Real “Prostitute” Stand Up?

The Right Proposition?

Listening to the Democrats, you would think Rush Limbaugh had committed a war crime.   His use of the terms “prostitute” and “slut” that he offered as possible descriptors of leftist agitator Sandra Fluke, and for which he subsequently apologized has been the rallying cry of every lefty feminist in sight, but Democrats generally as they seek to make as many miles on this as they can.  The problem is that contrary to the shrill refrain, it’s not having quite the effect the Democrats had hoped, and what seems to be happening is that there has been a backlash against sponsors who withdrew advertising from Limbaugh’s show.  This flies in the face of all we’ve been told about this episode by the mainstream media, but it also offers a little insight as to who the American people see as the real prostitute, as the double-standard in the media has become apparent with such leftists as Bill Maher getting a pass from certain politicians and political groups.

National Organization for Women(NOW) President Terry O’Neill was asked whether she thought the Obama SuperPAC that received a million dollars from the so-called ‘comic’ Bill Maher ought to return the money on the basis of what he has said about a number of prominent conservative women, including Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.  Her answer is only surprising to those who are naive about the motives of the NOW gang.  Watch the video:


Ms. O’Neill expresses a smarmy contempt for the question, noting that she wants Barack Obama elected, thus rejecting the idea that the money ought to be returned to Maher.  I would never make the mistake of telling you that O’Neill is a “prostitute” or a “slut,” but it is interesting to see how her support of women is conditional and quite obviously for sale.

This brings me to the real object of my question.  You see, while President Obama doesn’t technically control the SuperPAC that accepted Bill Maher’s million dollars, he does exercise at least theoretical moral authority.  He could urge the money be returned if he was as serious as his invoking of his own daughters in a discussion of the Fluke-Limbaugh situation implies, but that’s if you believe his feigned moral outrage.  Here you have the pinnacle of hypocrisy.  Obama waxes philosophically on the shame of what Rush Limbaugh said prospectively of Sandra Fluke, and yet he permits a SuperPAC operating in his name to accept money from a misogynist like Bill Maher?

The fact is that the things Bill Maher has said about conservative women are far worse than Rush Limbaugh’s proposed words, and honestly, if we can see media castigate Rick Santorum because Foster Freiss made his remark about “an aspirin between the knees,”  surely this President, who poses as the savior of women, and who has the President of NOW selling out the organization’s stated principles on his behalf could stand firm against misogyny.

What this demonstrates is that Barack Obama is a political prostitute, and that his principles and haughty talk about misogyny all goes out the window for a measly million dollars.  He’s just announced his price, if you ask me, and he might as well stand on a DC street corner asking for the support of lobbyists in much the same way.  Unfortunately for us, he has no need of a street corner because he has turned the Oval Office into the political brothel-of-state, where he routinely sells out all of his lofty notions about the “interests of the people” and “change” along with whatever else he’s selling on any given day.  The lobbyists had no problem finding him when it came time for the negotiations on the health-care bill, or the financial reform act.  They merely made deposits at the bank of the DNC and his favorite campaign SuperPacs, and for chump-change, he willingly put out.

Rush Limbaugh needn’t have proposed that Sandra Fluke might be a “prostitute” or a “slut.”  He really only needed to point out that the nation’s head madame is a he, and that he plies his trade at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Those who were confused shouldn’t be now, because Barack Obama has made it clear: He’s for sale, and the bidding starts at one million dollars, setting the price at which he will overlook anything, no matter how vile.



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6 Responses to Will The Real “Prostitute” Stand Up?

  1. the unit says:

    Will you be among the patriots? 

    Will you stand among the brave? 

    Will you heed the call? 

    Give your all, will you, for the USA 

    I believe our founding fathers 

    Are looking on from up above 

    They will be with us in spirit 

    As we take back America   The End of Steve Vaus song…..
    There are government and Wall Street prostitutes, johns, and pimps.  We are victimized by them all. Go figure.

  2. SweetGaPeach says:

    I am a 46 yr old mother, proud of my wrinkles on my face
    and the calluses on my hands. I have worked my entire life sometimes two and
    three jobs. I have two wonderful children 24 and 9. I have taught both of them
    to have anything in life you have to work hard, and when you think you can’t work anymore then work harder, because nothing worth having in life is free and if it
    is, it’s not worth having anyway because people only “give a way
    junk”. My father was a military man and very proud of this country so much
    so he died with military honors and I might add my brother was proud to receive
    the flag in which he fought so proudly for! America… a country of sweet, and
    tears both good and bad. I never liked change, when the micro wave came out I
    disliked it because I knew I would never be able to afford one, then the VCR
    and the list is long. My children played outside and didn’t play videos they
    played in the mud and rode horses. We farmed and raised our own animals to eat;
    we hunt during hunting season and love what we do. As I watch my 9 year old son
    sleep my heart is heavy because I think our country is unstable and vulnerable
    through our government. I was not as lucky as my children I had to quit school
    because of divorce. I was 36 years old when I enrolled in a University; I received
    my Bach. Degree in Criminal Justice in 2005, we can do anything we want in this
    great country.

     I don’t think where
    we came from is worse than where we are going. I can still smell the stale
    school carpet as we stood to salute the Flag and Pledge Allegiance… it was a
    proud time in school and then to bow our heads to pray. Now they burn the flag,
    turn their head to God and bow to a leader and love him more than God. Yes, I
    do hate change… because the road we travel now is a dead end! God Bless those
    who have fought to keep us free and God bless and be with those of us who will
    fight to remain Free Americans, Land of the Free and home of the Brave.

  3. Marlowe53 says:

    I have no interest in defending Obama or Maher but it’s clear that you couldn’t care less about women, either.  This is just politics to men and the truth is that the people who are trying to deny women access to affordable contraception are almost exclusively Republican men or religious zealots.

    Obama has done nothing that hasn’t been done by Republican presidents and the current crop of Republican presidential contenders.  Imo, they’re all snakes and need to be put in the unemployment line.  I’d like to see you and your fellow women-hating pundits, no matter what their political persuasion, standing in line right behind them.

    But, please, don’t let truth stand in the way of you making political hay on the backs of women.

    • Mark America says:

      Hogwash. Men use contraceptive measures too. Ever hear of a condom? You’re such a fraud, I can’t believe you bother to spew this bilge. I don’t oppose contraception, but I understand why Catholics don’t want to be forced at gunpoint to buy insurance policies to cover it. It’s called religious liberty. Nice try.

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