Governor Palin via Breitbart Is Here has published a piece by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin about Andrew Breitbart, but it’s more than a mere eulogy or a tribute.  It’s a battle-cry.  Bearing witness to all that Andrew Breitbart has meant to so many conservatives, and indeed to this nation, Gov. Palin laid out the case for conservatives to engage fearlessly and take on the job of fully combating the left.  She points out the essential nature of the resistance we must wage against the left’s relentless media establishment, and it is a heartening message for all who loved Andrew Breitbart’s fighting spirit.  I’m not going to re-state anything she’s said in this article, because to do so would be to tarnish perfection.  I strongly encourage every reader here to make the click and read the article in full, because it’s a wonderful reminder of why we fight, and how we can gain inspiration from a true fighter for our liberty.

Actually, two of them…

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