Mark Levin Searches for a Word

The Word The Left Already Knows

Listening to Mark Levin on the radio on Thursday, he was discussing the Obama administration’s predations upon our country, and all of the policies Obama has established that intentionally undermine the United States.  He wanted a new word to describe what Obama is doing, but he settled on an old one, and it’s close, but it isn’t quite right:  De-Industrialization.  Far be it from me to quibble over terminology with the brilliant and accomplished  Mark Levin, who has an audience that spans the nation, and with the Internet, really the entire English-speaking world.  He’s so frequently right, and so unfailingly prescient that I hesitate to offer him a ‘correction,’ but in this case, it’s so important that I believe I must, because as Sarah Palin pointed out Thursday in a Facebook note, Dr. Levin has done more to enlighten more people on the roots of our national disorder than any other person in our culture at present.

I feel it is important enough to risk his ire, and those of his many fans, and followers, some of whom also read this blog.  What Barack Obama is doing is much more fundamental to our national survival than  “de-Industrialization” might indicate.  If it were that, we could recover in a generation, but what Obama is doing threatens to undermine our nation for all times, and as Dr. Levin suspected, the word he seeks already exists, and it’s much more dire than you might imagine: Barack Obama is De-Capitalizing the United States.  It’s been the solitary goal of the left for a long time, and it’s Barack Obama’s method of culturally, financially, and materially destroying America.

How important is capital to a capitalist country?   It is everything we need, not merely to recover our economy, but to fuel it for generations, perhaps in perpetuity.  Capital helps establish even our moral basis, and undermining that basis leaves us to lie in supine servitude to whatever demagogue happens along.  Stealing America’s capital will crush the country, and remove from it the ability to recover, not only in the next decade or generation, but possibly ever.  Most people think of capital as money, and money is capital, but it’s not the only form, and not all money is capital in the most important sense.  Depending on how money is used, it can be capital, and that is surely an important part of the story you must understand to see not only why my term is the correct one, but also in order to see why Barack Obama is far worse, and far more dangerous than any of you may have imagined.

While others have been focused almost solely on the Republican horse-race, I have been covering the twists and turns of our dire national financial circumstances, and I have done so for a reason:  You must know what is being done, and how, if you’re to understand the threat we now face.  Our capital is being strip-mined from this nation in systematic fashion, and that which remains is being systematically devalued.  Let me explain how this is being done, starting with how our cash is being devalued.

First, you must understand our monetary system, and you must know that in order to devalue our money, all you need to do is create more of it than growth in our Gross Domestic Product(GDP) justifies.  Ben Bernanke has been complying with that plan, by creating more money out of nothing in order to lend it to many institutions, including primarily the US Treasury, but also to all of those banks that were “too big to fail” as well as Europe’s ailing financial sector in order to temporarily prop them up.  Governor Palin warned us about this in late 2010, as the Federal Reserve instituted QE2(Quantitative Easing round 2) that is really just a fancy title for more old-fashioned money-printing, now carried out primarily in digital form.

The more the Federal Reserve lends out of thin air, the less all previous dollars are worth, provided there’s no corresponding growth in production and wealth in the total system.  If production and wealth grows by some minor amount, but the printing(or digitizing) of money exceeds that amount, each additional dollar devalues all the rest.  Put another way, if you imagine the wealth of the nation as a giant pie, each time we print more money without growing the pie, what happens is the same as re-dividing the pie by the additional number of dollars.  What this means is that each slice shrinks, but since we’re talking about money, the medium by which we exchange goods and services, what it means is that each slice – each dollar – falls in value versus those goods and services.  You can buy less with the same number of dollars, or put another way, it takes more of your dollars to buy the same goods.  As Sarah Palin predicted nearly eighteen months ago, we have seen the prices of energy and food skyrocket.

You might say that this is all well and good, but Ben Bernanke – not Barack Obama – runs the Federal Reserve.  I agree, but let me tell you that Obama’s fiscal policies are the impetus for much of the money-printing.  Put another way, Barack Obama’s outrageous spending has accounted for four trillion dollars or more of all this money-printing madness.  This is because money isn’t printed and set on a shelf.  Instead, it is loaned into existence.  Once you realize this, you understand that without corresponding economic growth, this is merely funny money that is tantamount to counterfeiting.  Each time they devalue our currency by this procedure, your existing wealth is being stolen by some incremental amount.  That’s the real picture, but sadly, it doesn’t stop there.

Are you paying more for fuel?  To quote my favorite politician, “You betcha!”  Food? “Ditto!”  In fact, prices of almost everything is creeping  slowly upward.  Part of this is due to the re-division of the pie, as described above, but it’s also a result of something else:  The United States Federal government is spending more on redistributive programs than ever in history, and it now spends monies equivalent to 25% of the GDP.  Those dollars, poured into these redistributive programs, are now competing with your hard-earned dollars in the marketplace for goods and services.  When more people arrive in the market with dollars with which to demand more of a thing, but you’re not producing substantially more of it, either the prices will rise in response to the quantity demanded, or somebody else will need to supply the goods from some other place.

This results in an out-flow of cash.  It’s devalued cash, but it’s still landing in China and India, and anywhere else with which we do substantial commerce.  Some of that cash comes back in trade, but some of it does not.  While in ordinary times, I am not so concerned about the balance of trade, under this system at present, we are bleeding wealth and redistributing it globally.  For what?  The latest cellphone?  Produced where?  The latest television?  Produced where?  The simple fact is that while I support free trade, what I don’t support is free trade augmented by redistributive domestic programs.  What this means is that when you go to work, you’re going to produce wealth, some of which will be stolen in the next round of money-printing, and redistributed to some who do not work, to be spent on merchandise you would not buy, and without which the purchasers could easily live, all while pouring your wealth in a chain from your pocket to government to your government-supported neighbor to some state venture in the Republic of China, mostly for transient, non-durable merchandise that only detracts from available capital.

At the same time all of this goes on, productive enterprises have less money from which to draw.  Are you thinking of putting an addition on your home?  First, you might have to borrow the money, and if you do, you’ll find you’re in tougher competition for those dollars, and since fewer contractors are now in existence, you’ll pay a premium for any work you hire out.  Your money won’t go as far, because in construction, fuel is an important component from the production and transportation of raw materials, to the paychecks of workers who will now need more cash to make it to the job-site.  As all of this happens, you may have found that you needed a home equity loan to pay for the new construction, but alas, this too will be more difficult, since the value of your home and property has likely fallen.

Add to this the insane policy of permitting JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America, among others, to move risky European derivatives into coverage by the FDIC.  When the Euro-zone goes belly up, and don’t kid yourself, it will, you will be stuck with that bill too, and it may even collapse your currency altogether.  You might have heard that Wall Street is doing well, but that’s an illusion too.  Much of the growth on Wall Street has been financed with more loans from the Federal Reserve.  Meanwhile, you’re struggling to fill your fuel-tank, and while you do, the foreign powers who control much of the globe’s oil supply are getting wealthy while Barack Obama denies pipelines and drilling all over the United States.  He’s closing down coal-fired plants.  He’s using the EPA to regulate energy producers out of existence.  Slowly, we are being starved of the capital equipment with which we might hope to someday extract ourselves from this condition.   When he closed down Gulf drilling in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon incident, and refused to reopen it despite a federal court ruling, those drilling rigs and platforms left American waters on their way to places they can drill, like Brazil, where he sent billions of dollars to fund their oil industry, including Petrobras, in which his pal George Soros was a big investor.  Those platforms and rigs won’t be back.  You’ll need to raise the capital to build new ones.

Is your paycheck growing? A few may be, but most are not.  In fact, with skyrocketing costs as your money is devalued, even those who’ve managed to scratch out minimal raises are finding their increases are in no way covering their expenses.  With all this newly digitized and printed money, you’re not seeing anything but diminished value in your purchasing power.   You have little money to save or invest, because it’s all going up in smoke to support your basic energy and food expenses.  Any margin of error you may have had is now gone, and to do anything constructive, you’re having to borrow in some form.  You might sooth yourself with the idea that at least you’re contributing to a 401K, or other retirement program at work, but how much of the value of those investments is based on the bubble-building all on the back of these borrowed bucks.  They have the use of your slim capital at present, all on the promise that it’s a shelter.  It could also be a trap.

What all of this does, taken together as a vast picture of our national despair, is to deprive the country of capital from the most fundamental level to the top of the financial food-chain.  When, I repeat, when the Euro crashes, your dollar will follow along behind in short order.  Your financial institutions will be wrecked, and you will find out that there is no such thing as “too big to fail.”  When we are naked, starving, and unable to raise enough capital to fund the production of a pack of bubble-gum, you will see why this is more than mere de-industrialization.  Barack Obama is hard about the chore of de-capitalizing America, undercutting its wealth, and its ability to produce more wealth, on which our lives all depend.  The old saying is that “it takes money to make money,” and Barack Obama and his band of anti-capitalists know that this is true.  To destroy America, and to destroy the capitalism that has powered it through generations of ever-growing government, one must take away that seed that lays its foundations anew in each successive generation: Capital.

Of course, not all capital is about money.  Some economists count “human capital,” and here too, Obama is squandering a generation.  Our schools have become mosh-pits of leftist indoctrination, and our colleges and universities are populated by students many of whom believe it is proper to lobby for free contraception.  You see, capitalism requires a respect for what capital is in its naked essence:  It is the motive power of all new wealth, but what they now teach the nation’s children is that “stuff” is just material that is owned as a matter of legalized oppression of those with less money.  This undercuts the moral basis too, so that your human capital, your financial capital, and your moral capital are all being destroyed.

Barack Obama is literally an anti-capitalist, all the way to his core, and what he and his friends like George Soros do and have done in previous instances is to de-capitalize nations, and reduce them to stagnant, increasingly destitute corpses.  America had been the greatest and freest nation on the planet, because for a long time, it came closest to the capitalist ideal.  Slowly, for a century or more, we have been bleeding it dry.  Republicans and Democrats have participated, and all of them under the label of  “progressivism.”  Mitt Romney would do little different, except perhaps to better manage the collapse.  That won’t save us, and it can’t restore our country to its exceptional promise of years past.  We now stand on a societal precipice and Barack Obama has arrived at just the right time in our history to oversee the commencement of the final de-capitalization of America, shoving us over into an abyss from which the nation may not emerge.

Dr. Levin, respectfully, that is the word you were seeking.  The Left has known it and is practicing it with ardent fervor.


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11 Responses to Mark Levin Searches for a Word

  1. Dagger82 says:

    Mark, this is the most succinct, comprehensive description of the Progressive 4102 plan.  Though descriptors abound, I believe diabolical clearly underlies its true intent and, as well, indicates authorship.  I now fully comprehend the supranatural forces that are in array for our demise.  Be assured it will be sent to every contact within my limited range.

    • the unit says:

      T.D.  I must admit you have to know something I don’t, which would not be difficult. Had to google Progressive 4102 Plan and look long and hard.

      Still don’t know.  Found sites as mundane as some progressive consulting firm with 4102 part of their telephone number…to a MN progressive recapping protests at the 2008 Rep. National Convention…to “Anomyous” declaring they will hack the digital global money system and wipe it clean by 12/21/2012. 

      Deleting the digital bank accounts would be de-captalization for shore.

      That last one is a little discomforting to say the least.

      • Dagger82 says:

        I apologize ‘the unit.’  It’s actually a composite of two ideas that describe user and method.  Because we were both integral actors to the defense of Western Europe in the ’80s, culmination of which was the fall of the Wall and dissolution of the Soviet Pact that ended the Cold War, Mark and I are intimately familiar with the complex NATO plan devised to thwart the onslaught (OPLAN 4102).

        You’ll remember the “Bear” and its henchmen outnumbered us (NATO) in every aspect 5, 10 or sometimes 20 to 1, and I mean tanks, guns, soldiers, aircraft, bullets, everything!  Ronald Reagan often referred to the period 1981-1986 as the “Window of Opportunity” that he was valiantly trying to close.  That’s when the Defense budget skyrocketed and, as result, vast amounts of new, innovative equipment flowed to our folks and allied forces.  Mobile cruise missiles were developed & deployed in record time, vehicles like armored Hummers replaced jeeps, uniforms changed from olive drab to armored battle dress (BDUs), night vision goggles were miniaturized from the old 8 lb Starlight Scopes, F-15 & 16 fighters replaced the Phantom.  Yearly hundreds of thousands of National Guard, Reserve, & active duty forces were transported by sea & air to take part in a month-long reinforcement exercise (REFORGER) to demonstrate our resolve should the Russians consider a European takeover win-able.

        Anyway, I didn’t mean to confuse anyone.  Simply wanted to share with Mark how his post had clarified for me the complexities of the Progressive plan of attack and how close they are to succeeding.  To my dismay, I realize they are much smarter than the Russians (they’re American for pete’s sake) and don’t have to spend themselves into oblivion on military hardware.  That’s ultimately what demolished the Pact.

        • the unit says:

          OK…T.D.  Unit says thanks for reply.  Will see what OPLAN 4102 brings up. I have my upbringing and introduction to “Cold War”…atomic threat…hide under school desk to prepare in those years … ’50’s.  But open to see what you’re saying, was not too clear  to me, as I said your privy to some information I don’t have.  And my search does disclose what’s coming this summer and at conventions, both Rep and Dem.  Chaos.

          Even another toilet paper shortage in N.J. could be enough to declare martial law!!!

          • Dagger82 says:

            Like I said, Operations Plan 4102, Defense of Western Europe (OPLAN 4102) was an extremely complex, far-reaching blueprint for logistics & operations for all allied forces to prepare for, engage, and repulse a Soviet Bloc thrust to overcome and subdue NATO forces, land area and nations.  In my original post, I used the term ‘Progressive 4102 plan’ because I knew Mark would mentally combine the concepts.

            In actuality, there is no such named plan, so searching will be fruitless.  However, comprehending the complexity of Mr Soros’ spiderweb of  disparate organizations and far-flung operatives, I have no doubt there is some plan in existence.  Now it may be composed of pieces that never were intended to comingle, such as Robert Creamer’s, “Stand Up Straight, How Progressives Can Win” or Cass Sunstein’s, “Nudge.”.  Yet I cannot help but believe there is one comprehensive document somewhere at the Center for American Progress or other leadership constabulary which forms the basis for offshoot plans and action.

        • the unit says:

          To quote…”they’re American for pete’s sake”…yes, I think American socialist and communists think American ingenuity  can make it succeed where Europe and USSR failed.  Perhaps that was the planning of Armand Hammer and his uninterruped  flights to Russia..’.lets us plan what will work in the global world to come.’  Can you imagine voting in world government?  But can they subdue China and et al.?

  2. the unit says:

    Funny that I’ve found a word before.  It takes two words now.

    In this great article you’re so prolific and detailed, but hard even for the other 49% (omitting the 1% of course) paying the bills of the nation to follow through with it all.  

    I would just say from your article the following needs to be emphasized …to those who work…”when you go to work, you’re going to produce wealth, some of which will be stolen in the next round of money printing, and redistributed to some who do not work…”

    Two words…we’re fluked. 

  3. bdwatcher says:

    One World Govt, World Bank, New currency. None of this can happen as long as the US Dollar is the currency of conversion. It will mean double digit inflation, maybe more in a year. Be prepared to be without fundamental needs, keep cigs and liquor to barter. I know it sounds crazy, but read the lates executive order signed by O Mar 16..

    What do you think you can do without?

    • the unit says:

      “Can I do without?”  O for starters, then Jarrett, Reid, Pelosi…then Hillary and Panetta (ole baggey butt, butt from neck to legs, what flab…and I’m the Unit).
      There is lots to decipher in this order, but here is one I picked up on…what is national defense?…Sectiion VIII: (j)  “National defense” means programs for military and energy production or construction, military or critical infrastructure assistance to any foreign nation…”

      • bdwatcher says:

        Insisting on the capabalities of the govt during a time of national emergency, there is laws and procedures in force already. What stands out to me is:

        Sec. 102. Policy. The United States must have an
        industrial and technological base capable of meeting national defense
        requirements and capable of contributing to the technological superiority of its
        national defense equipment in peacetime and in times of national emergency. The
        domestic industrial and technological base is the foundation for national
        defense preparedness. The authorities provided in the Act shall be used to
        strengthen this base and to ensure it is capable of responding to the national
        defense needs of the United States.

        I reread it several times in it’s entirety. The key is “national defense equipment in peacetime and in times of national emergency”. Initiatives, contracts, agreements and overall control of all facets of our infrastructure will start immediately. “In Peacetime”. To me, this means now, not to wait for a national emergency. There will be another round of regulations allowing govt intrusion into every facet of our lives.. as if they don’t now.

        Farming will come under agricultural dept regulations to ensure what, how, when and where crops will be grown. Defense dept will regulate and oversee water?

        Sec. 701 The Defense Production Act Committee    Look at the 17 personally selected CZARS that will be in charge of accomplishing all this… all reporting to O.