Maintenance Complete

Putting it Together Again

I’ve had to do some maintenance on the server.  There were still a few remaining issues since the migration, and one of them turned out to be a plug-in that was causing problems for the new page theme.  I’ve since disabled that plug-in, and the new theme seems to behave properly now.  You will have noticed that the two visible headings on the main page were all but identical.  This was as a result of the rogue plug-in.  I’ve also customized the left-column, so you should see a definite difference there.  The problems were numerous, and some of them presented a significant challenge.  One of the problems was that the memory usage being generated even under modest loading was too great.  I had to spend some time diagnosing that issue as well, and not surprisingly, part of it was related to the same rogue plug-in.

Part of the problem owing to the migration was that some of the categories and tags and their corresponding records in the database didn’t come over correctly.  This too has been corrected, and that require roughly four days worth of work as time permitted, followed by some upload issues with the corrected files that led to some immodest language in the wee hours of the morning.  It’s been fixed now, and the cursing has abated.   I still have a few minor adjustments to make, but they aren’t functional issues.

I like the new theme, but I’d like some feedback from readers:  What do you like, and what do you hate?

Thank you for your patience!


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4 Responses to Maintenance Complete

  1. the unit says:

    Mark America, I just thought you were  taking a well deserved weekend off.  Should have know better.
    I like your changes and features.  Anything not working for me…I’ve learned to just wait.  It’s usually my doings and I finally figure it out.

    In case you don’t know though…after log in…clicking on members only on main page and clicking on members in category selection takes one to different pages.  I wouldn’t be surprised if that hasn’t been fixed before you read this.  I am going to try it again before posting. 

    Maybe it’s supposed to be that way.

    • Mark America says:

      Tom, Yes, that part will be changing a bit. The thing that made the private category was the plug-in screwing up the home page. I’m going to look for a way to do it differently. We’ll get there. Thanks!


      • the unit says:

        Readers gotcha back!  :) , Kemo Sabay (or Sabe) , in meaning of the ’50’s.  Lots of foolish web discussion of meaning, pure rubbish, other than ’50’s to the kid watchers…trusted friend.

      • the unit says:

        And get rid of all my foolish comments on discussion site, like I couldn’t even find the reply clicker! :)
        Must I be embarrassed forevermore?  What if I run for office someday and this is on record…my, that’s like 57 states statement, OK…just weariness of a long campaign.