The Renewed War on Sarah Palin

Proving the Media Contradiction

Predictably, the media is playing up HBO’s Game Change, but it really doesn’t matter in the sense that it’s rehashing of the same old broken narrative about former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.  On the other hand, with Barack Obama’s outfit hurling excrement, and no shortage of establishment Republicans joining in the mix, I wonder if I’m alone in noticing that for a woman who has been declared “irrelevant” more times than Newt Gingrich’s campaign has been declared “dead,” Gov. Palin seems to draw attention from the left like nectar draws hummingbirds, but fortunately, they have the brains to match.  What never ceases to amaze me is how unfailingly revelatory the left is when they pick out their political target du jour.  They always signal who it is that threatens them most.  Two weeks ago, it had been Rush Limbaugh, and now[again, or still] it’s Sarah Palin.  Some of this is clearly due to the premiere of this insanely dishonest movie, but she’s more than a target-of-opportunity:  Sarah Palin lives rent-free in the minds of leftists everywhere, because she is everything Barack Obama is not.

When Gov. Palin talks about energy, she puts this hapless President to shame.  He offers excuses, but she offers solutions, and while he denounces the idea of “Drill Baby, Drill,” he has no actual answer apart from claiming the economics isn’t economics, and that the laws of supply and demand have somehow fundamentally changed.  He offers that there’s no point to drilling, since it will be years before we will see a result, but at the same time, he takes credit for drilling operations commenced before he arrived in office in order to support the claim that we have more oil production now than when he took office.  Of course we do, but it has nothing to do with his policies, and the proof of that lies in the fact that most new drilling is on private property, and not on leased government lands.  If you ask President Obama, he’ll tell you there’s no need for more drilling, but he won’t even let us build a pipeline, the Keystone XL, that could have been bringing oil to our refineries in eighteen months.   She predicted the inflationary effects of QE2, and the debt into which Barack Obama would lead us.   In fact, everything she has said about Barack Obama has been right on the money.  It’s no wonder his crew at Obama for America put out an anti-Palin rant.  He can’t withstand any scrutiny alongside her.

Of course, it’s bad enough when Obama and his shills goes after Governor Palin, but it’s worse when even some of the GOP establishment types join in the “fun.”  To see the reaction to some establishment types to the movie Game Change merely buttresses the point:  Much like the Tea Party and the conservative base of the Republican party, Sarah Palin is faced with a two-front war.  She can’t merely defeat the talking points of Democrats and lefties, because that’s to accomplish only part of the job.  Just like the rest of us, she is faced with confronting a Republican establishment that would prefer she just go away.  Andrew Breitbart described these people as “eunuchs,” but they’re significantly worse than that term implies.  I now consider them to be a fifth column that has merged with Washington DC ‘s permanent political class and engages by willful calculation in the smearing of genuine conservatives, including particularly Sarah Palin.

The latest smears on Governor Palin  come from two basic sources, one being the Hollywood friends of Barack Obama, but also the permanent political class that undermined her in the 2008 campaign.  Steve Schmidt, Nicolle Wallace, and others from the 2008 McCain campaign are trying to rescue their own reputations, and if it takes deceit, and fiction, they’re willing to go all the way. What becomes more striking, however, is the effect she still has on their thinking despite saying in October that she would not run for the GOP nomination.  There’s been much talk about a brokered convention, now a real possibility, and because this is the case, the GOP establishment as well as Barack Obama are worried that somehow, some way, Governor Palin will emerge from that process as the party’s nominee.  It’s true that Game Change would have come out now either way, but let us not neglect the reality that were both of these groups not so fearful of Sarah Palin, there wouldn’t be any reason on Earth for Obama for America to gin up an anti-Palin ad, or for the Huffington Post to run an absurd story based on the brokered convention speculation of the author of a guest submission on Conservatives4Palin.

Think about that for a moment, and let it sink in:  The left has a preternatural fear of Governor Palin, to the extent that when a guest to a website submits a post that references Sarah Palin and a brokered convention in the same sentence, the assumption is made that somehow, Governor Palin is behind the scenes, working her “evil plot” to take over the Republican party.  It’s laughable on its face, but it tells you something about the loosely-hinged minds that concoct all of this.  Geoffrey Dunn’s piece on HuffPo is a perfect example of this continuation of Palin Derangement Syndrome(PDS.)

Case in point?  Dunn can’t wait to explain what a bunch of morons the folks at C4P have been, but the problem is that he validates one of the arguments he can’t wait to rebut.  In criticizing Nancy Laboente’s guest submission at C4P, Dunn make the following statement:

“Labonete’s polemic continues by arguing that Palin is the only candidate who can withstand the “Alinksy attacks” during the election; Palin, she argues, is the lone Republican who has “the smarts to throw the media into a convulsive tizzy and still have her message ring out loudly and win the argument.”

Here’s the problem:  Sarah Palin hasn’t written this article, and already the media(witness Dunn himself) are frothing at the mouth over it.  “Convulsive Tizzy?”  Geoffrey Dunn: Check!  Dunn is the author of The Lies of Sarah Palin.  Admittedly then, he’s been in a convulsive tizzy for some time.

Of course, that’s just the leftist phalanx talking.  They’re so thoroughly deranged by Palin that they can no longer see it.  I once asked the question:  “How do you convince a person who is not in their right mind that… he isn’t in his right mind?”  Over in the semi-rational camp, and I use that term guardedly, Nicolle Wallace appears Sunday on This Week with Stephanoloulos to tell us that she thinks the movie Game Change is basically true:

“One of Sarah Palin’s top advisers said today that HBO’s “Game Change” was “true enough to make me squirm,” despite Palin’s contention that the docudrama about her rise to national stardom during the 2008 presidential campaign was a “false narrative.”

Let’s be blunt, shall we?  Schmidt and Wallace have a clear interest in defaming Sarah Palin.   If they can shift the blame for the result of the 2008 campaign from their own backs and throw Governor Palin under the bus, they’ll improve their prospects, because in truth, it was the performances of these geniuses who engineered the 2008 McCain defeat with the suspension of his campaign.  Remember, these people are part of that permanent political class that circles Washington DC like vultures.  They may move out for a time, but eventually, they come back, if indeed they ever leave at all.

Ladies and gentlemen, the DC political class is a center-left assemblage of people whose profession it is to assist in governing you by shaping your opinions.  It’s known as public relations, in polite circles, but to say that they’re “mercenary” is an understatement.  Consider Nicole Wallace, whose mentor had been Mike McCurry, press secretary for Bill Clinton.  Then she went to work for George Bush.  If she had her way, she’d probably work for Obama now, but then again… Her husband Mark, also a McCain campaign adviser, is another Washington DC insider who served as an Ambassador to the UN under George W. Bush.   In other words, this is the class of people who goes to Washington DC, makes a mint, and never really leaves, even if their locale changes.

This is why I believe the problem we face as conservatives is the same problem Sarah Palin faces:  She’s not part of their club, and both the left and the GOP establishment simply want her, and us gone.  It’s not the first time I’ve noted that the same people who repeatedly array themselves against all things conservative are the same people who line up against Sarah Palin, and the theme has become predictable.  If we do manage to get that sort of candidate one day who will be up to the task of disassembling the mess in Washington DC, it will surely be somebody like Sarah Palin, if not she, but if that day ever arrives, we conservatives had better grasp the nature of the fight.  It’s a war with two fronts:  One the one, we have the left, that opposes us as deadly enemies; on the second, we have the GOP establishment that wants us gone.  Between them, they share a permanent political class that will always seek to undermine real reform, because their own necks are on the block.  It’s for this reason that real conservatives know Gov. Palin is relevant, and in some ways, more now than ever, particularly against the backdrop of Barack Obama.   All that you are seeing from the media with their self-contradictory narrative of the “irrelevant” Sarah Palin is simply more evidence that they know it too.

In unrelated Palin news, Bristol has a new blog site.


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13 Responses to The Renewed War on Sarah Palin

  1. Carmtom13 says:

    Mark this article you wrote is excellent. Keep up the good work.

  2. Section 9 says:

    Superb article, as per usual, Mark. Simply on the mark!

  3. RedDaveR says:

    Thank you for this piece.  More people need to know the truth, and to understand who the real Sarah Palin is, as well as who belongs to the Permanent Political Class.

  4. the unit says:

    What tripe from the left and establishment right!  Of course there are no easy solutions.  It was ten years ago they said it would take that long for new wells to come on line if approved and done.  How long to get an education…too long so you don’t do it?  

    Palin offers solutions, “O” excuses…short movie “The Road We’ve Traveled”…Hanks narrated…”when he faced his country who looked to him for answers, he would not dwell in blame…”  Not dwell in blame give me a break!
    Hanks has his box of chocolates…and Flukie will get hers if ideology persists and wins out.  Until collapse like USSR occurs, and Europe now.  Thatcher…everybody elses money is spent.

    I’ll still enjoy an occasional chocolate.  I’ll be looking for one that looks like Hanks…sell on 
    E-bay to Treasury Secretary for enough that would have paid to his delinquent tax liability. He ought to know a good futures trade when he sees it.

  5. Betty says:

    Do you think there is any chance at all to wrest control of the republican party?  Wouldn’t it be easier to just wait till the last minute and start a 3 party, epically if Mitt Romney gets the nomination.

    I have been with a group of people who say Anyone But Obama:  ABO.  But I am not so sure anymore.   Besides my own conscience,  I have grandchildren to answer to, I need to fight smart.  If Mitt is getting money from people to continue his viscous assault on the other, obviously better, republican candidates because they think if Mitt gets the nomination ABO will prevail and they will be riding the high horse with Mitt – then ABO is wrong.

    • Mark America says:

      Betty, I don’t know that a third party at the last moment would fare so well. 3rd parties have a high percentage failure rate. The last time there was a successful 3rd party, it quickly displaced one of the other two: The Republican party displaced the Whigs. That was more than 150 years ago.

      There have been countless attempts, and obviously, most went down in flames.

      Our real problem lies in getting enough people involved in reforming the GOP. Everybody has their own ideas, but more, I think most people don’t pay any attention to all of this until the end of September in an election year, although they may pay some attention to the presidential primaries in their states.

      As for ABO, I’ve always been an ABR guy. I say this because I don’t think it does us any good to put another liberal in the White House, and that’s what Romney is. We can try to smooth it over and pretend otherwise, but he’s a lib. It would be best to simply nominate somebody else. Still not certain of what I’ll do if he’s nominated…other than prepare for 4 more years of Obama.

      • Betty says:

         Thank you, you’re right.  I am so worried for my country and my grand children’s future I clutch at straws sometimes.  I try to think of ways to win.   I only think of the last moment thing as a tactic  to surprise the adversary and avoid as much merciless MSM slander as possible while getting a huge rush of support from people who feel the same as me  –  I can dream. 

        In the mean time I do what I can with my neighbors and friends.

      • stevethird says:

         Perhaps as a nation addicted to deception and averse to the truth we have not hit our “bottom yet”. We are not yet ready to turn away from the MSM and disband the PPC. 4 More years might get us to that bottom and a moment of national clarity. Otherwise kiss it goodbye.

  6. Betty says:

    I just now noticed the log in at the top of the page.

  7. Trumper47 says:

    Great piece……awesome!

  8. Stand Taker says:

    Fine, fine piece, Mark. You’re among the brightest of the alternative media that we depend upon for the truth.

    Hacks like Schmidt and the Wallaces are essentially political grifters, people who operate with no core values. In my view, they’re liberals. 

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