Flashback 1995: Eric Holder Wanted to Brainwash People on Guns


Leave it to Breitbart.com to dig up this clip from 1995 of Eric Holder explaining how he would like to use the media, and the public relations outfits in Washington DC to push a new theme on the evils of guns in such a way as to mimic what’s been done with cigarettes.  His point was that it would be best if young people, particularly young men, never had the desire to have or carry(keep and bear) guns.  It’s typical of the left to believe that a PR campaign can fix anything, and of course, to some degree, it probably works on the sort of mind-numbed robots who tend to vote for leftists, but I don’t think Holder made much progress on this.  On the other hand, for all his talk about the evils of guns, he sure didn’t seem to mind putting guns into the hands of narco-terrorists in Mexico through the Justice Department’s Fast and Furious and Operation Gun-Walker.

This is typical of the left.  “Brainwash!”  This man actually wanted to “brainwash” Americans almost two decades ago, and he wonders why his testimony before Congress comes under scrutiny?  Who else is he trying to “brainwash,” and with what?  Leftists are dangerous precisely because their ideas represent a threat to American liberty.  We need more than the sort of bland change represented by Mitt Romney.  We need a reversal.

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One Response to Flashback 1995: Eric Holder Wanted to Brainwash People on Guns

  1. donpurser says:

    Instead of attacking violence (and those who bring it), leftists attack
    guns.  Why is it that people aren’t responsible for their actions – the
    blame has to be laid elsewhere?  Here’s an idea, instead of radio spots,
    why don’t you make fathers accept the responsibility of raising their
    illegitimate kids?  Why not make them get a job and support their kids,
    raise their family?  Oh no, personal responsibility – we can’t have
    that. Instead, we’ll simply brainwash them.