Score Another Victory for Obama’s War on Americans

Record March Fill-ups

Gasoline prices at the pump are now officially higher than they have ever been in the month of March, at a nationwide average of $3.87 for regular unleaded gasoline, breaking last week’s new record by four cents, but more than double the price when Barack Obama took office thirty-eight months ago.  At my own regular filling station, it was $3.63 up from $1.46 on inauguration day at the same pump in 2008.  That’s another change we could have lived without.  Of course, diesel fuel for the tractor and the farm truck now stands well over $4.20/gallon locally, and with this jump in prices, I expect these “green shoots” the Obama economic team and its shills in the media keep talking about will now wither, though most have seen scarce evidence of recovery anyway.  Barack Obama and his Secretary of Energy Steven Chu are getting what they desired:  European energy prices levels and European economic stagnation.

There cannot be a sustained economic recovery until energy prices are brought down.  There’s simply no mitigating the matter otherwise.  Since this President isn’t interested in bolstering America’s economy, he continues to stubbornly wage war against the energy sector, but those who pay the real price are always American consumers.  No new drilling in the Gulf?  Prices go up.  No drilling in ANWR?  Prices go up.  No Keystone XL pipeline from Canada?  Prices go up.  Shutting down coal-fired electric plants?  Prices go up.  Delaying tactics on new nuclear power stations?  Prices go up.  Supporting unrest in the Middle East, and playing patty-cakes with OPEC tyrants?  Prices go up.  All of these things and more, the Obama administration has done to put a strain on the energy sector of the economy, and we consumers pay the prices.  Now he’s talking about another release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, but with the possibility of aggression by Iran looming, is it smart policy to sell off part of a reserve that constitutes one day’s worth of oil consumed by the nation?

The fact is that we cannot sustain this course much longer.  Each time oil prices spike, it hollows out the economy, and it chokes off economic growth. Unless and until that pattern is broken, we’re not going to see a sustained recovery, and this means we’re not going to have unemployment fall appreciably.  This ought to be the season when new housing starts begin to accumulate, but the housing market is still on its heels because so many houses are still vacant.  We overbuilt during the housing bubble, and in a natural market, without government interference, we would have seen many fewer houses, but we also would have seen many fewer foreclosures.  This is the problem into which you run when government meddles in markets of any sort, but what makes this time worse is that we have a President who is bound by his ideology to pursue this course.

Barack Obama can stand at the podium and tell reporters it wouldn’t be smart for a President to want higher gasoline prices in an election year, but this is a man who campaigned for office promising higher energy prices across the board.  We now have them.  Barack Obama isn’t a failure, from his point of view, because he’s accomplished what he said he would do.  The problem is that far too many Americans were taken in by vague platitudes of “hope” and “change,” but few seemed to really understand what sort of change they had signed-on to impose.  Of course, it’s now too late to cry over that spilled milk.  Instead, we have a new opportunity to unseat this President before he can achieve another “victory” in his war against America.

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2 Responses to Score Another Victory for Obama’s War on Americans

  1. Betty says:

    Obama’s War on Americans

    That rings from the rafters!

  2. the unit says:

    Spilled milk has always been wiped up without further adieu by momma…move on to tomorrow, keep developing and growing.  Now just mix more Kool-Aide, keep drinking and keep on hoping.