Re-Drawing Romney: Mitt Will Shift Left in the Fall Campaign

A top Mitt Romney adviser admitted on CNN that whatever conservative positions Mitt Romney is taking now, it’s unlikely to reflect in the Massachusetts moderate’s  Fall campaign.  He likened the shift in positions possible to a nominee in the general campaign to an etch-a-sketch.  Romney Communications Director Eric Fehrnstrom was asked on CNN this morning if he thought Mitt Romney’s “hard right” positions would would prevail in the Fall, or whether it would be possible for him to attract the support of “independents” and “moderates.”

Romney is no conservative, and his campaign advisers are trying to pitch you a lie. This whole business is another demonstration of why Mitt Romney isn’t suited to be the Republican nominee, although he may wind up being the choice. The primary campaign has been a sham to conceal his true nature from conservatives, and this is the proof.

Here’s the video from CNN:

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6 Responses to Re-Drawing Romney: Mitt Will Shift Left in the Fall Campaign

  1. Healthyfiasco says:

    How could you be the governor of Massachusetts, one of the most liberal in the nation and not be one of them?

  2. Michael Spurlock says:

    I want the people who run the RNC to stand trial for their lives for shoving this Marxist down our throats.