Flashback: Meet Mitt Romney circa 2002

Who? Me? Republican?

Here’s a quick video clip from 2002, when Mitt Romney was seeking the office of Governor in Massachusetts.  He disclaims his association with the Republican party.  What many of you from around the country may not know is that it’s common practice in the Northeast for Democrats to run for office as Republicans because in many cases, they can run unopposed in primaries since there are so few (relatively) Republicans vying for office.  I can’t say that this had been what Mitt tried to imply here, but I wouldn’t be surprised.  After all, as you may remember, he spent most of his 1994 Senatorial campaign against Ted Kennedy trying to distance himself from Reagan.

This is the guy who wants to be your Republican nominee?

While Etch-a-Sketch will try to re-write the meaning of this clip,  I prefer to focus on reality:  Mitt Romney is no conservative.

This is simply one more piece of evidence.

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