Marco Rubio Says “Yay Romney!” – Says No to Brokered Convention

Rubio Endorses Romney

Marco Rubio endorsed Mitt Romney on Sean Hannity’s show a few minutes ago on FNC.  Let me get this guy some pom-poms.  I’m not interested in hearing anything more about Rubio as a Tea Party guy.  He’s a Bushie.  Those of you who have seen him as a Tea Party guy?  I’ve got news for you: WRONGO.  He was a Tea Party guy because he needed your votes to overcome Charlie Crist, not an altogether terrible outcome, but let’s not overdo this Tea Party narrative.  It had also been people connected with Senator Rubio who pushed Florida’s primary forward and got out the vote for Mitt Romney in that state, with South Florida winning that state for Mitt Romney.  Remember, it was Florida that caused the four early states(IA,NH,SC,UT)  to move their primaries up to January.

This endorsement has been a fait accompli for some time, the only reason for its public unveiling is to afford some plausible deniability to the freshman Senator.  The truth is that he’s part of the same old crowd that helped to make Florida Jeb Bush country, and still runs that state’s machine.  I warned my readers some time ago that you can learn a good deal from an endorsement, and it’s usually about the endorser more than the recipient of that endorsement.  This is no exception.  Rubio rattled on about wanting to avoid a brokered convention.

Here’s the problem, Senator Rubio:  Some of us want a brokered convention because we think Mitt Romney is a horrible candidate even when he chooses you as his running mate, as we’ve known since Florida that he will.

You’ll do nothing to improve that.

I’m waiting a little longer before I pronounce my final judgment on this race, but the truth is that the establishment is making its big push for Romney now, and you can expect a string of endorsements to come out in the coming weeks to give some false momentum to Mitt Romney.

Note: And then there’s this, for Republicans who hate the so-called “birther” controversy: I keep getting emails from a guy who insists Marco Rubio’s parents were not citizens at the time of his birth, thus making him ineligible to be President or VP, and that this is the “real reason” the GOP establishment has participated in “shouting down investigations into Obama.”  I don’t assign any particular credibility to this guy’s charges, except that I can see a fuss coming if Romney does get the nomination and does pick Rubio. Both are still big “ifs” in my book.

Will we now be forced to endure that indignity too?


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6 Responses to Marco Rubio Says “Yay Romney!” – Says No to Brokered Convention

  1. Elena says:

    Disappointed in Marco Rubio, another sold out Politian. I say yes to the convention and let’s Romney to compete with Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich.

  2. Cathy says:

    I saw it coming when Rubio complained about Newts neg. ads toward Romney in Florida but never said anything about his multi million dollars worth of neg lies against Newt. While professing neutrality he was all too transparent. While denying he would accept a VP offer he was just another two faced politition. Par for the course! So Romney who is completely unqualified and will be slaughtered in the general picks an unqualified VP to get the hispanic and tea party votes. Biden already gave us a preview today of what’s to come with his jabs on Bain Capital, Romneycare and Mitt shipping jobs overseas. All the RNC and the media have done is assure Obamas re-election by choosing and promoting Mitt.

  3. sara holy land says:

    Tell me who you endorsed, telling you who you are

  4. Huai says:

    Just ran across this blog after doing a search on rubio & romney after his endorsement yesterday. You’re right on, no to Romney. No to Romney Care.

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