Romney to Leno: Make Big Government More Efficient But Maintain Its Reach

Secretary of Deck Chairs

Mitt Romney isn’t interested in reducing the reach of government into Americans’ lives, but instead making it more efficient.  That’s part of the message Romney delivered to Jay Leno’s audience on Tuesday evening, and what you need to realize about all of this is that Romney is not a conservative.  He’s a technocrat, and he’s a businessman, but his interest in making various programs and agencies of government more efficient does not make him conservative.  Conservatives realize that to save this nation, we must re-make the government in a smaller, less intrusive, and less-encompassing form.  We need to eliminate programs, bureaus and agencies, and discard their functions.  Romney won’t do any of that, and in fact, he will likely extend their reach. Here’s the video. The relevant portion is the last thirty seconds:

This is typical of Mitt Romney, and it demonstrates the concerns of conservatives in nominating this moderate.  If you wonder why conservatives do not trust Romney, this is part of substantiating their distrust. It’s not as though conservatives oppose efficiency, but it’s important to understand why inefficiency alone is not the problem with big government.

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6 Responses to Romney to Leno: Make Big Government More Efficient But Maintain Its Reach

  1. yintercept says:

    It is so sad. After all the work people put into the Tea Party, 912, etc.. The Republican Party will seek to impose ObamaCare with austerity measures, rather than seeking to find free market alternatives.

    Because the Right is as bad as the Left, America is now lost.

  2. Gengm7 says:

    Mark, Not surprised, But it will confirm what I and others with their eyes open,have been saying not much  difference between the two Obama and Romney,you will find nearly the same with Santorum, when people are willing to open their eyes to see the truth. We are in trouble, what was the RNC thinking,If RNC doesn’t abandon the notion of a Romney, we are in trouble-Frightening

    • gwtcfan says:

      I have been a life long Republican and in my opinion, the RNC is and always has been in full agreement with Romney’s ideas. He is their ultimate candidate. Somehow, Conservatives need to either take back the party or begin anew and let the RNC whither away like the Whigs.

  3. JohnInFlorida says:

    Dear Lord,
    Please lead us to a brokered Republican convention as it’s VERY IMPORTANT to me that I not be forced to vote for this turkey.

    I will if I must, but I won’t like it.

  4. the unit says:

    Remember in 1776…5% or less believed  in revolution, according to history I’ve read.  Not only is it not over til its over…it ain’t never over.  Yes, be frightened at what’s coming, and not like it…but we got a strong punch with little weight right now!  Tomorrow is another day and so far there has always been one. 

    There are signs of rebellion for freedom worldwide, in Tibet, women in the Middle East, which liberals and western women groups ignore.  

    Yeah…we will probably lose more liberty here in the battle with tyranny.  But we shall overcome.

    Momma said the Bible says the righteous suffer with the unrighteous, is the way it is. Her home of a lifetime and her church was swept away by Katina along with the gambling casinos.  They came back, she went to her rewards. Her church rebuilt miles from the coast…casinos rebuilt on coast for the next deluge.

    What faith I witnessed. She’s in heaven…church and casinos reaping in the dollars, but they ain’t in heaven. 

    • the unit says:

      Old mind keeps working…words about righteous and unrighteous was after the loss she suffered.  And that was not the first…loss of child prior. So keep a stiff upper lip. Keep the SPARS (women coast guard reserves) motto…”Be Ready.”