Wake Up: If You Believe in Coincidences… I Have This Bridge…

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I believe there are coincidences, but I don’t believe they happen very often in politics. When Mitt got into some trouble vis a vis “Etch-a-Sketch,”  a statement by Santorum was twisted to make it seem as though he’d vote for Obama before Romney.  As a poll comes out showing Romney falling, Marco Rubio appears on Hannity’s show with an endorsement of Mitt Romney.  Shocking?  Not really.  These days, when I see somebody trotted out to endorse Mitt Romney, I wonder what the bigger story that day really is.  When I see a new negative trotted out about one of his opponents, I wonder what story about Romney’s record is being submarined.  This primary season  has been a fascinating study in how the establishment behaves, but I’m afraid we aren’t finished yet.  Marco Rubio may not want a brokered convention, and we can be sure Mitt Romney doesn’t, but there exists a large number of conservatives for whom this is the only viable path.

I find it astonishing that conservatives haven’t grasped what’s going on.  What’s surprising isn’t really what the establishment does so much as their ability to get away with it.  Of course, the lament herein assumes the establishment will finally win the day, but if you’re like me, you’re not conceding that point yet, though we may be forgiven a few moments of indiscreet commiseration.  The fact remains that Mitt Romney must still obtain 1144 delegates, and while it’s easier for him than either of the others, it’s not certain he will get them.  That’s where conservatives come in.  It’s time to get down to work for conservative activists, because if you want anybody other than the establishment’s “inevitable” candidate, you’d better get active and simply ignore all the propped-up  facades the establishment is erecting to intimidate you.

For my part, I don’t want a nominee who if elected causes me to spend my time in opposition.  Imagine our horror if Romney managed to defeat Obama(and that looks increasingly unlikely) and imagine that if we’re particularly fortunate, and the Supreme Court throws out Obamacare.  What good will it do us if a President Romney goes along with Congress to enact something nearly as bad, or perhaps even worse?  After all, Romney has worked with a Democrat legislature in passing major health reform before.  If conservatives don’t go along, how many of you actually doubt that he’ll have the support of Democrats just as happened in the Debt Ceiling fiasco of late last summer, when Democrats and some Republicans went along to give us a deal that has crippled our defenses, and gave us our first credit rating downgrade in history? What evidence exists to suggest that Mitt Romney will stand against statism when as Governor of Massachusetts, he had been its great proponent?

I think  it’s time for conservatives to wake up, stand up and make of it a dust-up.  If liberty is worth our energies, why do we spare them now?



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One Response to Wake Up: If You Believe in Coincidences… I Have This Bridge…

  1. Texmom says:

    Rubio is being groomed by the establishment GOP. I was not a bit surprised by his endorsement.