Obama Sabotages Israelis: Can They Remain Our Ally?

Iranian Nuclear Sites

The most thoroughly disturbing story to appear last week was the information suggesting that the Obama administration is actively undermining Israel in its preparations to strike Iran, and disclosing its plans to the press in order to prevent them from being carried out.  This story appeared in YNet News on Thursday, and it offers details about what’s at stake, but more, the treachery of the Obama administration in seeking to undermine our ally Israel in its preparations to make strikes against nuclear facilities in Iran.  Apart from the fact that this is a serious leak that should result in firings, the problem is that this may be official US policy behind the scenes. My question is this:  If these leaks didn’t have the official sanction of the President, what is he doing to identify the leakers?

The information leaked suggests that Israel has formed some sort of alliance with Iran’s neighbor to the North, Azerbaijan.  The basic idea contained in the leaks is that Israel would launch strikes from airbases in that country, flying across the Caspian Sea in low-level sorties designed to fly under radar coverage.  The serious problem lies in the fact that all of this information has done serious damage to Israel, and even to the United States, as the article details in this summary of the damage inflicted:

  • Iran now has a decent picture of what Israel’s and America’s intelligence communities know about Tehran’s nuclear program and defense establishment, including its aerial defenses.
  • The Iranians now know about the indications that would be perceived by Washington and Jerusalem as a “nuclear breakthrough”. Hence, Iran can do a better job of concealment.
  • The reports make it more difficult to utilize certain operational options. These options, even if not considered thus far, could have been used by the US in the future, should Iran not thwart them via diplomatic and military means.

As you can well imagine, these leaks have created a serious problem for Israel, and it effectively takes this range of strike options off the table.  With the Obama administration undertaking such a program of intentional leaks, it’s hard to imagine relations could grow much cooler between the US and Israel.  One of the problems I foresee in this instance is wondering what happens when Israel, that increasingly views Iran as a potential existential threat to its people, comes to see us as taking on the role of effectively aiding that threat.

These are dangerous times, and the United States has a president who seems intent upon making them more volatile.  By making such information known to the press, it is likely to act to prevent an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear sites, but the problem is that Iran may be making serious strides in the development of nuclear weapons.  So armed, they would pose a serious threat to the existence of Israel, particularly since they have a leader who has promised repeatedly to immolate Israel and her people.

If this administration is serious, what it will do is investigate the leaks and bring the sources to justice because these are classified documents and assessments, and any who have access to such material ought to be limited strictly, thus making it easier to discern who is doing all the leaking.  Failing even to attempt to identify the sources of the leaks is as good as an endorsement of them, and what that suggests about this administration is too terrible to contemplate.

The original story broke in Foreign Policy Magazine, and former Ambassador John Bolton was among those who responded with severe criticism of the Obama administration.  One unnamed intelligence officer quoted in the article said:

“We’re watching what Iran does closely,” one of the U.S. sources, an intelligence officer engaged in assessing the ramifications of a prospective Israeli attack confirmed. “But we’re now watching what Israel is doing in Azerbaijan. And we’re not happy about it.”

To have American officials of any description making such remarks to the press is abominable, but to see that the Obama administration is doing nothing about it gives the appearance of official sanction. This makes one wonder what the Obama administration’s actual policy is toward Israel.  Whatever you may choose to call it, it doesn’t seem to fit the term “ally.”


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  1. Dagger82 says:

    Another story aired this week that, when coupled with this unscrupulous misuse of power, brought  a heart stopping realization as though ice water were injected directly to the heart.  Mr Obama announced that in his estimation there is sufficient oil in world trade to intensify embargo against Iran to thwart its nuclear progress. ( http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/apnewsbreak-source-says-obama-finds-global-oil-supply-ok-to-proceed-with-sanctions-on-iran/2012/03/30/gIQAivCWlS_story.html )

    As a headline, it would seem US action in that regard is a good thing.  Yet, while internalizing that news it became increasingly clear that sanctions seemingly aimed at the rogue state could have ramifications against other sovereign states including those considered allies.  In fact, should nations fail to succumb to the edict issued by our government (actually, it was Obama’s decision made under authority of the National Defense Authorization Act – NDAA – signed last December), their financial institutions could be barred from having a U.S.-based affiliate or doing business here.

    I read that in a larger sense ~ Mr Obama firmly BELIEVES that his philosophy and power now supercede any at a national level and, in fact exists at the international level.  Now, I’m not talking about an equal plane; to me his ultimatum emanated from the superior position ~ the leader of one world government came to mind.  I mean, when a national leader threatens EVERY other nation in the world, including its allies, to use its instruments of power so their will be done, how would you regard that threat?

    Couple this action with Mark’s headliner and it seems clear to me that this administration already feels that it wields the yoke of world governance.  We’re concerned daily with their overreaching power to choose winners and losers in the marketplace.  Is it any wonder they have similar view for nation-states?

    If we are unable to unseat these ‘inglorious bastards’ and turn this ship of state to a course of liberty, we as subjects will be regarded by the state in the same manner as our country on the world stage.

    • the unit says:

      What’s up?  450,000,000 bullets purchased by Homeland Security.  And that’s just semi-automatic pistol…40 cal. I forget the number .223 rifle rounds.  Who’s gonna shoot them and at whom?

  2. the unit says:

     News today…Clinton “time is running out with Iran” stated from Saudi Arabia land, standing with King to whom our President bows.  I could listen if she put on a burka so I couldn’t look.  I don’t want to commit sin of looking.  Sin would be easy to reject if it all looked like that.  Heck to be fair, pols they all look like that.

    If time is running out…it’s cause sunnis (saudis) hate shites (iran)…Israel will take care of self.

  3. Perfectpapa3 says:

    If this came from the top it is espionage plain and simple. Israel should have this in front of the UN immediately.

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