Speaking of April Fools…Coulter Attacks Palin Again

Here We Go Again...

Ann Coulter seems intent on snuggling up close to the GOP establishment, and her liberal friends in media. On Sunday, notably a day for fools like Coulter, she joined the round table discussion on ABC’s “This Week.”  The problem is that as with all such things, it seems as though the only real intention here was to smear Palin.  The comment was an aside without substantiation, and I now believe she does it just to ingratiate herself with the liberal Republicans and the left.  It’s typical of Coulter to make snide remarks as a throwaway line, but this isn’t the first lately aimed at Sarah Palin.  To attack the former Vice Presidential candidate as having been some sort of “novelty candidate” when she was picked by John McCain as his running mate is simply ridiculous.

Here’s the video:

I think Coulter is losing her grasp on the conservative movement.  Slowly but surely, she’s turning into precisely the caricature the left has painted of her over the years.  Naturally, in discussing the Vice Presidential pick, she acknowledged many are talking about Marco Rubio, and she fairly drooled over the prospect of NJ Governor Chris Christie again, but that’s no surprise.  Coulter has worn out her welcome with me, as she continues to take cheap-shots at conservatives, particularly Sarah Palin.

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6 Responses to Speaking of April Fools…Coulter Attacks Palin Again

  1. Texmom says:

    Yes, the more emotionally involved she seems to become in this election, the less anyone will value her opinion on anything. She’s not as smart as she thinks or she would realize what she’s doing to herself.

  2. phillipser says:

    Coulter is a mouth that likes to hear itself talk.  Just watch her.  She is just simply infatuated with  what spews forth from her mouth.

  3. Guest says:

    Sadly Coultergeist’s bashing of Palin has nothing at all to do with Palin’s politics. Coulter is jealous of Palin. It honestly is that simple. I’ve worked in the financial markets all my life and continually I meet jealous women like Coulter whose mission is to take out their female competition. No one does more to keep women down than jealous women. It’s a disease. Coulter desperately needs a course in “jealousy management.” Her affliction is bigger than her. It is to the extent that she will allow herself to appear a fool rather than permit her competition to remain standing. It is way past time to use Alyinsky tactics on Coultergeist and ridicule this high school behavior of Coultergeist as professionally unacceptable. She should be shunned. As a matter of fact, I believe that we should make an example of Coultergeist and refer to this female disease as Coultergeist. Let’s make it a household word and a new addition to Webster’s dictionary. Coultergeist should go down in history as the jealous, catty woman that she is. I proudly stand with sister Sarah and will fight these witches to wipe the Coultergeist disease off the face of the earth as acceptable behavior in the professional arena.

  4. Steve Czaja says:

    I agree. She’s been drinking the inside the beltway water for too long and she now thinks of herself as a savior for the Republican Party when all she will do is destroy it with her RINO and Hollywood liberal fools she calls friends.

  5. gwtcfan says:

    Coulter is definitely jealous of Sarah’s position in the Conservative Movement. Now, when I see her on TV I change the channel. Let’s see if she dares to write another conservative book. I do not think she wants to see the sales totals of it this time around.

  6. mainelysteve says:

    Sarah wouldn’t attack Ann like that!  The class will always show through.