Sarah Palin on NBC’s Today Show: “…When Barack Obama Took Over”

Joining the Lamestream Media?

Former GOP Vice Presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin appeared on NBC’s Today Show on Tuesday. She co-hosted the show, and she also answered a series of question from Matt Lauer. It’s an interesting this to see her place Barack Obama in the proper context, that I submit is a better characterization of the manner of the current president: “…when Barack Obama took over.” This is exactly the right sense of the manner in which Obama has presided over the country. He hasn’t led anything. He simply “took over.”

Governor Palin went on to explain why she thinks this election is so important, but also why she thinks the GOP shouldn’t play it safe when it comes to picking its Vice Presidential candidate. Here’s the interview segment with Matt Lauer:

Governor Palin was featured in a number of entertaining segments throughout the show, and you can watch some of the highlights here:

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8 Responses to Sarah Palin on NBC’s Today Show: “…When Barack Obama Took Over”

  1. Kim says:

    Palin: “Because things aren’t getting better fast enough…” she nailed it right there. The recovery MUST be a whole lot better to stop the snowball of exponentially growing debt and corrupt spending by crony capitalist crooks. I NEVER watch morning MSM other than this AM. Beautiful job this morning Sarah! Now rally us toward the convention where we can nominate a true conservative – you were a good sport for the team, but we can’t afford to compromise. It will unravel all the Tea Party accomplishments of the past three years. Romney is far too risky, but I don’t have to tell her that. Will stay tuned-in to Sarah and all of the common sense conservatives.

  2. Jackie says:

    The Lamestream media has never looked classier and sounded more intelligent…Sarah, you sparkle!!!

  3. opditch says:

    Matt and many others continually talk about Sarah’s ability to “fire up your base.”  BUT, they are really missing the boat. Yes, she fired up the Republican Base, but she actually created a NEW “Base” for a no nonsense Conservative Base of Liberty Loving Americans.  I met many many non Republicans at the many Palin events during the campaign and even after the election was over.  She fired up many Democrats and Independents that I personally met at many events!  Matt, who the hell do you think was more battle tested than Sarah Palin???  Where the heck have you been?

  4. Stand Taker says:

    She’s a natural. I’d even dare say her charisma meets and even exceeds that of President Reagan. And I don’t say that lightly as a Reagan champion. 

    Sarah will be President of the United States. I just don’t know if now is her time or 2016. We need her now, though.

  5. jerseyflash says:

    Expose yourself…Sarah…any media…JUST DO IT !!!…America is still sleeping…like most animals
    get out there and SHACK THINGS UP…Sarah Palin/West 2012 and 2016

  6. the unit says:

    You ask in subcaption in heading to article…”Joining the Lamestreet Media?”  Well maybe a little Holy deception called Taqiyyah?  Possible?  And I hope.

  7. the unit says:

    Then again maybe message is when bowing to the Kings of the East, keep bowing… 

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