The Insufferable GOP Establishment Is Now Whining

The Establishment Fears You

An article appeared in the Tampa Bay Times that should strengthen your resolve and hearten your efforts to defeat the Romney machine.  It’s titled Analysis of Rubio-Bush-Ryan Plan to Stop Rick Santorum,  and if ever you wanted to know what it looks like when the GOP establishment crowd is made to sweat, this is it.  The author, Marc Caputo, fairly gushes over the three well-known GOP politicians Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Paul Ryan.  When an article starts out this way, you have to know that it’s a real sob story:

Marco Rubio sounds worried. So do Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan.

Their candidate, Mitt Romney, is losing to President Barack Obama. The GOP primary is becoming “counterproductive.”

The assumptions made here are sickening.  First, there is the entitlement mentality, that suggests these guys have some right to expect their candidate to be the nominee.  What they know is what you should already know:  Romney’s presumed nomination is in trouble, as they’ve looked at the numbers and realize that 1144 delegates could be out of reach if Rick Santorum can make it through the month of April and into May.  The article acknowledges what I’ve been reporting about a potential brokered convention too:

“They are saying the only way they can win this race is by having a floor fight in Tampa in August,” Sen. Rubio said Wednesday of the “recipe for disaster” on Fox News. “I think that’s a recipe to deliver four more years to Barack Obama. And our country — forget about the Republican Party — our country cannot afford that.”

Senator Rubio is simply wrong. A floor fight isn’t a recipe for disaster unless you’re a Romney supporter.  They way the establishment has controlled, manipulated, and rigged this process is a disaster for the country.  A real recipe for disaster in November would be for Mitt Romney to lose the election because he is incapable of positioning himself to defeat Barack Obama in any argument in a general election.

Predictably, this is where the article turns its attacks on Santorum, prefacing the assault this way:

“It’s as if Obama’s campaign is writing Santorum’s attack lines about how Romney is virtually indistinguishable from the president.”

Really? It’s as if a DNC ad-man wrote the article.  Media bias is what it is, but I have tired of people purporting to be part of News organizations, posing as journalists of some sort who make statements like this:

“If Romney loses Florida, he probably loses the election. If Santorum stays in and wins the huge Texas primary May 29, it’ll continue to make Romney look uninspiring and like the weakest of frontrunners.”

Note to Mr. Caputo:  Mitt Romney is uninspiring.  He is the weakest of front-runners. He won’t win Texas.  Of course, the absolutely most laughable part of this whining, pathetic plea is this:

“Santorum and Gingrich bear some responsibility for Romney’s problems. So does gaffe-prone Romney. Also, this poll and others indicate that the GOP’s stances on contraception and abortion have hurt the party’s brand among women and independent voters. The improving economy has worked against Romney and in Obama’s favor as well.”

It’s Santorum and Gingrich who are to blame for Romney’s inadequacies?  Mitt Romney has spent tens of millions of dollars on ads absolutely hammering his opponents, and we should blame his opponents for his unpopularity and his continuing inability to sew up the nomination?  Caputo’s article concludes with a plea that should embarrass anybody who is actually in the news business:

“Will Santorum give Romney the chance to make that case in time?”

Mr. Caputo should understand, as should the whining GOP establishment: Conservatives have no obligation to cede the race to Mitt Romney, or make it easier for him, or in any way enable his candidacy.  He hasn’t shown any inclination to get out of their way either, and I want to know only one thing from Mr. Caputo and those like him:

“Will Romney give Santorum and Gingrich the chance to make the case against Barack Obama in time?”

No? Then shut up and fight.

You’ll notice how the idiotic questions they pose for conservatives are never offered to the establishment.  They hope sincerely that we will not notice the fact that every question of this sort that they throw at conservatives could be turned around and thrown right back.  For instance, they are always demanding:  “But you will support Romney if nominated, right?”  I have yet to hear anybody in the big media ask Romney: “But you will support Santorum, Gingrich, or Paul, if nominated, right?”  Of course we won’t hear that question, because it would imply Romney could lose.  Newsflash:  He could lose.  Caputo’s article is proof of that fact.



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25 Responses to The Insufferable GOP Establishment Is Now Whining

  1. the unit says:

    The executive branch has now told the equal branch SCOTUS to go to you know where.   50 percent of those voting for the representative other equal branches say hallelujah.  New world father says instead of forgive them… hallelujah on the highest for voting for the new Messiah.  

  2. the unit says:

    The whining establishment would like to be there…be the new Messiah.  Decided not to do a reply for previous comment by Unit.  They all do understand Hillary’s Sunday tv talk show…Cold War was over  when wall came down…now world collectivist  new world and order is the order.  Be ready. And ready to take it.  Transformation is underway.

  3. Betty says:

    Oh, gosh, I hope you are right.   I dropped the ball I haven’t been calling for Newt.  I will re-dedicate my self and phone.

  4. el_polacko says:

    by the “GOP establishment” you must mean the voters. romney is ahead in the number of delegates because the american people are voting for him. the other candidates lag behind.
    we’ve reached the tipping point where the numbers just don’t add up for anyone but romney.
    if all the talk of how dangerous the obama administration is to this country hasn’t been just a lot of hot air, then it’s time to rally around our party’s candidate and work to ensure that he is victorious in november.
    romney 2012

  5. Texmom says:

     If they had it in the bag, as they claim, they wouldn’t be so obsessed with Santorum.They have Drudge on their side, bashing Santorum on a daily basis, yet they still haven’t closed the deal. When Romney was chosen (as I believe he was from Day One), they did not expect to have to fight this long to keep him in his “rightful” place.

  6. Uncle Samuel says:

    IF Romney 
    – is afraid to debate his fellow GOP candidates, 
    – gets flustered and upset during a Brett Baier interview, 
    – gets angry when questioned or interrupted 
    – constantly says stuff that has no basis in fact and completely contradicts what he said the day or week before 
    – flubs, flips and flutters daily 
    – has never stood up against any radical liberal social or political agenda  
    – ALL of which have occurred on tape 

    How will he ever manage face, debate and defeat Obama?  

    How in the Sam Hill would he hold up in a serious national or global crisis or against ruthless Islamic and Communist leaders?

    How can the American people – and our allies – ever depend on Romney for responsible, reliable, stable and strong leadership?  

  7. Uncle Samuel says:

    PS – Is Texas attempting to stop the Romney nomination?

  8. Reb in Texas says:

    Good article Mark. I pray we go to a fight at the convention…….and that We The People – conservatives, Tea Party members all have enough enough delegates to make a real difference. I was saddened to hear Sarah’s comments to Hannity – though it will not stop my efforts to help stop Romney.

    Thanks again – for all you share and write.

    • the unit says:

      Anyone But O.  Then you live to fight another day. Could be wrong of course.  Other dictators left not many objectors. And even holocaust survivors children and grandchildren support O by 62% so I read on probably Daily Caller.

  9. fooddee says:

    I don’t for the life of me understand how a candidate that supported Obamacare by creating a blueprint for it and encouraging obama to include the individual mandate is going to be our nominee. How can anyone who is truly conservative think this is a good idea? Romney has so many other negatives but the healthcare mandate is what has been on the hearts and minds of so many of us who have taken many days out of our busy lives to protest against this. I feel somewhat duped! I trusted a group of people who I believe now are self-serving Washington hacks. I pray for the miracle of all miracles, for Santorum to have enough money to stay in until May and for Romney to just be Romney, for Newt Gingrich to join forces with Santorum and for the  God fearing conservatives to rise up and show the establishment we are relevant and we are not going down without a fight!

    • merrygale says:

      Love the article and it convinces me not to cave and start believing Romney could actually win against BO.  The problem I have though is I’m not particularly on Santorum’s side either.  If you look back at the things he’s supported, he really isn’t all that conservative.  Neither is Newt as Conservative as I would like to see.  So that means we need to find someone else.  A brokered convention is the only answer now as far as I can see.

    • the unit says:

      Romney is just another puppet.  He didn’t create nothing , government never does. Just signed off like a good progressive of either party, same really.  This was Massachusetts , Kennedy state…this party objective for control  of the people been in drawer lots of years…just waiting for the right time.  Dunce  governor came along to pull it off.

  10. the unit says:

    Government is the new religion.  Those running are only competing to be Pope. Any who though otherwise are off the map.  

    • the unit says:

      I would click “don’t like” cause I don’t like. Don’t like choice ain’t there…so reply is …But they all understand NWO.  It’s here.  O tells Medvedec “give me more time.”  SCOTUS is irrevelant. 

  11. Davidakappeler says:

    Another great article, Mark!
    Thank you!

  12. Marie Jimenez says:

    the GOPes going to loss this one, once again, their   candidate Romney assures Obama’s re-election.

  13. Kaks says:

    Excellent article that reaffirms what most of us already know about Romney and those behind him. I totally agree with your comment fooddee, as far as the negatives with Romney and those attempting to bolster him through to Tampa.

    Most of us who support Newt feel that a brokered convention is one of the few ways for him to gain momentum.  Perhaps he will have to join forces with Santorum in some capacity simply to stop Romney’s drive.  The delegates in Tampa must see the necessity of a conservative rising victorious to the platform, or there will be no winning for the people.

  14. Just One Tulip In the Field says:

    Well you sould pound this into the head of FOX News who repeatedly states over and over how the TEA party is voting for Romney…. no stupid programmed idiots are voting for romney from a bandwagn paid for by FOX. 

    However …. it scares the crap ut of me to see Palin supporters turn their back on the very things they say they wanted in a president by supporting Santorum who canno communicate worth a spit! 

    Everytime he has had the national attention of the white hot spot light point at him he has NEVER ONCE spoken of solutions ,,,but continues to giv ecleche speeches, on how he and his campaign can win because he won against democrats of pennsylvania once … whoptie dooo!

    You might need to start askling yourselves … Why do Sarah Palin, Todd Palin(an independent ), Rick Perry, Michael Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Thomas Sowell, Ltc. Allen West, Herman Cain, JC Watts, and others support Newt….. ??? 

    Because Newt is delivering the demands YOU said you wanted, AND is very effectively communicating them!  Ignore it to your peril.  While Romney is the favored laydown for Obama, Santorum although well meaning cannot beat Obama!  Inside your gut you know he is not able to communicate ….. nor is he the policy expert.  and we do not need another hot head …

    You might want to take this time to set down and think this trough… Santorum is a sweet jesture… but simply does not have the expertice we need….

  15. the unit says:

    Putin confirmed that his country is working on the creation of an electromagnetic gun that attacks its target’s central nervous system, putting them in what we hope is a temporary, zombie-like state. 

    Been around here for a while.  T.V.  M-I-C-K-E-Y…Mickey Mouse. Ex-Mouseketeers: where are they now?  What? Britney, Justin, Cristina for pres?

    Annette Funicello from my days…well ok.  Might work.

  16. the unit says:

    Kaks and fooddee…don’t like to be this negative…but better buy a hoodie to wear to polls if you want to vote without intimidation.  Even then new black panthers  and jesse and al  may lift your burqa  to check your ID…

  17. Shawn S says:

    To all Members.

    Who are these so called Newt Gingrich supporters? They shut down the Grassroots NEWTS NETWORK site for making calls.
    Then they expect us to stay members there and work with the Establishment Republicans to support anyone that wins the primary.
    I’m sorry, I am Supporting Newt Gingrich. Newt Gingrich is still in this race.
    If you never believed in Newt Gingrich what were you fighting for? I know I was fighting to see Newt Gingrich to be our next President and I still am.
    I have been in many conversations with these so called Newt supporters over the last few months and truly thought they believed as I did. There were promises made these last few days about a strategy for Newt Gingrich to start winning more upcoming primary States.
    I have used my contacts to push this strategy with the campaign only to have these people that promised to be there disappear. Who are you? What do you people stand for?
    I never break my word. My word is Gold!! I stand and fight for what I believe in and I will never change that.
    To tell me that you just wanted to see anyone win against Obama I find insulting. We all want that but my candidate in Newt Gingrich and until he stops campaigning I will continue to fight alongside him.
    I never change my mind with the way the wind is blowing.
    I have learned many valuable lessons during this campaign. I learned that Fox News is Not Fair and Balanced. I learned that the commentators at Fox are liberal RINO’s. They don’t want real change they just talk the talk with no action. I learned that radio talk shows that promote Conservatism will endorse a RINO.
    I have watched with real concern how to steal caucus votes by the Ron Paul people. I learned that if you spend massive amounts of money on Campaign commercials with lies people will believe them. I learned that if you steal ideas from the most experienced person running and call them your own people will believe that.
    I have watch CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) change direction. CPAC was started by Conservatives for the Conservative cause. But they allowed a Liberal RINO to speak there. Then this RINO spent a half hour trying to explain how he is a Conservative. A real Conservative doesn’t have to explain. He just is one. Then to see this RINO pay for people there to vote for him so he would win the poll. Who are these people? What do they stand for? Is this the America I love?
    Doesn’t anyone believe what this Country stands for anymore? Does anyone believe that to do the right thing means something?
    Well I still do and I will not change my belief that to do the right thing still counts.
    We allowed our candidate to be picked back in 2008 with John McCain and we Lost. I will fight everyday so this Establishment who call themselves Republicans will not be allowed to pick our candidate this time so we lose again.
    Yes I must say this campaign has been an eye opener to say the least. I do a lot of research and I am disappointed in myself for not doing more research on the people I was in discussions with to help this campaign. This was my fault. To get sucked in to believing they had the same values as I do. That they truly wanted Newt Gingrich to be our next President. That your word still meant something. That if you say you’re going to do something you do it. You don’t leave a person hanging out there.
    I also must say I have met the greatest Newt Gingrich supporters in many sites I belong to. I am proud to fight alongside you. They have not given up. They have not broken their word. They are still there fighting the fight every day. They are True believers and they are True American Patriots.
    So let me say this, I am not working with a Grassroots effort that believes in anyone but Obama. I am working with Newt Gingrich to be our next President. I will continue Fighting the Fight against all odds no matter what obstacles get in my way.
    I am a True believer In Newt Gingrich and I will continue to be until he says he will suspend his campaign. I want all other True Believers to follow me through these tough times and to help each other win this for Newt Gingrich. Do not get swayed by the non-believers. Stay True to your word and beliefs.

    Thank you.

    Fighting the Fight!!!
    Shawn Simpson