Romney’s Stunning Hypocrisy


How Different Is He Really?

This is the second time in a week that Mitt Romney has said something on the campaign trail that I thought sounded suspiciously familiar.  Both remarks were in the context of Barack Obama’s “hot-mic” incident with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.  In both cases, Romney asserted that Barack Obama is hiding his true agenda from the American people, but the problem is that while he complains about Obama’s stealth agenda of radical leftism, and that Obama is just trying to fool Americans into voting for him by sounding more centrist, he’s merely holding off his real agenda until he can secure the election.  The problem is that with respect to conservatives in the GOP, Mitt Romney is doing precisely the same thing.  If he can secure the nomination, Romney will be moving a good deal to the left himself.

In describing Barack Obama on Wednesday, from the Reuters report, Romney said:

“He is intent on hiding. You and I will have to do the seeking,”

Many conservatives will read this and will wonder immediately why it is that he has been hiding from his true record as a liberal Republican from a deep blue state.   It’s not that Obama isn’t hiding, but that Romney is also in stealth mode during this primary season too.  Romney’s dishonesty about his own agenda will make it difficult for him to make these arguments about Barack Obama with anything like a sense of moral authority, because he’s guilty of the same thing.

We already know that Mitt Romney will abandon his positions that sound vaguely conservative, thanks in part to Pam Bondi and others, because he intends to re-reform health-care in his own image.  He will set up a very similar system to that which exists under Obamacare, and indeed exists in Massachusetts, probably minus the mandate.  If he manages to get the GOP nomination, he will begin to quickly separate himself from the so-called “hard right,” although in truth, there is no “hard right” politician in this race.  In fact, I dare say there are not many “hard-right” politicians in the country at the Federal level.

What this exemplifies is the art of “positioning.”  Romney has been using the image as a “Massachusetts Moderate” to attract votes in very blue states in which he has won, and while he occasionally remarks on being a conservative, as readers will have noted, it’s not been a very passionate sort of claim.  Even those tepid claims will be discarded when the general campaign arrives, should he happen to be the nominee.  Of course, we’ve known he wasn’t sincere since he described himself as “severely conservative,” because the negative connotations of the word “severe” in association with conservatism is a view held by the left and by liberal Republicans. Mainstream conservatives don’t consider themselves “severe” in any respect, and this phrase by Romney offers us a bit of insight into his real views.

For this reason, it’s a bit astonishing to see him make these claims about Obama.  It’s undoubtedly true that this President is attempting to hide the radical nature of his agenda, but that’s not exactly new.  What’s new in all of this is the disingenuous nature of Romney’s attack, because for all intents and purposes, he is doing precisely the same thing to conservatives at present that Barack Obama is doing to the broader electorate. Romney isn’t conservative, any more than Barack Obama is a moderate, and in point of fact, there are fewer points of separation between the records of the two men than either might wish to admit.

Romney is definitely misleading conservatives, whether mild or “severe” in their conservatism, because he needs votes from that segment to secure the nomination.  It is much the same as Barack Obama’s attempt to capture independents and moderates:  It’s a lie, and it will bear no resemblance to how he runs a general election campaign, or how he will govern.  Mitt Romney isn’t a “severe conservative,” but instead a severe fake.  April will be a month in which Romney gains many delegates in blue states, but he should not be permitted to get to 1144.  If Mitt Romney can call out Barack Obama’s intended deception in hiding his true agenda, I believe conservatives should waste no time in pointing out that Romney is engaged in a similarly disingenuous appeal.  Mitt’s no conservative, and if he secures the Republican nomination, the “Etch-a-Sketch” will be shaken, and conservatives who had been fooled by all of this will see how severe the deception had been.

And it will be too late to do a damned things about it.



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  1. the unit says:

    Look.  Not taking a poke at his religion.  But think he sees his duty and commitment to the “great commission.”  Government could be his way forward.  God’s tool, not Soros’s. 

  2. the unit says:

    Maybe a little Mormon…Taqiyyah.  We’ve certainly seen some democrat Taqiyyah of late.

  3. the unit says:

    Past Romney right now.

    Hypocrisy to the enth degree.  Holder’s letter to the court.  “….deference due to the deliberate judgement by constitutional majorities of the two Houses of Congress….” and so forth.
    Deliberate judgement?…joke!…pass it so we can find out what’s in it.   

    • dnr says:

      again I am astounded at the shallowness of their argument.  Of course the law had to be passed by “constitutional majorities” – otherwise the SCOTUS wouldn’t be considering it as it wouldn’t be a law!  And I agree – deliberate judgment was not employed AT ALL, except by those who crafted this monstrosity and had it waiting in the wings until just the right time to spring it on the American people.

  4. the unit says:

    Sorry off topic again I guess, but no corresponding  article at this time.  Headline now…

    New Bush-Era Torture Memo Released, Raises Questions About What Has Changed And What Hasn’t

    Election year…blame Bush continues…

    Comment copied from huff post on this … and I endorse with heart and soul…

    Thanks jbanderson4249….

    What a pathetic way of trying to put it back on Bush , so Obama doesn’t look so bad . Why did this come out now, it is election year. Obama has nothing to stand on or brag about so lets blame it on Bush again. Why is the opinion of one legal analyst so important, when dozens said the opposite. Is he some kind of god that could not have possible been wrong. Give me a break. I am so tired of hearing about the poor tortued enemy. Take a good look at the number of dead Americans. Take a good look at the ones whose minds are destroyed fighting these terrorist, and the body parts lost. I don’t care if the terrorist had a moment of fear and had to spit up some water. They are still walking around and healthy and praised by their own people and lifted higher than they should be by some Americans. If you want to protest, protest the higher cost of health care Obama just laid on Veterans and active duty. Those at Gitmo get all their health care and every thing else free with the taxpayers dollar. Those dying for you whiners are paying for theirs.   

  5. bdwatcher says:

    I know. Been too busy with work and home to post or even read much. Sometimes I tire of connecting the dots, reading between the lines, watching our president rule by executive order as the liberal establishment makes whining sounds but sits squarely on their butts. I think they smile awkwardly inside knowing they are making the wrong decision only to continue their power and money venues. It must be awfully hard on the soul knowing they are selling our liberties, willingly giving power to usurp the Constitution. In Germany, in Russian, in all Marxist/Commumist powers, the traitors were the worst treated, not being trusted, not worth their word, their lives. The most powerful, the most dangerous is those who have character, honest enough to have the constitution to stand for what is right. I only hope there is enough of us to curb this tidal wave doing what it can to destroy our Constitution, all the fine liberties, the great freedoms for which this country stands. I am tired. I am not young with the energy of youth, but have the experience of knowing. God grant me the strength to keep reading, keep posting, keep telling all I know what is going on. I will not face children, grandchildren and answer their questions of “What was it like before…?” without looking at them in the eye to answer.

    These are dangerous times. There will be higher prices for all things you need to survive..

    • the unit says:

      I read you old bd…we will be a looking eye to eye, been a telling for a while, doing service in armed forces, voting, going to work day in an day out.  It is coming their time…scrub off the tattoes, pull the pants up..oops…tripped cause couldn’t run from cop with pants down.

      Hey, new day coming!  Keep the old stiff upper lip!

  6. the unit says:

    Happy Easter.  ”
    He is not here, for He is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.”

    Thank the Lord.. the “He” previously mentioned here  ain’t “O”.   God only knows what hole “O’s” on today.  

  7. Reb in Texas says:

    Great article – as usual Mark. Wrote you a message on the members only page. Hope it came through. As for Romney – I confess to mistrusting him and his true motives and ideas almost as much as I mistrust bho…….

  8. the unit says:

    RebinTX…looked in members page…and the members in Categories…maybe your message was written in lemon juice and needed to be held over a flame to read :)  Remembering my childhood of writing secret messages :)  We also had the latest technology of talking  into and listening with tin cans with string strewn between :)  Ok enough of funnies.

    Romney is just another puppet.  He didn’t create anything in government office, government never does. Just signed off like a good progressive of either party, same really.  This was Massachusetts , Kennedy state…just the progressive  objective for control  of the people  that’s been in drawer lots of years…just waiting for the right time.  Dunce  governor came along to pull it off. 

    But O gotta go.  Maybe Romney, the puppet, will decide to follow the message in the drawer that has the Constitution that Ruth Bader Ginsburg  while in Egypt in February  says is not the one to follow in this day in time.

  9. Havent been here for months. Have you all gone mad or just turned into “O” lovers?

    • the unit says:

      I’ve been here for months.  Haven’t heard from “O” lovers yet.  Most that I’ve read are ABO.
      True, articles inform of negatives of chosen nominee by media who hope he is the opponent of “O.”  I do want to know what is the ABO just in case he is the Everything BO is. Think you missed something by being missing for months. 

  10. the unit says:

    Check this out…it does have something to do with hypocrisy, at least a little bit… 

  11. TeaPartyBarbie says:

    I so have a hard time saying Green Shift 5 times real fast. Ever try it?

    The connection between Romney, Gore, Krugman, Mankiw, Andrew Sullivan, Krauthemer at Fox, Jeffry Sachs, and the list goes on and on…. It is called Green Shift. 

    Lovely Mozart Music, but in the description, there is a link to a voice

    Links to the articles in the video are below 

    I never saw his as anything other than what he is. 

    • the unit says:

      Complex links to try to follow and digest.  My gist is this…lots of folks up to no good. Those which normally we think left and right are all in on it. None making a living doing yard work or upholstery or any other regular American work.  But they know best.  Thanks for information… probably best named source for new global religion to get us all in order.

  12. the unit says:

    Now Santorum is out.  Time for a reminder.

    ”For in war just as in loving you must keep on shoving
    Or you’ll never get your reward. For if you are dilatory in the search for lust or glory,you are up shitcreek and that’s the truth, Oh, Lord.”  Who said that?

    Keep shoving, that’s Patton.  I’d say keep shoveling if you’re up shitcreek.  Not  the time to wane. 

    Quotes of Patton from :

    “Do or don’t do, there is no trying.”  from Star Wars.  That for me is do what I’ve done for nearly 70 years, and do it till I I’m out of the picture.   And that “don’t do” won’t be not voting.  Too much at stake to not have another day.  Many say there won’t be another day after four more years of O.  But I think there will be “Do.”  Just may be a hard row to plow.  Keep plowing.

  13. dnr says:

    I don’t know why I keep torturing myself by reading Ann Coulter’s column.  She lost me months ago when she started blowing the horn for Romney.  Now her latest spin is that “Republicans need an Emmanuel Goldstein to hate” – as if that explains the intense dislike and distrust for this so-called “conservative” (her words, not mine).  If he is so wonderfully groundbreakingly conservative – after all she reminds us for the thousandth time he was a Republican governor of a deep blue state, then why don’t people believe he is this election cycle’s conservative candidate?  Could it possibly have to do with his OWN words and actions?  She is really torturing the facts (and her readers) by continuing this charade.  Please, Ann, give it a rest!  Romney is not, and never was, a conservative!  He is a chameleon, NOT a man of principle.  In other words, he is a white Obama.  Please stop trying to shove him down our throats!!  What do you have to gain from embarrassing yourself this way?

  14. the unit says:

    Our country..seeing the .first degree murder of it…no charges…no arrest…no outrage…no demonstrations…no one cares?  Get in line to vote.  New Black Panthers will check if you are eligible. Will swing a club so you can be sure you want to get in line. Here comes summer and fall season.  Be sure to vote with your head…and it may be required, with stitches. 

  15. Tntreeherder says:

    As evidenced by the separate surges of alternative candidates there are more of us than the establishment. Problem was we were split in too many directions. I don’t hold out much hope for anything but the “inevitable” outcome of our primary. My state reeks with conventional wisdom and establishment politics at the state and fed level. We need to keep working to primary these folks.

  16. the unit says:

    Long before new math…there was truth..then with new math was 2 + 2 = 5.  Now 2 + 2 =  3…. Momma’s 1 doesn’t count.  Worse it’s -1.

  17. the unit says:

    According to Hilary Rosen,democrat strategist (CNN title)…Momma don’t count in workforce.  Democrat math… 2+2= 4 minus one (-1) negative Momma equals =  only 3.  Momma don’t count as to a voice in equation.  

    • dnr says:

      Guess they don’t need the soccer mom vote this time?

      • the unit says:

        What are they thinking?  Used to be equality…men and women.  Momma could’ve punched the soccer ball through the net and out of the stadium…instead she supervised and lead as a leader Boy Scouts,  G-As, Sunday School and Vacation Bible School.  Years and years.

        Rosen…only time I’ve seen her…1 on CNN.  And I needed internet to even know of that appearance.  

  18. the unit says:

    There is lots to talk about here…Russia issues arrest warrant for George Soros and others.  What others need to be included?  Is Putin really a hero? Of is this all a part of worldly Taqiyyah?

    I think more deception.  All part of the hypocrisy.

  19. the unit says:

    Anyway…let’s post and show M.A. were still here.  “Three yards and a cloud of dust.”  Sporting spirit and a bit of “old time religion” if you will.  Latest Masters champ came from these parts!!!

  20. the unit says:

    So maybe we’ve spent much too much time on one leader (ruler) election.  Allen West identifies maybe 80 communists in both houses of congress.    We are responsible…”Pin the head on the Donkey.”  Executive order must be entered in Federal Register, only becomes law after no objections and overide by communist congress after 30 days.  That’s the way it was…maybe they changed rules.  

    • the unit says:

      Neither party of congress objects, like it this way…pres did it not us.  Been going on long time…nothing new here.

      • the unit says:

        Thought I’d get fluked  here… but no…No executive order permission in Constitution, all a result of submission by our elected ones from a long way back.  
        Old judge Napolitano says … what’cha gonna do about it?  Well, just keep alert and do what you do today and tomorrow, that’s for starters. 

  21. the unit says:

    I coast around…little surfin’ you might say, so here is another if you would like to see: 

  22. Betty says:

    Where’s Mark? 

  23. the unit says:

    Can we hit “esc”… or “control delete?”

  24. the unit says:

    I feel like I’m pounding my on head on concrete, what I shoot myself?  The O did executive order for peacetime martial law,accepted by our congress guys and gals…and Homeland Security Administration orders millions of bullets, separate from military and local law enforcement.  No questions? 

  25. the unit says:

    I didn’t do it.  Should have.  Now wake up  (from concrete pounding ) to AOL headlines. O calling for transparency?  Put me back to sleep!

    “I think that it’s important for any candidate in public office to be as transparent as possible, to let people know who we are, what we stand for, and you know, I think that this is just carrying on a tradition that has existed throughout the modern presidency,” Obama said. 

    O comes with salmonella.  Excuse me…duty calls.