Do You Fear Obama?

Do You Fear This Guy?

Listening to conservative commentators, one can witness a kind of fear of Barack Obama that I’ve never encountered in domestic politics before.  Sure, back in the 1990s, there were some conservatives who were fearful about the things Bill Clinton might do, given a chance, but the unmistakable terror some exhibit at the mere idea that Barack Obama would somehow be re-elected is astonishing to me.  Is he horrible?  Yes.  Is he actively undermining our nation?  Certainly.  Is he a demagogue?  You bet!  Nevertheless, I do not understand the fear that seems to grip so many on the right side of the political divide.  I don’t fear Barack Obama.  He doesn’t impress me that much, and if he takes the country all the way to and over the brink, patriotic Americans will stop him.  I’m not scared of Barack Obama.  I’m not threatened by a temporary political hack.  The thing that makes me fearful is the tendency among conservatives to imagine more power on the part of Obama than he actually possesses, but worse, the willingness on the part of establishment Republicans to cede to him such power.  The power of the presidency doesn’t belong to any man, but to the people, and all it takes to stop any President is their will.

Fear is an important tool used to herd us in the direction of the establishment’s favored candidates.  I am not driven by that sort of thing.  What makes me fear for my country is the endless parade of candidates who are put up by the Republican establishment every four years who leave us with a choice between the wholly unpalatable and the unconscionably unpalatable.  It’s like a perpetual taste test between excrement sandwiches where the only question is whether the prime course originated with a horse or a bull.  What drives me to something like real fear is when I see the uncritical thinking that pervades so much of our culture.  When I hear alleged conservatives saying that they think George W. Bush was a “real conservative,” I shake my head and walk away.  There’s no point to an argument over the matter.  He wasn’t a conservative, but for those who think he was, there’s no convincing them, no matter how many instances of his big-government statism his record provides as evidence.

I don’t fear Barack Obama because we already have an example of how to make a leftist President ineffective.  Newt Gingrich showed us through determined leadership in the middle 1990s, and except for betrayals from the establishment wing of his own party, he might well have accomplished more.  The problem is that the same people who destroyed his campaign this year by one act of dishonest infamy after the other are representatives of that same group that undercut him nearly two decades ago.  Even at this late date, with Gingrich effectively out of the running, still there are attacks by the Romney campaign on Gingrich.  Why fear Barack Obama?  With “friends” like this, who needs enemies?  Still, Gingrich showed us what we can do by his example in 1994.  To do it, we will need to change the face of the Senate.  That’s where Gingrich ran into the most trouble, and apart from our tepid House leadership today, I think this is where we must begin.

We need to eject RINOs like Dick Lugar from the Senate, and send in conservatives like his opponent Richard Mourdock, and just as Kay Bailey-Hutchison is departing the Senate, I will be happy to send Ted Cruz there rather than establishment tool David Dewhurst.  I was a bit astonished, after his appeal to Tea Party types, to see Rick Perry endorse Dewhurst.  Of course, Friday, he also endorsed Romney. I guess we know all we need to about that, but it’s another example of our problem:  We need to defeat not only Democrats who are holding Senate seats, but also a number of Republicans who shouldn’t be left in charge of anything.  You see, we don’t need the Presidency to run the country.  We merely need a large enough majority in both houses of Congress, but that will still only help us if they’re not a pack of establishment types.  While John McCain came out to endorse Dick Lugar, Sarah Palin instead endorsed Richard Mourdock, continuing to demonstrate that one needn’t have a title to be effective, and we need more of that kind of leadership from high profile conservatives.  From the Republicans’ presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney? Silence.

I don’t fear Obama, but if you want to see me afraid, observe my reaction to the wasted effort the GOP establishment has made of the Tea Party’s victories in 2010.  There was momentum and vigor, but by a long list of sorry surrenders, Boehner and McConnell have sapped the energy out of the movement.  I fear that the Tea Party waited and waited for a Presidential candidate to emerge who would carry their banner, and when one didn’t appear, or at least didn’t stick around, and while the establishment undermined conservative alternatives to Mitt Romney, the Tea Party seems as though much of its energy has been spent.  I hope I’m wrong, but with Romney emerging as the probable nominee, it’s hard to imagine the Tea Party getting very excited.  Who can blame them?  The establishment of the GOP is intent upon giving us a guy who lost to Ted Kennedy by double digits in 1994, a year Republicans made huge strides and took both houses of Congress.  Do we expect to defeat Barack Obama, and even if we do, to what end?

I don’t fear Obama because I know that he’s just one more step down a path our country and culture has been following all my life.  If it wasn’t Obama, it would be somebody like him.  If it wasn’t Romney, it would be somebody like him.  They fit their respective templates, and they fulfill their respective roles.  We’ve been railroaded into a notion of America that is top-down, and I simply don’t buy it.  There are three-hundred millions of us.  Do you really think Washington DC can impose anything on us that we(or some sizable number of us) refuse to do?  The problem I see is that the longer we let this fester, the more foot-soldiers for the cause they breed.  Do you really wonder why neither party is serious about controlling illegal immigration?  Do you really wonder why it is that our social safety nets are encouraging more of the same, now largely hammocks in which too many people recline endlessly, while you work like rented mules to carry their burdens?

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t believe we need a third party.  I’d be happy with two.  Unfortunately, from my point of view, I’m finding it impossible to discern much difference at the upper echelons, apart from the much too rare sort best exemplified by Sarah Palin.  The establishment in DC plays both sides of the street, and neither side is composed of conservatives.  This whole system is full of corruption, and it’s not because the system was built to be corrupted, but because we the people, by our shameful inattention, and our general unwillingness to do our homework have left the store undefended, the till untended, and our alleged ‘public servants’ unaccountable.  When I say “we,” I don’t mean you and I, though we surely should do more, but I look around at the popular culture, and I note with dismay that there are hundreds of television channels available, and apart from C-Span, there are perhaps a dozen or so that cover public affairs, politics, and political news, and none of those garner as many viewers as the average prime-time sitcom.

If you want to know why America is in decline, you need only observe the priorities of most people.  The amount of time daily that most Americans devote to public affairs is minuscule.  Most of them can’t recite so much as the preamble to the constitution, and few can recite, verbatim, any of the amendments, even the first ten.  Don’t ask them to provide from memory some notion of the structure of the constitution, and don’t ask them to tell you anything about the enumerated powers of Congress, the President, or the courts.  As long as this remains true, there is no chance to reform the country. You and I can go to Tea Party rallies, and the GOP establishment will do its best to co-opt them.  The broad body of the American people remains unmoved, and nothing short of catastrophe is likely to move them, but as with most such things, the catastrophe will be evidence that they’ve been roused from their slumber too late.  We say we believe in citizen-legislators, and the form of self-governance our founders gave to us, but too few of us who are able step forward to take the risk.

On the other hand, I don’t fear Obama in part because I know that common sense will eventually trump him.  A good example of this is the proposed regulation out of the Department of Labor that would have made it illegal for anybody under 18 to perform certain chores or work in certain jobs in an agricultural setting.  The backlash was so strong, even among Democrats, that the Obama administration actually rescinded the proposed regulation, at least for the time being.   The administration and the Department of Labor were deluged with a huge number of tersely worded communications from across America telling them to back off or else.  One farmer I know locally, whose two sons routinely help him operate tractors and so on actually called and told some government stooge in Washington DC that he was free to come and impose his regulations if he thought he could. Ladies and gentlemen, there are three-hundred millions of us.  Even if fully half have “gone over to the dark side,” the government can’t impose anything on the rest of us if we refuse.  People wonder why I don’t quake in fear about Obama, or any other tin-pot dictator who might set up shop in DC, but this is the reason.

A government loses its legitimate claim to authority at some point, and small incidents like the backlash over farm labor rules is just one such instance.  Another bit of evidence comes in the form of gun and ammunition sales, still at record levels these last three years as people prepare for…come what may.  Sure, it’s only a small fraction of Americans who are preparing to any substantial degree, but that’s still a goodly number.  As they liquidate debt, pull assets out of markets, buy durable commodities and stored goods, and make ready for the possibility that this society may break down.  The core that keeps this country afloat is doing what it has always done: Through prudence, thrift, and industry, they are preparing to the best of their ability for the worst that the world may throw at them.  They don’t fear Obama either.  Like me, they’re more inclined to fear the legion of unprepared network television viewers who will be standing there with one hand out-stretched, gun in the other, issuing pleas for help in the form of demands, if and when things go even more badly for our country.

The thing we must all remember is that as bad as Obama is, he is temporary.  He may do this or that, and he may make a wreck of things for the nation, but he’s temporary, and there’s nothing he can inflict that we can’t undo.  The only thing that makes a guy like Obama dangerous are the people ostensibly on our side who seek to collaborate with him.  It’s the moderates who undo us each and every time.  I offer the debt ceiling debate of last July to any who doubt me.  No, I don’t fear Obama, bad as he may be, nearly so much as I live in terror at the prospects of the next surrender of the Republican establishment.  That’s what makes our situation seem hopeless.  Who among you harbors the delusion of John Boehner riding in to save us?  Mitch McConnell?   Mitt Romney?  That’s what demoralizes our conservative activism.  That’s what cuts the heart out of the resistance.  We won’t be delivered into communistic despotism by Barack Obama, but instead by some gutless cabal of establishment Republicans hurriedly cutting a deal to save their own necks, thereby damning the rest of us into servitude.  It is ever the betrayers, the surrendering class, clamoring to hold onto some vestige of what they see as their rightful place, or even merely to save their own hides.  I see this as the most pressing issue we face.  Barack Obama is only possible because of the sell-outs.

For all appearances, Mitt Romney seems to be part of that class of Republicans, and if you ask me what it is that I fear, it is that once again, we will be saddled with a nominee who is not one of us, doesn’t understand us, and doesn’t see the world from the point of view we mostly share, out here, where the country is made to work by the choices, the goals, and the devotion of millions of individual Americans, each working to better his or her own life, and the life of their families, but actions that also redound to the benefit of the nation at large.  When I listen to Romney, I am left with the unmistakable impression that I am hearing a man who wants to rule over me, the same as Obama, but with slightly different aims.  I hear a man who is speaking to collectivized notions of American greatness that defy 250 years of the history of individual achievements linked by the consent and volition of the achievers.  What I hear is: “New boss, same as the old boss.”  If you tell me you fear Obama more, I can’t help but wonder why.  Nothing is more terrifying to me than the thought that Mitt Romney is the best we could do in the face of Barack Obama’s four years of rampant destruction.  If true, it may mean we’ve already lost the country, and there is nothing about Barack Obama so frightening as that possibility.


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26 Responses to Do You Fear Obama?

  1. donpurser says:

    Well thought out and well stated, as usual.  I believe that if Obama wins in November, it is a sign from heaven that the judgment of God is upon this nation.  One election is a warning.  Two is “My hands are off, you shall have the fruit of your wicked ways.”

  2. the unit says:

    All the problematic effects of who we elect is certainly more to be wary of than the fear, I do have, of the one man.  Has there ever been an E.O. they challenged?  There is a process to do that, but both parties like for their guy and maybe gal one day to be able to do what they won’t do.  Be responsible and take the heat.  I can’t really find that process like I found it 20 years ago, but after a E.O. is submitted to the Federal Register there used to be 30 days Congress could nullify it.  That’s the fear I see for four more years.  So with “O” or whomever…seems we have potential tyrant with no alternative.  This man has vowed to go around Congress at every opportunity.

    Agreed.  Let’s get the ball rolling by electing freedom loving free men and women.

  3. Guest says:

    If you name really is Mark, I just want to say Thank you very much for this article.  I am one of those who is really not afraid of this idiot in the WH, but I am fearful for my children, Grandchildren,Great Grandchildren.  IF smeone doesn’t stop him and get him our of the WH we really do not know what he will do in the remainder of his time up there..  He seems to rule us ALREADY but not a single person in Congress has the Nerve to do something about this.  Maybe you can explain why they do not try and stop this maniac?  I have been reading our Constitution (or I call it my Government BIBLE) and the first two pages, under The Declaration of Independence, explains that IF we are not being given our Rights, among those are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness and our country is being destructed, it is the Right of the people to ALTER or to Abolish it and to institute New Government, laying us foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most like likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

  4. JohnInFlorida says:

    A flaunting of the law that no one will put a stop to.
    A question of eligibility that no one will ask.
    A bypassing of the legislature that the elected members thereof allow.
    The debasement of our currency that steadily destroys that which we have put aside.
    An electorate that is, more and more, unwilling and/or unable to see what is being done TO them in the name of being done FOR them … unwilling and/or unable to SAY NO while the “transformation” is being imposed upon them.

    THESE are the things worthy of being FEARED, not some p*ssant with big ears.

  5. Jeff1000 says:

    Very lucid post Mark. Obama doesn’t scare me as much as progressivism that exists on both the left and the right, and the reality that so many American voters can’t see that The American Communist Manifesto can be enacted from either wing. George W. Bush proved himself to be just as anti-American as Barack Obama. Conservatism is the only philosophy that respects the Constitution and a constitutional republic. For me, the great fear is that a majority of Americans will never reach the same conslusion.

    After Ronald Reagan, our leadership has consisted of either all-out in-your-face Marxism, Obama, to the slow drip tyranny of the rest, Clinton and the Bushes. If 2012 couldn’t bring in an era of conservatism, how does that bode for the future? I fear the blindness of the American people.

    • TheresaAK says:

      President Bush may not have been a true conservative, but to say he is anti-American is a Paulbot trait…of which I despise…..

      True, President Bush did not adhere to the platform of small government, he caved, but the man loves America…

      Let’s be careful with the pitchfork mentality…and paranoia..

      I fear the pitchfork mentality of some Americans…

      Mark America would not call President Bush “anti-American”…..he would lose me as a faithful reader …someone who respects his insight and his boldness…

      • Jeff1000 says:

        I would never vote for Ron Paul, ever. How could you vote for someone who has a foreign policy belief of appeasement? That would never cut it.

        I meant anti-American in the sense that the Constitution is the essence of what America is, and the Constitution is not a living document, or malleable, or fluid, like progressives, left or right, are wont to describe it. Sure Mr. Bush loves his country, but he doesn’t seem to understand that without total respect for a limited constitutional government, love just isn’t enough.

  6. Guest says:

    Fabulous!!!!! Nope to the GOPe!

  7. TheresaAK says:

    I believe obama was selected to bring America to her knees…to show her, how close we are to losing our Freedoms…

    God did not bring the Israelis out  of Egypt during peaceful situations…but out of the chaos…but deliver them He did…and I believe, we will have a period of time where many Americans fall on their knees, returning to their Creator and asking Him for Mercy on our Nation…it has already been happening…

    I agree with Mark, I don’t fear obama…I fear the squashy GOP more…because they are spineless and just as wicked as the Left…

    I know we will see better days…and Mark is right…we need the Senate and the House and obama will be rendered nothing more than a lame duck wannabe king….

    The only silver lining, should obama be re-elected, he can never run for POTUS again..

    Once we are delivered, let us never forget how close we came to losing it all…

    Stand United Against Tyranny…..

    Stand United Against Statism

  8. Ice_Man56 says:

    Excellent article,Like you; I just wish the majority of commonsense American’s would do their political homework and wake the Hell up !

  9. Carmtom13 says:

    Excellent post. I agree with you there is not a one to stand up to BHO, the people you named in your post will not save us especially the DC elite GOP chosen candidate. None of these people have the spine or guts to do what is right. They all just go along to get along. The country needs a constitutional conservative to head this great republic not another admitted liberal progressive republican like the chosen DC elite GOP chosen candidate that they are shoving down our throats. These GOP establishment people must live in their own world not to realize that there is something wrong with their chosen candidate. In the primaries that have been held voter turn out very low and there is not one bit of excitement for their chosen candidate. Could these people be that dense?? Than there is their mouth piece Rove going on fox making all kinds of fictional statements, case in point that McCain was leading in the poles before he picked Governor Palin for the VP spot. This was totally not true, McCain went ahead in the polls after Governor Palin was selected. Rove the genius fabricated the story not to give credit to Governor Palin and this wasn’t the only time Rove has done put out false narratives. Oh well, should we expect anything different from Rove who has been cheer leading for the establishment candidate from day one, probably not!

  10. texicanstar says:

    Another name for Establishment Republcians is Vichy Republicans.

  11. whatNext says:

    On the one hand, you say you fear the capitulation of the GOP establishment to the left, and weakening of alleged Conservatives, but on the other hand, you say we don’t need a third party. That leaves us with the choice of liberal Republicans or socialist Democrats. Why paint ourselves into the corner? How long have Conservatives been trying to take over the Republican party? 50 years? After 50 years, it’s time to try a different strategy. A third Conservative party would at least force CINOs to choose one party or the other, instead of pretending to belong to both.

    • Mark America says:

      You make a good point. I would say that if we can’t take over the Republican party, we should indeed begin to think outside our self-imposed box.

  12. the unit says:

    So a president can’t control gas prices.  OK.  But who controls the one can.  Summer before 2008 election…4.00/gal…Spring now before 2012 election…still high, but inching down.  I don’t know what summer will bring.  Not likely a gas crunch though before Nov 6.  And oil procurement in Arabian Gulf may be enhanced by decomposition of Osama’s body degradation on the ocean floor, if you think he’s there. Enough B.S. to supply demand for years to come.

  13. the unit says:

    I hear James Cameron, film maker  who went to bottom of sea, is taking “O” to bottom of Arabian Sea to do documentary and campaign speech next to Osama’s  sunken body.  Wolf Blitzer will be there with super long tax paid snorkel.

  14. Risingbutterfly says:

    Saddest part of all is that a great many Americans just don’t care anymore. They haven’t lived under communism so they really can’t comprehend just how bad it will get or that there will be no “free ride” to pay for everything they are now getting when these people are done using us.

    They think it can’t happen here, and don’t want to admit that it is happening every time Obama writes an Executive Order instead of going through Congress. Every time Congress lets him get away with things that are not Constitutional.

    I can’t tell you how many people I have told about what is going on and they just say “one person can’t make a difference, so I’m just going to enjoy today.” They really don’t care or think about tomorrow.

    They just don’t want it to hear it. It’s too scary a thought to contemplate. So they hide their heads in the sand and go along complicit in the damage as far as I’m concerned, because we might not all have known what this administration was up to  before 2008 but we do now. If those that choose not to disrupt their lives to change things, then they don’t deserve the freedom the founders fought and died for as far as I’m concerned.

    They have succeeded in creating a society of mindless sheep to the point that any shiny little bauble will keep them amused and not give a hoot. They are more concerned about what celebrities are doing, and those stupid games that they waste their lives playing than their freedom. Freedom that will soon enough be gone and with it those baubles and games.

    I am entering the sunset of my life and I would just let it go too, but I have grandchildren that really do not know what real freedom is, and I don’t want them living under a dictator with America a third world country so I keep trying. I keep praying that I as one person will somehow be a part in making a difference for the good of this country I love.

    • the unit says:

      Rising,  an old friend in ’47 said “you can’t fool old butterfly.”  Looks like he was correct.  I’m east of the mountains, so it’s a little dark…but it ain’t sunset on the other side.  We are just learning who the enemy is.

      Young artists coast to coast submitted artwork for Doodle 4 Google: Which masterpiece should win? 

      Triva trumps substance with the propaganda at every turn.  What crap to be concerned about!

      Not much posted here lately…if you got an hour to kill you may spend time watching this: 

  15. the unit says:

    If you watched hour of the time, wonder about death of Breitbart,  his coroner, JFK, and Bill Cooper,  then watch this:  It’s dangerous to be truthful.

    • the unit says:

      Notice JFK…asked for help alerting and warning the American people.  He warned of subjugation relative to our security…and on and on as to the goings on today. Little ability then to alert like we do today.  And lawmakers are working to subdue the internet freedom.
      Just who are our representatives?

  16. the unit says:

    Obama said…”
    “I think about those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors,” he said, “who are out there fighting on my behalf …………”   Then Michelle must again be proud of her country for the first time…once more for fighting for O.  Corpse men relegated to the 57 states for gratitude. And the royal wedding was his show in 2008, oops he was proud to be there in 2011, just didn’t set his Timex I guess.