Really, This Guy Is Too Absurd to Be President

Even Tasteless Michelle...

Honest to goodness, one can’t make this up. Barack Obama’s attempt at humor is just abysmal, as he was neither funny, nor clever.  At the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, he took a swipe at Sarah Palin, and at those who focused on the story of him eating dog, all to concoct one of the most brutally stupid “jokes” I’ve ever heard, never mind from a President.  Is this guy really our President?  Even Michelle “Keep-on-walking” Obama seemed astonished.  His joke wasn’t funny, and while there was some nervous “we’ll laugh at anything this jack-ass says because he’s our guy” chortling from the crowd, I don’t think anybody appreciated it as much as he did.  Of course, that could be said for the entirety of his presidency.

Courtesy Breitbart:

I think Joe Biden is finally rubbing-off on this guy.  The last three-and-one-half years have been a non-stop bad joke on the American people.


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9 Responses to Really, This Guy Is Too Absurd to Be President

  1. donpurser says:

    The criticism he has received about his “doggie-dining” comments is eating him up.  The man who demanded the press not talk about his ears has become the butt of jokes in every venue and he doesn’t like it.  He hates it so much that he tried (and failed) to laugh it off.  I have two words:

    “PILE ON”.

  2. the unit says:

    You gotta watch this guy…he may do like our Australian Shepard and nibble from the cat’s litter box…if we the electorate allow it!!!

  3. Msmamasramblings says:

    I absolutely can NOT stand to hear this person’s voice. Could someone please just tell me what he said?? Can’t even begin to listen to him today!!!!

    • wisegal1958 says:

      Made reference to Sarah Palin and asked “What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull” and answered “a pitbull is delicious.”  It was in very poor taste.

  4. the unit says:

    I, I, and I is a Hero.  ??? 

  5. wisegal1958 says:

    This guy is more and more disgusting as the days go by.  What a JACKASS!

  6. BobZ says:

    hmmm. I thought that was hilarious actually. In very bad taste, highly inappropriate – and that’s exactly why it was funny. This perpetual ‘elect then crucify’ cycle is more than a bit self defeating and tiresome to be honest…

  7. Cindybanks91 says:

    Mark we need to impeach this bast..d just for the Exexutive orders, he writing, which will lead to a country run by the United Nations.  When will the Republican congressmen get the balls to setup impeachment proceedings.  This government has been sysematically taken over, by the non-action of the elected. 

  8. Mary Potter says:

    If you think that’s bad, when Joe Biden was here in Sacramento, he said that “Jerry Brown is the greatest political figure in America.” (Cali’s will understand)