If You Can’t Beat ’em, Join ’em?

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Signaling what may be the beginning of a new round of endorsements of Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann(R-MN,) endorsed Romney on Thursday, but one wonders how she squares this endorsement with her position prior to exiting the race that Romney “cannot beat Obama.”  This may be the beginning of the big push to get everybody to rally around Romney, with Newt Gingrich having suspended his campaign officially this past Wednesday, and it may leave some number of conservatives in the lurch, including me, because I’m really not interested in endorsing Governor Romney.  On the basis of the adage “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em,” I find I’m in the position that I have no choice.  I’m not the sort to tell people how to vote, as I would rather make my arguments and leave people to decide on their own, so I’m rarely inclined to “endorse” anybody.  Naturally, as you might expect, any sort of “endorsement” I might offer will be fully justified in the context of my arguments, unconventional though it may be.  In order to explain myself, I need to catalog my reasoning:

Mitt Romney is a spineless wonder when it comes to confronting not only the left, but also the media.  He stays away from interviews he thinks might go poorly for him, considering the particular outlet, and this makes him positively disgusting in my view.  I have no problem with a candidate avoiding a liberal outlet on which it is believed a fair shake will not be offered, but to avoid interviews on conservative shows is another matter.  In virtually every issue over which there exists controversy, Willard remains aloof until the dust settles, never staking out a firm position until the outcome is already settled.  Remember the Debt Ceiling debate?  He had nothing of merit to say until it was over.  Remember the issue of Eric Holder and “Operation Fast and Furious?”  While others called for Holder to step down, and still others called upon President Obama to fire the Attorney General, Mitt remained quiet about it until the evidence was completely damning, and Holder had been criticized broadly.  That’s Mitt Romney’s leadership style, and if you’re going to replace Obama, you might just as well get somebody who joins President Obama in “leading from behind.”

Mitt is the father of Romneycare, and Romneycare begot Obamacare.  If you’re a fan of socialized medicine, this is your guy!  If you like health insurance mandates, and if you really love the notion of death panels, you have found the guy who brought this system to America.  He won’t repeal Obamacare, although he may tinker with it a bit, and if you’re into big government programs, the Republicans couldn’t have picked a better nominee.  Mitt Romney is the son of a liberal Republican archetype, so none of this is really a surprise.

Mitt Romney is a loser.  That’s what Republicans do when they nominate liberals only barely disguised as conservatives, and if you liked the Bob Dole campaign of 1996, you will absolutely love Mitt Romney’s.  He’s been endorsed by a whole slate of Bush-clan members, minus the most recent President Bush, and he’s the establishment’s chosen son.  If you liked the communitarian policy preferences of George W. Bush, or for that matter, his father, you’re going to love Mitt Romney.  If you want somebody who will carry on the Bush dynasty, throwing occasional bones to conservatives while holding court with a bunch of liberals, there has been no finer example of the type seeking the GOP nomination in 2012.

Mitt Romney is not a conservative, despite the pretense, and while the media will do its best to portray him as such in order to attack conservatives, the simple truth is that he’s more inclined to be one of theirs than one of ours.  He will be hammered by the press as a member of the elite, and a rich Wall Street guy, who is out of touch with mainstream America, working-class America, and so on.  He fits the template of the candidate against whom Barack Obama most wishes to run.  He relies upon his own version of Alinskyite tactics, since his father George Romney thought Alinsky was a peach.  We don’t need to worry about Mitt Romney dredging up Saul Alinsky in this campaign, and raise any issues that might be uncomfortable for Obama.  Isn’t that swell?

Of course, if you like failed campaign tactics, consider what Mitt Romney has employed throughout the primaries.  He and his supporting cast of super-PACs have absolutely demolished every opponent, by running dishonest attack ads to a degree I believe is unprecedented in Republican primary campaigns.  He has managed to demoralize conservatives to a degree that some will simply never vote for him, and that means he’s placed his own election chances in serious jeopardy.  His strategy rested upon ad buys that outspent his opponents by as much as twenty to one.  Of course, nobody in the media is asking how this strategy will translate to a general election campaign, when he will not have such an advantage over Barack Obama, and besides, he won’t want to offend any moderates or liberals.  Offending conservatives is fine where Mitt is concerned, but one simply mustn’t offend the left.

Considering all these reasons, I therefore believe it is nigh on inevitable that Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee and candidate for President, and he will almost certainly, inevitably lose the contest to Barack Obama, barring some completely unknown factor.  Of all the Republicans the party could have chosen to best and most thoroughly lose the coming presidential election, I believe Willard “Mitt” Romney is absolutely the most thoroughly qualified.  It’s clear that the party establishment intends to lose this election, so that they can put up another insider, perhaps another Bush, and Mitt Romney makes the perfect place-holder.  He’s safe.  He stands little or no chance of victory, and that will clear the path for Barack Obama’s second term, and an incumbent-free oval office in 2016.

Since it’s fairly clear to me that the GOP establishment wants to lose this election, as is clear by its “inevitable” nominee who at last seems to fill that role, I believe I will support the Republican party in its goals.  They didn’t want conservative support, and they tried to close off conservative participation, and I am in the mood to grant them their wish.  Many conservatives aren’t excited about a Romney candidacy, because they know even if he were to win, they will spend the entirety of a Romney administration not battling liberals, but instead in a constant battle to prevent Romney from going along with the left.   Even if Mitt Romney manages to beat Barack Obama by some cosmic comedy of errors on the part of the Obama team, he will have done so without my help.  It is with this in mind that I do hereby heartily “endorse” Mitt Romney as the next liberal Republican presidential loser in a long string of them.   Those who have more recently joined the Romney camp may find my “endorsement” somewhat lackluster, but after all, as a conservative, I believe in accepting responsibility and doing things right, so if we’re going to lose, we might just as well lose big.  It’s the least I can do.

Conservatives may eventually hop aboard the Romney bus, but if and when we do, we will be riding on the roof, and we know it.


Note to Readers: My apologies for the lack of posts lately. Between the recent death of my father-in-law, the Spring work on the farm, and a difficult and lengthy project at work that is consuming between twelve and fifteen hours daily, seven days per week, I’ve been unable to post so much as normal.  I expect that by the end of May, the bulk of the farm-related efforts will be complete for the season, and by mid-June, the project at work should be complete.   There will undoubtedly be occasions upon which I am able to post more in that period, but it obviously hasn’t been this week.

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37 Responses to If You Can’t Beat ’em, Join ’em?

  1. Angela Hale says:

    Gah, I have been fighting with everyone about Romney. So far, I’m a bully, I hate America, I’m directly responsible for the destruction of our country, I am “immune to common sense and facts”, I’m a hater and bitter because my candidate didn’t win. Lovely.
    Glad to know I’m not alone. LOL 

  2. Lwhiteym says:

    Do miss your posts with morning coffee. I was young once  and know the seasonal demands you face, so you be careful of burn out.  On this day of prayer may God bless you and your family.

  3. Texmom says:

    “communitarian policy preferences of George W. Bush”
    How many people get this? Not enough.

  4. cheryl55 says:

    The ONLY way  I would bring myself to vote for Romney is if there is a PUBLIC offer to Newt for a very important position in his cabinet!! Otherwise, NO WAY, NO HOW!! I want to see Speaker Gingrich in a position to MAKE CHANGE!! I do not trust Romney and the other crooks to do that!

  5. Wraith says:

    I will #writeinSarah.  I’d sooner rip out my eyeballs with a rusty ice cream scoop than vote for Mittens.

  6. Rising Butterfly says:

    To me Mitt is spineless. He tries to not offend anyone so as not to lose a vote, and because of this he is also not willing to honestly state and defend his policies and ideas, and then stick to them. That is not a leader to me.

    A leader is someone will goals and ideas and has the guts to stand up even if things are unpopular and take the heat to do what is right. Much like Reagan did when he took the blame for the Iran Contra affair.  Could you see Obama or Mitt Romney in the same position saying this ” “I take full responsibility for my own actions and for those of my
    administration. As angry as I may be about activities undertaken without
    my knowledge, I am still accountable for those activities.”

    We need a Reagan right now to pull this country out of the disaster we are in, and instead I feel we are getting Eddie Haskel. Suck up to everyone and hope to smooth talk his way into the office of President. Sorry to say people see through it, it isn’t working, and that is why many do not see this man winning against Obama.

    A real man runs on his accomplishments, he ran on negativity only. He used money instead of values and ideas to get this far. He lost me when he demolished all the other Republicans running in such a underhanded manner, and that is why I can’t endorse the man.

    Yes, he truly is an etch a sketch and that does bother me. I can’t tell you how many people I know that are refusing to vote for him or Obama. They see them as one and the same. Can’t say I blame them, but I try to point out the following in my decision to vote for him if he gets the nomination.

    Unless I am wrong he may be liberal but is not communist, he will not have the MSM on his side, and if he wins won’t be able to play the race card so he will be held accountable for the choices he makes unlike Obama. For those reasons I feel if he is elected we have a chance of controlling the damage he can inflict if we are vigilant. So mine will be a vote against Obama, and not for Mitt Romney.

    Also with that the hope that we also we get a bunch of conservatives in Congress that can keep the country headed in the right direction. Maybe, just maybe long enough to get a true leader and true conservative as the President in 2016.

    • the unit says:

      Me too Rising.  I take in all M.A. has to say and it is good sense.  But I did all the third party stuff in the 90’s and the third one dropped out, something about his daughter’s wedding was threatened to be disturbed.   Third way is fixed as well.  Maybe somewhere down the road…but not likely now…I will vote against O, not for, and not let my no vote help O to another term, so that’s my vote. I’m encouraging the fat lady not to sing…hold off baby and it won’t be over. Just keep humming a while. :)

  7. Bruce O says:

     Still doing your part to help Obama get re-elected, I see…

    • Mark America says:

      No Bruce, I’ve been doing my best to get the GOP to nominate somebody who can beat Obama, but clearly it is the GOPe that has no interest in winning this November. Maybe if they can cook up a narrative whereby there are conservative scapegoats to blame for Romney’s inevitable loss, they can manage to run things again in 2016. Looks to me as though they have a head-start on the strategy.

      • Bruce O says:

         Yes, Mark, you are. Any vote that is encouraged NOT to be cast AGAINST Obama is an aid to his re-election. Each vote NOT cast against Obama will require two votes to offset.

        Romney is not my candidate. My candidate, Sarah Palin, chose not to run. I voted for Santorum in the Primary, and I hold out a dwindling hope for a brokered convention.

        Should, as it appears, Romney becomes the nominee, my choice in the General election will then be between a Marxist dictator in the making or a RINO.

        I’ll take the RINO, thank you.

        • Mark America says:

          Bruce, No, I’m not. I’m sorry, but I don’t accept the Hobson’s choice in the governance of my own life. Do you understand who Romney is? When you toss out the term “RINO,” I understand what you mean, but if I said to you that Romney is actually “Marxism lite,” would it make my case more plain?

          Like you, I’d have much preferred that we have a different option here, and like you, I’d still like to see a brokered convention. I don’t advocate people voting for anybody, as I said in the article, but I do lay out the case. Then people can choose as they see fit. If some of them see fit to withhold their votes from both candidates, whose fault is that? Mine?

          • Bruce O says:

             I do understand who Romney is. And, like you, I blame the Moderate/Progressive faction of the RNC for placing me in the position, yet again, of having to choose between the lesser of two evils.

            And, like you, I would make a final stand against it if the stakes weren’t so high.

            A vote for Romney is a stall for time. If Obama is re-elected the game is over.

            My intentions for the RNC, as payment for their treachery, is to get involved in forming a Third Party after the 2012 election.

            Had all of those who sat out the’08 election, because they were disgusted with the pitiful choice given them by the RNC, voted, we may have been spared the Obama Admin totally.

            Please get on the side of amassing votes away from Obama, rather than aiding the side that wants him back for 4 more years by encouraging people NOT to vote against him.

            The future of the Republic is more important than our individual principles at this time in our nations history. At this critical crossroads that we stand at.

            • Mark America says:

              Bruce, the secret to all of this is realizing that you don’t have to choose between the lesser of two evils. I refuse the false premise. The stakes are always high. In “On War,” Carl von Clauswitz offered that war is merely the continuance of war by other means, but if that is so, then one must understand that the inverse is necessarily true as well: Politics is warfare by other means. That means that we must be willing to fight a guerrilla war in politics as well, and to defeat the establishment, I believe this is exactly what we must do. Pick your poison if you like, but there is another choice whether you wish to consider it or not.

  8. JohnInFlorida says:

    Mark, regarding your “Note to Readers” … you’ve absolutely NOTHING to apologize for. 

    When one finds something worth having, it’s generally worth waiting for. So it is with the posts I find on this site. With rare exceptions they are well written, on point and display much common sense.

    It is difficult to refrain from ranting when one, who knows what is needed, is disappointed by those who could have provided the necessary solution. I’m amazed at your ability to not throw up your hands and quit in disgust.

    Palin would have put forth such common sense solutions and her decision not to run, while understandable in light of BOTH sides gunning for her, was devastating to those of us ready to fall in behind a Conservative leader. I cannot help but dream that she has “something” in mind for Tampa, but am resigned to that probably being just a dream.

    Then to  have Gingrich (a marginally acceptable substitute candidate) be systematically dismantled by the leaders of his own Party just adds insult to injury.

    So, do what you must on the home front and we’ll wait to read what you have to say … as I said above, that which is worth having is worth waiting for.

  9. Guest says:


    Please keep missives like this coming. You are the voice of reason.

    You have the gift of communicating what all true conservatives want to say.

    I have used your responses in campaigning for Allen West.

    Sir, I salute you. With your words I am changing hearts and influencing minds.

    God Bless. I truly believe you are doing what you are supposed to doing at this moment in time.

    Like Ronald Reagan said he believed that God was directing his career and placing him where he should be to have the most influence.

  10. the unit says:

    These blogs get long sometimes.
    So post this for RisingButterfly… as replied way below.Me too Rising.  I take in all M.A. has to say and it is good sense.  But I did all the third party stuff in the 90’s and the third one dropped out, something about his daughter’s wedding was threatened to be disturbed.   Third way was fixed as well.   A set up.  Maybe somewhere down the road…but not likely right now…I will vote against O, not for, and not let my no vote help O to another term, so that’s my vote. I’m encouraging the fat lady not to sing…hold off baby and it won’t be over. Just keep humming a while. :) 

  11. Mark, we have Romney…get over it. Can you say something nice at all about him? It’s depressing me to here you knocking him all the time. I used to like your articals about Sara because they were positive. Now they stink. Sorry. Are you going to be this way till the election?

    • TENCOLE says:

       Here’s hoping Mark stays just the way he is and will “be this way” even after the election…..I’ll be right there with him.

  12. Bruce O says:

    This was the only comment on the whole thread that did not have a reply option under it. I’ll copy/paste and answer it here…

    “Bruce, the secret to all of this is realizing that you don’t have to
    choose between the lesser of two evils. I refuse the false premise. The
    stakes are always high. In “On War,” Carl von Clauswitz offered that
    war is merely the continuance of war by other means, but if that is so,
    then one must understand that the inverse is necessarily true as well:
    Politics is warfare by other means. That means that we must be willing
    to fight a guerrilla war in politics as well, and to defeat the
    establishment, I believe this is exactly what we must do. Pick your
    poison if you like, but there is another choice whether you wish to
    consider it or not.”

    My Reply:

    I have no choice. I MUST vote against Obama, no matter WHO the opposing candidate is.
    The stakes have never been higher in our lifetimes.

    Your focus, with your cryptic philosophical talk of guerrilla war with the Repub Establishment, is like a man swatting away at a wasp, while he’s being attacked by a wolf.

    Obama is in the process of giving away Northern Africa to the Muslim Brotherhood. He is making Congress impotent with his Executive Orders and the regulations emanating from his Czars. He has placed two truly radical Supreme Court Justices, and will likely get to replace at least two more in the next term.

    He is an internal enemy, a thug, a racist, and a thief who has staged a raid on the treasury of historic proportions.

    I contend that Obama WANTS to bring down the country and raise up a “socialist paradise” upon the ashes, with him as it’s leader, ala Castro, Chavez, etc.

    I contend that Obama is a hard core Marxist, and a Jihadist sympathizer, as compared to Romney who is a CAPITALIST/Social Socialist.

    To compare the two is a dangerous form of relativism that is not only false, but dangerous to the success of removing Obama.

    I don’t expect to sway you. I only hope that sometime between now and November, Obama does something that rocks your eyes open to the fact that he must not be allowed to remain in office.

    Prior to the Primary, it would have never occurred to me that our side would fracture so much that I would have to be begging Good Patriots to vote against Obama.

    God Bless us all.

    • Mark America says:

      Bruce, I’m not sure why that option wasn’t available. As for my “cryptic philosophical talk,” I’m not sure what was cryptic about it.

      I agree with everything you’ve said about Obama. Now, how do you assure me or others that Romney is substantially different. You called Romney a capitalist. What sort of capitalist imposes a program like Romneycare? That’s pretty much as anti-capitalist as it gets, isn’t it?

      What you’re arguing, essentially, is that Romney is Obama lite. What good is removing Obama, only to replace him with somebody who shares most of his ideology? Worse, somebody who will be called “conservative” by the press…

      I also think you misunderstood the state of the Republican party if you did not see this fracturing in the offing. It’s been a factor for a long time. There are the squishes, or moderates, there are the conservatives who will fold when driven by desperation, and there are those who will not. Then there’s the whole quasi-Republican libertarian segment, and that’s another matter entirely. The point is that there has been a fragmenting among Republicans for years. It existed before Reagan, Reagan quieted it down, but as soon as he was in his last two years, it began to emerge again.

      As for begging good patriots to vote against Obama, I am not inclined to vote that way at all. There’s not a space on the ballot that says “not Obama.” All I want, and what I believe so many conservatives want, is somebody to vote for in the affirmative.

  13. TeaPartyBarbie says:

    Mark, we must dig in and do what it takes to get good people in delegate positions. Do what you can to get to the state convention. Do what you can to be a national delegate in your state. If you can’t do either of these, help fund a person who you trust to speak up for Speaker Gingrich and the conservative cause. This is the time we take this. This is the time we get in and get it done. 

    People are dropping the ball in their state conventions. National campaign staff are being sent to “manage” and “orchestrate” and “advise” the state conventions. Take your state convention. We, at the grass roots, do not need handlers, WE are the Handlers of our states. Dig in, get the job done, and do not drop the ball. The hard core Newt folks know how to find me… if you need help and don’t know what to do, ASK. 

    The national campaigns are trying to operate under the assumption that you do not know the other people in your state and that you are too stupid and ignorant. Get your Palin networks activated, Storm the state conventions. This should have been done  YESTERDAY. Video conference with folks so you know who you are looking for at your state conventions. VET you delegates and make sure they are Gingrich Delegates. DO NOT DROP THE BALL or all the work thus far will have been in vain. 

    Get out there and GOTV. Right now, the “presumptive” talk is causing the establishment to snooze. Storm the polls. Bring Gingrich and Santorum people by BUSLOADS if necessary. Do what it takes to get the job done. Gingrich and Santorum have suspended, and if their grass roots activists dig in and get the work done, they can re-enter just before the convention.  

    • TeaPartyBarbie says:

      If you can’t take your party back, how will you save your nation?

  14. marvin hill says:

    This IS still the Primary! Romney does not have 1144, and giving 1144 to the weakest of all possible candidates will NOT make him any stronger in the General.
    Finish the Primary…First things First – JOIN your nearest TEA PARTY-Do not seek a NATional Leadership 4 it and Vette the local and state Leadership vs PARTY affiliation- STAY open to the BIG TENT of The American People- fight for Conservative Values and Principles that support Individual Sovereignty and the FreeMarketSystem-  Shock the Machine- time for rage is over..

    Unify to support an Open Convention  and Do it with a purpose- Support the Nomination of Newt Gingrich as The Only candidate with an Acceptable Platform…

    Look for TEA on facebook and twitter – BE the Militia – the Minutemen – the Army of the Potomac!

    Organize, recruit, Plan

    Hold the line- fire when they cannot escape the volley- wait until you see the whites of their eyes…
    See you at the Convention! AS PATRIOTS not as SHEEP!

  15. Jeff1000 says:

    I’ll take the “roof” of the car over the Gulag any day of the week, but with that said, Romney lost me when he wouldn’t appear on the Mark Levin show. What kind of a conservative worth his salt wouldn’t appear? A fake conservative for one, like Romney.

  16. soggy41 says:

    Yeah Unit, these posts get long. I had to wade thru them all see if the other ‘third’ party was mentioned. Channel surfing last night (Fri), I stumbled on cpan showing the Libertarian Party convention. Got interested and am watching now (Sat) as they pick their nominees. Gary Johnson, Gov of New Mexico, just won the presidential nod. VP vote is on now. If Mark, et al, (all of you conservative diehards) really want to make fundamental changes to this downward spiraling republic, maybe it’s time to think 3rd party this time. This party (I’m not one) looks like it could be on the verge of national recognition. This could be ‘the change’ we are all looking for. I believe, from what I’ve been reading here for about 6 months, that none of us really think the current parties are anywhere near (or capable) of making the real hard choices it will take to turn this country away from the awaiting abyss. But the Libertarian  Party has all the ‘conservative’ and constitutional ideals built in. Today, they are openly inviting Ron Paul and his followers to join them in ‘their real home’, rather than Paul’s followers trying to influence the Republicans any further. I have to tell you, it has given me a new hope! I wanted Gingrich for his ideas. I think I could take the chance on a whole new team shaking up the entire election process. If we all believe we are at the edge, why wait to 2016 just to allow more ‘conservative Republicans’ another crack at what will inevitably be only a bit of a change, and still a whole lot of ‘more of the same’. If it’s really time for a change, why not drop party lines and go for the good of the country? I really need to hear your opinion, Mark! Please give it time to sink in. No knee jerking….though I doubt you’re capable of that…..;-)         

  17. soggy41 says:

    News alert……Jim Gray, former California Superior Court Judge, just named VP candidate for Libertarian Party for 2012 election. They are holding a 7% polling level now and expect to be in mid-teens in a few weeks. That will qualify them to take part in presidential debates this fall. Something to consider?????………………   

  18. Section 9 says:

    I think this is the conclusion Sarah Palin came to last year; to win, she has to change the Party, because right now the GOP is a corrupt shadow of what it was when Reagan was in power.

  19. Stand Taker says:

    While I share the same queasiness many of you do over Romney, my desire to see Obama removed from office trumps it. And that’s a vast understatement.

    I’m a Reagan conservative and have been all my life. I believe in and live by conservative principles because they are right. They are the foundation of this country. I don’t know about anyone else here but I believe one of those principles is doing whatever is necessary within reason and goodwill to save the country. That means voting against people like Obama.

    Let’s be real here. Reagan isn’t walking through the door. Sarah isn’t walking through the door. We’re not getting that candidate. We can be mad about it but what’s done is done. We vote in less than 24 weeks. Not to put too fine a point on it but here’s the cards, now deal them. The 2012 election is about getting Obama OUT and literally nothing else. I’ll vote for a shoe, a half-eaten burrito, a rabid dog with fleas, and a former MA governor who ISN’T Obama.

    It’s admirable to talk of taking a stand by sitting out but let’s remember this election has things like Supreme Court nominations (lifetime appointments!) and irreversible bureaucracies and cancerous entitlements and the very thread of freedom hanging in the balance. With all due respect, it seems to me downright childish and shameful to take a pass on the chance to remove Obama’s hands from these buttons.

    When you’re in need of a tourniquet and applying one would save your life, do you reject it because it’s rayon instead of cotton or silk? No, you wrap that rayon snugly and live to fight another day instead of stubbornly and foolishly dying out of spite. Not voting against Obama is suicidal.