Scapegoating Conservatism: Post-Defeat Planners Redux


One of the things I’ve already noticed is the start of the excuse-making on the part of the Republican establishment.  They shoved Mitt Romney down our throats, but some of us have vomited him out of our mouths because we simply cannot tame the bile-raising nausea we feel in the pits of our stomachs.  The immediate response of the GOP establishment has been to manufacture a narrative that will effectively blame conservatives if Romney loses.  They won’t blame his lack of conservatism.  They won’t blame his duplicity or his negative primary campaign.  They won’t blame their own complicity in setting us up with a candidate we don’t want, but what they will do is blame we conservatives, and it’s starting already.

I don’t play that game.  If they wanted to win this election, they could have supported a conservative candidate for a change, but they are very much a take-it-or-leave-it crowd.  You see, if they don’t get their way, they take their ball and their donations and go home, all while they insist we conservatives are to blame if we respond similarly, leading to the defeat of their chosen candidate.  The problem the establishment faces is that conservatives still remember Ronald Reagan, and they know too well that genuine conservatism wins.  They can continue to scapegoat conservatism, but we shouldn’t accept their excuses any longer, and we shouldn’t fall into the trap that this year’s crop of post-defeat planners are already laying.

If I owned a hot-dog stand and after years of selling barely palatable wieners,  I go to something even worse, my customers will likely find them disgusting, causing them to flee.  Do I blame them for their lack of “loyalty?”  I might even cry “but you’ll starve without my hot-dogs,” but will they?  I might appeal to their sense of loyalty as customers of long-standing, but if they don’t like my product because it’s terrible, who is to blame?  Them?  Or me?   In making the loyalty argument, I must purposely evade a concept my customers would be right to throw in my face:  If I were loyal to them, I wouldn’t try to feed them bad product, and rather than worsening it, would concentrate on improving it.

They may even appeal to my patriotism: “How can you let Obama win?”   As with the loyalty argument, I again turn it around:  How can they offer us a candidate who they know many of us will not be able to support, if they care about the country?  In a free market, such intransigence would soon lead me to go out of business, and the fact of the matter is that the same is true of the GOP establishment.  Of course, they’ve tried to rig the market in their favor, but it’s really not possible in the longer run.  They use their influence, given them by means of our votes, to solidify their hold on the “market” of political ideas, and it is our willingness to do so that enables them to continue.

The good news is that we can still make gains from this election cycle.  We can still elect conservatives to all of the down-ballot seats, and as is now plain from polling data in Indiana, where Richard Mourdock is now leading Dick Lugar despite a multi-million dollar campaign against him, it’s evident that we conservatives can still turn the tables on the establishment.  In Texas, we’re having a bit more of an uphill battle as the establishment guy, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst continues to run slightly ahead of Ted Cruz and a whole slate of lesser-known candidates, but with less than a month to go, it’s still close enough that it’s anybody’s race and we may well wind up with a run-off, in which case Cruz looks stronger.

The basic point is that irrespective of the Presidential race, we can still have a significant impact in 2012.  If we can sweep away some of the liberal Republicans in the Senate, and replace a number of the Democrats who are up this year with conservatives, we can stymie President Obama and aggressively pursue him should he continue to use illegitimate executive powers to run an end-around on Congress even if Romney loses.  If Romney wins, it will leave us with some means by which to exert control over him.

Of course, the establishment won’t go quietly.  They will continue their game, and part of their play is to make you feel as though you must support their guy.   Once you realize this, it’s easier to understand how it is that they can sell you a lower quality hot-dog, and you will be forced to swallow it, disgruntled though you may be.  In the end, they know that while they are not really the sole source, or the sole choice, they are the sole choice you can bring yourselves to make.  It’s true in both parties, but what this really means is that in most respects, our country is ruled by a political oligopoly that wishes to leave you with no other alternative.  They can afford to wait you out in most cases, because even if you sit out an election or two in protest, you’ll eventually be ripened by some issue to come back to them for harvest.  This is why they’re willing to lose elections in order to punish you.  After all, it won’t hurt them much, but let’s examine who loses what, and under which circumstances the losses really occur.

If Mitt Romney loses in November, does the GOP establishment lose?  I contend to you that they not only win, but they have set up the manner by which they will win big in 2016.  By then, assuming the country endures(and I believe it will,) they will have managed to create some substantial sense of Obama-fatigue.  Its early manifestations are already showing up in the polls, but you see, for the elites of the GOP establishment, none of it will make any difference to their immediate health, safety, or prospects for continuing profits.  In short, they won’t be hurt because their money insulates them.  Your farms may go down, your businesses may crash, your jobs may disappear, or you may find yourselves in other calamities, but none of that will bother them.  In fact, it will tend to make you more compliant with their desires and demands in the future.  If you’re starving, you’ll take my low-quality hot-dog any way I wish to serve it.

It’s for this reason that they don’t mind losing an election or two(or ten.)  If it serves their long-run interests, it may even be preferable to victory.  It also gives the Republican establishment an opportunity to defame conservatives[again.]  This makes it easier for them to win in the future, because if they can succeed in painting conservatives as heartless, inflexible ideologues who would rather lose than compromise, it makes it all the easier to sell the American people a “compassionate conservative,” who does not actually exhibit the first substantially conservative trait once examined closely.   It’s for this reason that I believe the Republican establishment will be happy to see Mitt Romney lose, because in 2016, you’ll be only too thrilled if they offer you Jeb Bush.  At that point, you’ll vote for the most liberal Republican they throw at you if only you can get rid of the Democrats.

Viewed in this manner, the GOP establishment knows it has conservatives over a barrel, and that’s what they’ve been working to do throughout this election cycle, and in perpetuity.  I realize that the choices they offer us are abysmal, because that’s the nature of their game.  Where I will not budge is on this notion that conservatives will have been at fault if they do not support Mitt Romney in November.  Viewed as any other business competing for customers or clients, the Republican Party has a responsibility to put forth an acceptable candidate.  Failing that, it is they who are to blame, and it is they who are culpable in any defeat suffered.

Of course, that assumes they want to win(in 2012,) but given Mitt Romney’s record as Governor of Massachusetts, I’m not convinced that’s the case.  They have intentionally put forward a man who is a veritable “poison pill” for many conservatives, and I don’t believe it’s accidental, or somehow the result of political happenstance.   Besides, from the GOP establishment point of view, this allows them to kill off a whole flock with a single stone.  Conservatives and Tea Partiers will take the blame, and they’ll be able to sell us on almost anybody in 2016 when they’ll have an easier time winning the Oval Office because it will soon be vacated anyway.  That’s Win, Win, and WIN from their point of view.

Conservatives and Tea Party types should be prepared for the moment when the blame game begins in earnest.  They’ve already begun to push this narrative, and that’s to be expected, but should Romney lose(and many are fairly certain he will,) you can bet that the morning of November 7th, the questions will commence on FoxNews and other establishment outlets:  “What’s wrong with conservatives?  Why are they so hard to please?  What will we do about the Tea Party?”  Bank on it. Even now, the recriminations are beginning, softly, gently now, but they will build to a crescendo by November the 7th.  I actually had a telephone call from one conservative campaign fund call and urge me to contribute on the basis that Mitt Romney probably cannot win, so we need to shore up the Congressional side, and yet there are those conservatives who say I am a gloomy guy?

On the other hand, if Romney manages to win, this will be an even bigger victory for the GOP establishment:  They will have been able to put up a liberal Republican, and out of sheer desperation, have conservatives support him.  Game over! At that point, conservatives will have no means by which to restrain a Romney administration, because they will have been a paper tiger.  This is the dilemma we conservatives face, which is why I still hold out hope, slim though it may be, for a brokered convention.  There’s a reason Romney is having a closed-door meeting with Santorum, and you’d better believe it’s about trying to get more support.   I don’t think conservatives can afford for either Obama or Romney to win, whether out of desperation to rid ourselves of Obama, or in order to avoid the inevitable scapegoating.  In particular now, it seems the GOP establishment is going after Palin supporters.  Ah well, yes, most of us are accustomed to that, as the same crowd tried to make a scapegoat of Sarah Palin in 2008.

The simple fact remains:  I can’t see how Mitt Romney’s supporters or the GOP establishment will be able to carry off such scapegoating with any credibility.  After all, how unpalatable must a candidate be to lose to an incumbent who has unemployment at around 8%, has record deficits, has added trillions of dollars to the national debt, has overseen the devaluing of the dollar, starved us of fuel and energy resources, hobbled our military, aided our enemies, abandoned our allies, and generally made a wreck of things?

Just how bad must a Republican be to lose in that kind of environment?  How thoroughly must he have been disliked, not only in the general electorate, but in his own party in order to lose despite such conditions?  How thoroughly has his campaign offended some sizable number of conservatives?  Should he expect such voters to shut up and eat the week-old hot-dog he’s selling? Are you ready to paste your palate with that stale, low-grade bun that’s been in the steamer rack four times this week?  The GOP knows what it’s doing.  You still believe, innocently, that they want to win, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent to me that they do not, and I’m not willing to let them off the hook by playing the role of scapegoat, and I won’t eat sorry hot-dogs for a notion of loyalty that is clearly unidirectional.

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27 Responses to Scapegoating Conservatism: Post-Defeat Planners Redux

  1. travelingon says:

    We have to walk towards the light.

  2. Lwhiteym says:

    Down elections are more important than ever.  I have contributed to Walker, Cruz, Murdock, and other conservative causes as my budget will alow.  Everyone must support Tea Party candidates as much as they can afford, to send a clear message to the establishment, and to have controll of who ever  becomes President.  Our leaders in the House and Senate must be replaced!

    • Timothy Jacques says:

       I agree.  I have sent checks to a lot of up-and-coming stars such as Mia Love (UT-4), Michael Williams (TX-25), Deb Fischer (US Senate, Nebraska), SCOTT WALKER and a few others.

  3. Jeff1000 says:

    Heck, I despise Obama so much I’d be elated with a box of rocks assuming the presidency.

    • Guest says:

       Jeff, that is your right. Just like it is ours to feel Obama and Etch-a-sketch are both unacceptable. Everyone has to vote their conscience.

      • Jeff1000 says:

        So does that mean you stay home and help Obama get reelected? Even Mr. Conservative himself, Mark Levin, realizes that he must do whatever it takes to prevent Obama from a second term. So you guys are more conservative than Levin? I doubt it.

  4. Polarbearpapa says:

    I hate those stink’n “turkey” hot dogs…..bleeeeech …..they are disgusting…

    ..and in the future …I will buy my dogs elsewhere…

    ..I wonder if someone is opening a NEW hotdog stand?

    ..that will sell those All-American beef franks in Idaho potato buns……

  5. Guest says:

    Bravo! You hit that one out of the park!

  6. rrtrack says:

    If obama wins, you have no one to blame but yourself. Try to rant and justify all you want, but when you look in the mirror, you will see the person at fault. The bottom line is that it’s either Romney or Obama, and if you don’t vote for Romney, then you voted for Obama. PERIOD. No matter how he became the nominee, there is NO WAY he will be as bad as Obama, and if doesn’t do a good job you can vote him out in 4 years. But the sad and scary fact is, one of the EO’s Obama signed in the last few weeks stated that he could suspend elections if he deemed it for the greater good of the country. He may even do it this year, who knows, but the bottom line is, if you don’t make sure Obama is removed from the White House, you may very well never be able to vote again. So no matter how much you dislike Romney, he is a far better alternative than having Obama the dictator for 40 more years.

    • the unit says:

      Kinda like “Life of Julia” on O’s website.  Poor Karl Marx daughter, Julia, didn’t have O to tend to things.  Of course O is 50 so not likely to reign 40 more years, unless he is also Methuselah, “Man of the Dart”…O, according to Biden, “Man with the Big Stick.”  I hear the ho-hum chorus singing…Forward…:

      But looking for Lo-ho the way its going, not Heigh-ho.  Even lower than Lo-ho.  So I say say again…Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, I vote against the Lo-ho, and all he stands for.

    • the unit says:

      There is really is no rant, rave, justification…just a few opinions here.  About 122 million voted in 2008. How many to be educated?  Winning hearts, changing minds, one American at a time.  Counting  down ’til blast off. Now…starting with June…6,5,4,3,2,1…November 6, 2012!

    • Timothy Jacques says:

       so rrtrack, it’s get our asses in line bitches!!!!  Give up your money, time, look pretty in front of the camera and just STFU. 

      Whom do we despise more….Obama or Romney? Oh joy, oh rapture.  Makes you wanna clench your teeth to the point of breaking your cyanide capsule.

      GOPe official response

      Sarah Palin?  GTFO Barbie spice!!!  The GOPe won’t support you even if you’re the nominee.  Karl Rove would back stab you faster then COD or SA.   Of course if Palin were  to become a good little bitch/sellout and sing in our gilded cage, we might throw you a scrap then quickly kick you down the stairs. Tea Party?  Suck it you rubes!!!!


      • the unit says:

        I try to read posts over a few time in case I miss the context and meaning.  Even with my sense of humor as one who has been there, done that, lived through it, suffered the consequences of my own choices, not blaming anyone but me…your post is just nuts!!!  Sorry if I missed the point, but difficult to follow your line of… is it thought?

  7. the unit says:

    Here is the problem and it has nothing to do with who is elected from any party.   Did you hear or read the Sessions/Panetta  question and answer episode in the senate on about March 7 or 8 about possible action in Syria?  There has already been a coup d’etat-ta-ta, not sure exactly when it occurred. Sessions was told administration would follow legal authority of U.N. and also NATO, then discuss whether Congress could have any say anything about it.   Sessions didn’t like it, but what police power does he and senate have ? It should be a crisis already, but what has the Congress, including House and Senate done?   Easy answer.

    Have you seen that confrontation posted on MSM?  Look for it.  Transcript was on Maggies Notebook a while back.  Couple of youtube posts.

    I think there is something newly elected one’s are told or threatened with …that they succumb. Back in the ’90’s with Perot, it was said a threat to his daughter’s wedding, and he quit.  Really? That was a set up to begin with.  Oh, well…no documentation,references, or sources…just my 2 cents. 

  8. JohnInFlorida says:

    I first read this post just minutes after it was posted here and then I continued making the rounds of the news sites and blogs that I normally check out. During my wandering, I was pointed to this video … I clicked on the link and it turned out to be the 1984 Reagan/Bush campaign TV ad … “Its morning in America again”.

    This time as I watched it, rather than the rush of pride and hope for the future that I felt when I viewed it originally, I had a wave of sadness wash over me.

    That video, while it made me sad, also made me angry, led me back to your post here and caused these comments on what you say in this post.

    The feelings evoked by that video AND what you say in this post both reinforced the fact that I don’t care about whether or not they are trying to “scapegoat conservatism” or why both the Dems and the GOP-e want Obama re-elected. Whether their reasons are the continued advancement of Obama’s (and his handler’s) goals OR the desire to put forth Jeb Bush (or another of his ilk) in 2016 is basically beside the point. What I do care about is turning out the “progressive” politicians OF BOTH PARTIES and electing CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES in their stead. NOTHING matters more than this. Therefore, the down-ticket races are as (or more) important than the Presidential race.

    You say:
    “The basic point is that irrespective of the Presidential race, we can still have a significant impact in 2012.  If we can sweep away some of the liberal Republicans in the Senate, and replace a number of the Democrats who are up this year with conservatives, we can stymie President Obama and aggressively pursue him should he continue to use illegitimate executive powers to run an end-around on Congress even if Romney loses.”
    This may be true:
    AND …
    Your “hot dog analogy” makes a compelling case for NOT holding one’s nose by voting for Romney but instead voting for the Conservative or Libertarian Party nominee or a write-in (Yay, Sarah!) candidate.
    BUT …
    The impending opening of multiple Supreme Court vacancies and the likelihood that Romney picks would be LESS DESTRUCTIVE than Obama picks makes an equally compelling counter-case for “nose holding”.
    Is it possible for a “more conservative” Congress to withhold confirmation of Supreme Court Justices and thereby “wait out” the judicial damage a 2nd Obama term of office could/would cause? Can we mitigate the damage of Obama’s court appointments in that way?  I’m not sure of the answer to this question but in light of the recent “recess appointments” that Obama made, I find it highly unlikely that Congress could “spike” his appointments and thus I think this is another compelling reason for “nose holding”.

    I remember a quote by Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof where he says “on the other hand” so many times that we have a man with more hands than  anyone can have and thus a perplexing dilemma.

    You say:
    “The simple fact remains:  I can’t see how Mitt Romney’s supporters or the GOP establishment will be able to carry off such scapegoating with any credibility.”
    And I answer again that I don’t care if they’re able to carry off the scapegoating or are credible in doing so. All I care about is that my hand pulls the lever that most forcefully advances the cause of Constitutional Conservatism.  At this point, the only thing I’m sure of is that I won’t pull the lever FOR Obama.

    I’m still on the horns of a dilemma, still unsure as to what is the best path to the goal, still searching and reading and vetting the providers of the information I read, still wishing for an August miracle in Tampa and the nomination of someone other than Romney, still VERY glad that I don’t have to decide today and that I/we have until November, AND still believing that I can learn enough to discern the truth and make an informed, smart, CORRECT decision when it comes down to actually voting.

    In addition, I’m glad I found your blog some months ago and included it as one of the sources for my information. Thank you!

    • Mark America says:

      Thanks John. Yes, the horns of the dilemma are making our backsides uncomfortable, for sure. Thank you for reading!

    • the unit says:

      All comments, yours,  other posters, and M.A., relate to responsible persons and how they think and even “feel.”  But now a considerable number of the electorate is like the ole Buck Owens song, “Waitin’ in Your Welfare Line.”  They got the hungries for his love. And they be votin’ in yo welfare line.  That includes the second branch of government, who exempted themselves and dependents on what what ‘folk” have to settle for.  OK us old folks fell for it from Roosevelt on, but we knew and remembered ethical representatives, little did we know of the sell out to NWO, which is what your contending with. I guess government schools started way back. 

       But “were knowing when to hold’em, know’en when to fold’em, know’en when to walk away, know’en when to run.  We tighten the knots to the ship in the slip in the harbor prior to the storm, but if the hurricane hits dead center…all hell breaks loose.  I learned in Katrina, it’s every man for himself.  There is hope but not so much for change.

  9. the unit says:

    Well Alexander Haig said this in the immediate aftermath of the Reagan assassination attempt…
     “I am in control here.”   I saw it on news and heard it and it was probably good at such a time. But it was questioned and wasn’t taken seriously by anyone including MSM.

    Now with Panetta’s answers to Sessions…it is pro forma, … we’ll (executive branch) let you know what we decide and let you know if your opinion counts for anything.  Seems it is taken seriously this time, and to submit wholly. 

  10. Timothy Jacques says:

    It’s kind of like a “light bulb” moment why they pushed  Palin out of the race.

    • the unit says:

      Ready…I can’t resist…How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?…Only one if the psychologist determines it needs to change.

  11. Kathie says:

    Let the scapegoating of Conservatives begin. It will be yet another wedge driven between the Republican old boy network and the disrespected Conservative members of the House and Senate, and hopefully one that will finally and formally divide the latter from the former, and give us a true Conservative party to support in future elections.

  12. KZ-Spectre says:

    Morals, ethics, faith in God.  These define us now and we will be judged by Jesus at the appointed time.  I am not going to violate them for Romney (D)-Mass liberal, the elitist scheming RINO establishment or anyone else.  Will you?  Of course not; unless they are just words or talking points, instead of beliefs you live by.  In brief here are the two main points used against us.  First:  Anybody but Obama.  Really? Anybody?  That includes; but not limited to, Romney, Biden, Sharpton, Holder, Polosi, Reed, you get the idea.  Second:  With no choice you have to vote the Lesser of Two Evils.  No I don’t.  Voting for the lesser evil is still voting for evil.  Back to the Morals, Ethics, Faith in God.  With no one running who represents me I am not giving my vote to someone who doesn’t, no matter what cliché or sound bite they use.  Many will be deceived and led astray in these last days.  As for me I look forward to Christ returning and the Rapture.  Until then we should be true to our morals, ethics and faith in God.