Re-Building the Soviet State – One Law at a Time


Senator Charles Schumer(D-NY) should be ejected from office, not merely by his fellow New Yorkers, but by the whole body of the Senate.  The trouble is, we’d need to eject more than “Chuck the Schmuck” in in order to effect such change.  Today, “Schmucky” introduced a law aimed at punishing people who renounce their citizenship in order to avoid taxation, and forbids them from ever returning, even as visitors.  This communist political hack from New York actually believes the problem is that guys like Eduardo Saverin leave the country, but not the fact that the confiscatory levels of taxation levied against Americans in this disastrous Obama economy drives them away.  Saverin renounced his US citizenship and lives in Singapore, and Schumer isn’t happy about it, since it means the government will not collect taxes from people like Saverin on investment income such as the Facebook IPO scheduled for tomorrow.  It’s like living in a time warp.  The law that Senator Schumer and his pal Bob Casey(D-PA) have introduced has precedent, although not in this country.  No, the bodies of law to which you must make reference in order to find a precedent are places like the former Soviet Union.

Schumer is a leftist troll, but he’s more dangerous than his superficial antics reveal.  Schumer is the quintessential NY politician, meaning he is a barely-disguised communist.  How long until this malevolent weasel decides to erect a physical wall, not to keep immigrants out as you might suppose, but instead to prevent people from leaving?  This law is merely the first logical step on that path, and if you don’t recognize it as such, you’ve forgotten history, and what it makes clear:  As communists and their socialist friends (not a dime’s worth of difference, in fact) begin to break a country down, first those with money, and then those with brains and ability, tend to flee.  They ultimately seek to stop the bleeding by such draconian measures, aimed at using the law as a restraint.  It’s their best attempt at keeping such people in the bonds of servitude to their disgusting slave-states.  It isn’t as though this will stop the bleeding, but you see, that fact will become the impetus, the casus belli for the ongoing class warfare they will escalate.  No matter how it starts, it always ends in physical restraints.

I suppose there are those who might ask why it is that I feel any sympathy for Saverin, or those like him, since they are, after all, abandoning the United States.  For those who think this way, I must ask:  Isn’t the United States abandoning them?  This was the nation in which one might have made a fortune and reaped a benefit, but willingly paid one’s taxes, but that time is over.  To be quite frank about it, if you raise my federal income taxes to nearly 40%, I’m going to leave too, and I will change the name of this site to  The simple fact is that such a level of taxation is obscene and immoral.  There is no moral justification possible for taxing one citizen’s earnings at a different rate than another citizen’s income, and yet this has become the accepted norm since we adopted the progressive income tax early last century.

The progressive income tax is a notion right out of the mind of Karl Marx, and the very idea that Schumer is putting forward is that not only are you forbidden to keep the money you’ve earned, but that if you renounce your citizenship and he can in some way substantiate the fact that you’ve done so to avoid taxes, you must be punished.  I think Chuck Schumer should be punished.  I think if you introduce an openly communist law in the United States Congress, you should be thrown out of that body, placed on an airplane, and sent to live in Havana with that breathing corpse named Fidel.  The problem we have in this country is not that we have too many rich people fleeing the overbearing taxes, but that we have such outrageous taxation at all. I’m not a wealthy guy, by any stretch of the imagination, but I know that excrement rolls down hill, and I also know that there’s somebody with less than I might have, who will look at me with the same malignantly covetous eyes that Schmucky and his gaggle of communist pals leer at Eduardo Saverin.  No matter how poor you might consider yourself to be, there is always somebody in worse condition looking at you as though you’re a “fat-cat.”  Always.

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s no point belaboring the issue.  Chuck Schumer is a disgrace to the United States, and if the people of New York weren’t ruled by a majority of like-minded commies, they would toss him out.  Sadly, we’re stuck with this clown until he has his own twitter moment, or something along those lines, because there is no level of communism the majority of voters in that state will not endorse.  After all, they win, don’t they?  I have serious doubts as to whether this bill will make it over to the House, but if it does, I wonder what it will take for Boehner and the boys over in the House to surrender and go along.  Every last damned American ought to be outraged by this proposal of Schumer’s, but sadly, we now live in a country ripe for demagoguery of the sort Schumer is practicing.  At least he’s fully in the open now, because with this proposal, Schumer has moved from the rabid leftist column directly into the Stalinist column.  This must have been what it was like to live in Russia a century ago, as they agitated against the Tsars and the “merchant class.”  Most of those poor ignorant bastards had no idea with whom they had climbed into bed.

Some things never change.



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5 Responses to Re-Building the Soviet State – One Law at a Time

  1. the unit says:

    Agreed…you said it…” there’s no point belaboring the issue.”  So where do we set up the new society for the new republic?  With all taxes paid,…state, property, schools, sales, federal, employer medical insurance coverage, soon to be Obamacare, FICA, Medicare and so forth and so on…you are at the 40 % at least.  Can’t be Alaska…Putin recently said Alaska was “leased” to U.S.  Maybe he’ll claim it back too?

    Hope we have the election cycle in November.  But remember even Alan West voted to extend the debt last time around.

    But I keep upbeat…hope and change is right around the corner.

  2. BillMetzger says:

    Right as rain Mark!

  3. the unit says:

    Gunboat diplomacy would be required to be safe anywhere in the rest of the whole world.  Renounce citizenship and it would not help a former citizen anywhere.  And now that’s not even available to citizens throughout the world.   That has to do with the old idea of colonial imperialism which is a bastard child of the world today.

    Us’sns  got no where to go.  M.A. don’t either.  Whatever our means and fortunes and even  perhaps our lives will be at stake here and only here, from sea to shining sea. 

  4. the unit says:

    There is law and there is real law. Laid down by those who there ain’t no war against. Ole “the Unit” always knew who to love… starting on Mother’s Day!…”: 

  5. Isabel Matos says:

    Thank you, Mark.  Always good to read when someone remembers what Fidel is all about.. anyone doing this SHOULD live in the goulag that is the entire island.