Our Crisis

Thomas Paine

I was interested to read a piece and listen to the commentary by “Mr. L” posted on his Mr. L’s Tavern blog about why he won’t be out beating the drum for Mitt Romney this Fall, and I find that I simply cannot disagree.   His reasoning is sound, and in many ways, he repeats the complaints I’ve lodged, as well as those leveled by other staunch conservatives who realize Mitt Romney simply isn’t a conservative, by any measure, or in any significant way.  To be blunt about it, Mitt Romney is a liberal Republican, and while he may well be the party’s nominee, he’s not my candidate, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold my nose and vote for him.  I’m not alone, apparently, but there exists a growing number of people in the Republican party who are so desperate to be rid of Barack Obama that they will accept almost anyone.  I don’t like counterfeit conservatives, and in fact, it’s fair to say that in many respects, I dislike them even more than Obama, and it’s because they do more to undermine our nation than Obama ever will.  How many times have we been undermined by Republicans who rush to surrender to the statists?

In war, the only thing worse than the enemy is a saboteur or spy or collaborator, who pretends to be one of your own, while working to undermine you.  This is the reason that in war, we traditionally deal severely with traitors and such, because in fact, they are worse than the enemy because you’ve relied upon them to be on your side.  I have come to view the entirety of the Republican establishment in that light, and there’s really no getting around the fact that in many ways, they serve as a fifth column for the statist phalanx.  They pat us on the head like children, with all their solemn assurances that they understand the conservative point of view when they want and need our votes, but when it comes time to implement policy, the pat on the head is replaced by a swat on the behind as we’re sent to a perpetual time-out in the corner of the classroom.  After decades of this, we should begin to bring our own dunce caps.  We’ve been snookered again, but not by Barack Obama.  Despite the great Presidency of Ronald Reagan, the GOP establishment has never accepted our ideology, while they have accepted our votes and financial support.

We should expect Obama to lie, and to advance the cause of statism at every turn.  He’s a statist, and we’d be shocked if he did anything else, and for that reason, we have risen to oppose him.  The problem remains that we are still losing, but the reason we’re losing is not because Barack Obama is such a masterful politician.  He’s simply not that good.  Instead, we are losing because we accept leaders who dither and negotiate and squander every tactical advantage in pursuit of a strategy that doesn’t include any concept of victory you or I might accept.  Instead, the GOP establishment leads us from retreat to surrender, on one battlefield after the next, and the truth is that until we supplant them entirely, and until we push them out of the party, or abandon it to them, going off to form our own, we will never find victory, as it is ever delayed, forestalled, or abandoned as an idealistic goal never to be achieved.  Their approach rests on the basis of the “pragmatic” calculation that politics is all about the “art of compromise,” in establishment terms, but translated into language you and I understand: “Complete and unconditional surrender…over the long run.”  The Republican establishment offers that the statists are like The Borg of Star Trek infamy, and that we “will be assimilated.”

Mitt Romney is part of the greater parcel that ails the Republican party.  He’s exactly that which most conservatives can at best hold their noses to support, but at worst can merely look at with disdain, or even contempt.  As a matter of factual consideration, the truth is that Romney’s operatives were already undermining the McCain-Palin ticket during the 2008 election cycle in October, before the defeat, and they were already establishing the narrative that it was Sarah Palin’s fault.  Mr. L picked up on this fact, and I’ve discussed it here before, but I raise this only because Mr. L, while delivering the bill of particulars against Mitt Romney, mentions that the Romney bunch had been attacking Palin as early as Novemeber 5th of 2008, but I beg to differ only inasmuch as we now know they were attacking her a good deal earlier, in October.  It’s a minor point, but it’s not insignificant, as many of you voted for John McCain solely because he picked Sarah Palin to join him on the ticket, and in the context of a political “war,” it’s important to know who was working on behalf of Benedict Romney in shoving Palin under the bus, and when.  They didn’t wait for the defeat, but proactively began to establish a narrative aimed at undermining Palin for the future, and of course undercutting McCain-Palin in that cycle.

Bearing in mind that many of you were holding your noses to vote for McCain at all, motivated in large measure by the prospect of the able young Governor of Alaska as his running mate, it’s important for you to recognize who it is that you’re now being asked to support.  I say “asked,” but the truth is more like “cajoled” and “prodded” and “urged,” and in a few cases, “bullied.”  I won’t be bullied, so those vocal Romney-oids can cease with the e-mails.  I’m much too busy to read much e-mail these days, but what I do read won’t be the various iterations of “support Romney if you’re a real patriot.”  Excuse me?  The next time I see somebody named Romney walking a mile in the combat boots I once wore, talk to me about patriotism.  Otherwise, they can shove off.  While some of these were still in diapers, or standing on a stool to be breastfed in the absence of a Time magazine photographer, I was following orders all over the globe at the behest of a real Commander-in-Chief, so lay off the ridiculous appeals to a misplaced sense of patriotism.  It won’t work on me, so forget it.

You see, this is my basic dilemma, and it’s no different from what many of you now share:  Romney may well be all there is in 2012, but can we survive four more years of Obama?  I’ve decided that for me, the answer doesn’t matter any longer, even though I think the answer is “yes.”  Yes we can.  Yes we will.  What I’ve decided we cannot survive is another four years of an “opposition party” that doesn’t oppose diddly.  That’s right, I said it.  I have come to view the GOP establishment as the political enemy I must defeat.  I can’t defeat the statists by siding with their gentler , plodding version.  The constitutional republic will not be restored by going somewhat more slowly into that good night.  I recognize that many view Romney as a stalling tactic of sorts, and as a way to buy a little time to shore up Congress, take back the Senate, and so on.  I say to you that if you shore it up with Boehner, Cantor, and their ilk, while capturing the Senate only to place it in the hands of Mitch McConnell, there’s no point, and you’re not even delaying the inevitable.

I may find in short order that I am writing to read my own typos, and little else, but that’s okay by me. From obscurity only to return to obscurity is fine where I’m concerned.  I realize some conservatives have such an over-riding fear of Obama that they would vote for anybody at all who would oppose him, but I must tell you that I am not that desperate.  I am not afraid of the big bad wolf, huff and puff though he may.  My emotional, political and philosophical house is made of brick, and besides, I’ll always resist the further encroachment of government.  Over this last month and one-half as I have dealt with issues of a personal, professional, and agricultural nature, what I began to recognize is that Ayn Rand was correct: The only way to resolve such a problem is to withdraw your material support.  I think most of you already do that, each in your own way.  After all, how many of you have contributed to the GOP lately? You might selectively contribute to candidates or causes, but the party?  No. You’re not foolish, and you don’t wish to oil a machine that continues in many instances to work against you.

My question must then change:  If I do not wish to give my material support to the Republican Party, should I give the most precious thing I have to give — my vote — to the service of a party that has worked non-stop for three-and-one-half years to shove Mitt Romney down my throat?  A vote is a valuable thing, and I view it a bit like one’s virginity.  You shouldn’t yield it frivolously, because once you’ve done so, there’s no getting it back.  The glorious thing about a vote is that you have a new one to give in each election, although it can never fully repair any damage you may have done with its predecessors.  I want politicians to understand that my vote isn’t automatic because one has an “R” appended to his or her name, and that I expect performance.  The same is true of parties, and causes, and virtually anything in politics or the free market.  I don’t yet know how I will vote, but I am inclined to withhold it from either major candidate at this time.

There will be the inevitable cursing and gnashing of teeth aimed at me, along with the many others who may decide to stand in opposition to the GOP establishment.  I welcome it as I do the aches and pains of age that now greet me each morning , confirming  by unpleasant means the good news that I remain among the living.  In the same way, I expect that I will find that there exists some number of conservatives who will dislike my stance…immensely, but I will take their vocal displeasure as evidence that they understand the implications of my stand.  If the people who would tend to vote Republican in lieu of a conservative candidate wish to win the White House, they’re going to find their path difficult.  Like Mr. L, I will not “rah-rah” for a liberal Republican.  I will not trade my virtue for momentary satisfaction that will leave me feeling empty in the searing light of the morning after.

I recognize there will be those of you who disagree with my position on this, but that’s a deeply personal choice we must make, one and all.  I’m not so afraid of Barack Obama.  I’m not frightened of all of the things we believe he might well bring about, because I now view most of them as inevitable, and I know that Mitt Romney will neither stop them, nor even be inclined to do so if he could.  I also know that in another generation, we won’t have so many people willing to resist as we do now.  This is and has been the intention of the statists right along, as they have propagandized our children for five decades.  I have long agreed with the words of Thomas Paine, for so long as I’ve known them, and now that the time is drawing nigh, I will not wilt from them, or pretend they hadn’t been uttered, or written:

“If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace. ” –Thomas Paine

Is this not the sentiment of all conservatives?  I think it so.   Will a battle with the GOP establishment be messy?  Undoubtedly.  Will conducting it whilst the raging statism of Obama continues apace make it all the more desperate a battle?  Surely.  Will I yield for the sake of a false unity that abides no satisfaction of my complaints?  No.  These times truly are what Paine reported as he wrote of The Crisis:

“THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated. Britain, with an army to enforce her tyranny, has declared that she has a right (not only to TAX) but “to BIND us in ALL CASES WHATSOEVER” and if being bound in that manner, is not slavery, then is there not such a thing as slavery upon earth. Even the expression is impious; for so unlimited a power can belong only to God.”

If this is not the character of our resistance to tyranny, I must ask “Why bother?”  Do I trade my vote to forestall it only?  For what will I next trade it?  A month’s delay? A week?  Another miserable breath?  If I must ask myself about the character that has been my life, I cannot for so paltry a sum diminish it.  Life may abound in compromises, but even so, knowing what constitutes compromise from that which embodies surrender is a critical distinction I cannot ignore.  I will not be bound to Mitt Romney, and I will not admit that Barack Obama controls my fate.

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48 Responses to Our Crisis

  1. Supertx says:

    I completely understand and agree, although I do feel we can’t take another four years of Obama. This creates quite the dilemma.
    Although we kept up hope, I think we knew deep down that Romney was chosen from the start.

    • PLWalker says:

       Well if you vote for Romney you will end up with Obama, just like we did in 2008…If Romney by some fluke could beat Obama, you will see  no changes….It’s one of those hell if we do, hell if we don’t….On principal, I refuse to vote for either one….NEWT or no one…

    • Lou says:

       It creates no dilemma for me….Romney cannot beat Obama, just like McCain couldn’t…So a vote for Romney, holding nose again, will get the same results…Obama, 4 more yrs….voting for Newt and no one else….I have principals to live by….

  2. the unit says:

    All you write is so very true.  And most who have read here a while will agree.  What to do?  Hold nose or abstain?  I’ll keep watching throughout what I think will be a agitated summer.

    There is a song that describes our leadership, not country, to me.  Looks like may have to substitute “drones” for “things”  descending over me, however. Trying to :)

  3. travelingon says:

    I’m right there with you.

  4. susiepuma says:

    This has been my thought also for the longest time – there is only one party in this country with two wings and neither of them are worth the powder to blow them to hell……………….. I will not be coerced into voting for Romeny – I loathe him almost as much as I loathe the fraud and I loathe him with every fiber of my being.  I like being an Independent and I can bash both wings equally as hard but my vote for President is, was, and will be for Governor Sarah Palin………………

  5. Barri Park says:

    Yea , as much as I agree and feel vindicated because wise analysts say it I am sure you will feel the wrath . I am blocked from Newt Gingrich facebook for speaking negatively of Romney there when it has tolerated me speaking negatively of Newt and about everyone else in the GOP there . I think Palin , West and Keyes are the only ones that have not sold us out to the RomneyRoom. The GOP feels they got the win now and screw us . I fear Mitt Romney much more than I fear a lame duck Obama.

  6. tomk.america says:

    If not now, when?

  7. oyster0302 says:

    Mark, another thing everyone needs to consider is that if Romney should win he will be the RNC chosen one for 4 more years.  Can anyone stomach 8 years of Romney?

  8. stevethird says:

    IMV, not voting or voting for a throaway candidate means the problems we have continue for four more years. A vote for Romney is an admission that they will never really be solved. Right now I’m not voting for Romney. He’s gonna’ have to go some to earn my vote, but as the song says, “He keeps samin’ when he oughta’ be changin’.

  9. excopconservative says:

    Very well said.  My grandmother  had a saying that is appropriate, “If you don’t get your way, it’s your own damned fault.”  We must insist on getting a nominee that will do the needed things to implement “sudden relentless reform”.  Anything less is a surrender to the statists.

    A plurality of six delegations is needed to move to suspend the rules in Tampa.  1144 delegates (no matter who they are pledged to) are needed to vote to suspend.  Romney may have well over the 1144 delegates pledged to him, but are they really Romney supporters?  Do they want a liberal Republican leading a group of conservative candidates for House and Senate?  Are they really content with a nominee that can not oppose a health care law that he himself instigated?  Are they happy with a nominee that calls himself a “severe conservative” but who doesn’t associate himself with the TEA Party movement?  Are they pleased to nominate a man who inspires so many that a large crowd for him is 100?  Will it be inspiring for the delegates to nominate a “leader” who places his finger to the wind prior to deciding his position on issues and endorsements?

    The delegates will arrive at Tampa with many misgivings about Romney.  Will they have the courage to stand with their convictions?  The future of the country may hang in the balance.

  10. Guest says:

    I will never vote for Etch-a-sketch. His presidency is the death knell for conservatism in this country. We are much better off with a more conservative House and Senate which will push liberal Republicans to vote conservative or lose their next election. A Romney presidency will force all Republicans to sign on to his big government agenda.
    For the next 4 years a more conservative Congress can fight Obama’s executive abuse of power. If we settle for 8 years of Etch-a-sketch the America we now know will be lost forever.

    Also, I look forward to Sarah Palin continuing to get in Obama’s face. She will not be able to do the same to Romney.

    If Romney wins he will be the head of the Republican party. If Obama wins no matter how Tokyo Rove and the Bush-wackers including Fox News try to spin it Sarah Palin will be the voice of the Republican party. Etch-a-sketch will be a loser and just fade away.

    Next in line liberal squish will be the agenda every 4 years. Better to fight this war now. Just say “Nope to the GOPe!”

    Get your Momma Grizzly ON!

  11. TeaPartyBarbie says:

    The process is not over, and we still have things we can do. 

    1) We can get the most “newtish” Palinistas in those delegate slots. Over the next 4 weeks delegate selections will be on going in many states. Don’t let “fakes” get in your delegate slots. Don’t let folks paid by the Romney campaign or paid by the Ron Paul Campaign get slots that belong to Newt and Santorum. 

    2) We must begin to educate our fellow Republicans on the history of our party and help them realize that candidates that come out of brokered conventions win. Garfield, for example, came to the convention as a delegate and to give a nominating speech for Sherman and wasn’t even running for President. He was working to fight a particular rule (unit rule) and formed an intercandidate coalition to defeat the rule and almost had the convention chair and the head of the RNC thrown out. He was a floor nomination. 

    3) Folks who will be heading to Tampa need to learn the rules and their practical implications. 


    4) We will need a large coalition of delegates from 5 states who are like minded for the floor nominations, and we need to seek an end state whereby floor nominations are no longer so onerous. 

    We cannot lose hope to despair, and we cannot give in and forsake the principles that we hold dear as Republicans and Americans. This fight is not over… it will just take a different form. We must begin to organize on that better battlefield with the proper political assets and organization with our tasks to seek the end that we all see as most desirable. 

  12. the unit says:

    Just asking?  Would Romney rule by executive order?  Obama has and says he will circumvent Congress, no matter who you vote in.  I’ve never seen Congress stop an E .O. in my life.  It keeps them from having to act, and  a Congressperson can say,,,I did not do that. I just remind again…even Alan West voted to extend the debt limit and NDAA.  As to question…I guess he, Romney, would/will as have all presidents in my life time.  Just a coward Congress for a coward public, no Thomas Paine seen anywhere.

    • Angela Hale says:

       Yes, but if you recall the Tea Party was being trashed in the media and by the bully in the pulpit. They were losing the messaging war and the American people.
      As for the E.O.’s you have a point but if our strong conservative congress wanted to fight them now, we’d never know it because it would not get past Reid. Who know what a strong opposition in the congress would/could do? I do know that with Romney and a GOP congress, they’ll do nothing that would go against him.
      Look at this video and tell me that they would stop Romney if he decided to push through a liberal agenda:http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=w8DrAYOZqk0

  13. Angela Hale says:

    Mark, I wish we could clone you. We need more like you fighting for the conservative cause. 

  14. Guest says:

    Amen! That’s exactly how I think.

  15. Sue Zingelmann says:

    ** I recognize there will be those of you who disagree with my position on
    this, but that’s a deeply personal choice we must make, one and all. 
    I’m not so afraid of Barack Obama.  I’m not frightened of all of the
    things we believe he might well bring about, because I now view most of
    them as inevitable, and I know that Mitt Romney will neither stop them,
    nor even be inclined to do so if he could.**

    Ditto :)

  16. the unit says:

    Read Mr. L’s Tavern.  Almost stopped with PaulAqaeda.  Absurd!   The bar is so low now for admission to elective office that even slug slime can’t exude beneath it. And that’s the dance to go beneath it…we are in the race to clear the high jump to Marxism, otherwise known as NWO. I hate to say it, but all our pols have bought into it, and there is no getting around that.  Nation state is over. World Government is here to stay.  G8 at Camp David, NATO at Chicago.  Say Hello and be prepared to pay for it.

  17. Teri Mount McCall says:

    Applauding!  Thank you very much for eloquently stating exactly how I feel!   I shared this with my facebook friends and family too.  Thank you very much!  God Bless you too!

  18. PLWalker says:

    I WILL never ever vote for Romney…THE RNC cannot make my mind up for me this time….It just won’t happen…I will vote for Newt….He is still on the ballot, and if not, it’s a write in vote, and NO ONE had  better tell me I am wasting my vote or being unpatriotic…..If I voted Romney that would be exactly the case…A waste of my vote, because he cannot and will not beat Obama, and my patriotism is intact, because NEWT is the only true patriot there is..He has my vote….:)

  19. Lou says:

    I WILL never ever vote for Romney…THE RNC cannot make my mind up for
    me this time….It just won’t happen…I will vote for Newt….He is
    still on the ballot, and if not, it’s a write in vote, and NO ONE had 
    better tell me I am wasting my vote or being unpatriotic…..If I voted
    Romney that would be exactly the case…A waste of my vote, because he
    cannot and will not beat Obama, and my patriotism is intact, because
    NEWT is the only true patriot there is..He has my vote….:) 

  20. Call Me Mom says:

    Kudos to you. A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil. I prefer to vote for good. There are more than 250 candidates registered with the FEC. Surely one of them would fill the bill.

  21. S says:

    I would submit the problem is far worse than you outline, and for one critical reason.  The answer is no, we cannot survive another 4 years of Obama.  That is certainly not a question.  Will there still be a nation called “The United States”, of course, but the idea of “states” united will have long since disappeared.  Why it is worse, is as you have described.  Republican Progressives (PLEASE lose the “liberal” label, which is wrong historicallly, and currently) will continue the erosion of individual liberties and promote right wing Progressivism, which you label “statism”.
    If I had an answer, I would have run for Chairman of the GOP, as it was, I acted as a state director for Newt, who with Ron Paul (an unacceptable anarchist masquerading as a Libertarian, not to mention my disgust with his antisemitism) were the ONLY 2 real ANTI Progressives in the race.

  22. Enigmaticaluna says:

    I applaud your honesty, because I have tell for the last 4 years to anyone who wanted to hear and understand, getting ready to this times, that in order to bring and restore this Nation to the right path, we must vote with honesty, integrity principle and our Christian values.
      First Supreme Court John Jay advise us…
    “He stated that when we select our national leaders, if we are to
    preserve our Nation, we must select Christians. “Providence has given to
    our people the choice of their rulers and it is the duty as well as the
    privilege and interest of our Christian Nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.”
      He’s a wise person from the past, that has tell us that Christians will preserve the right of others to believe in whatever they want too, but at the same time, to be weary of those “religions and cults” that will try to destroy Christianity to impose theirs…. as it’s happening today (islam)

      By morality, principle and integrity and for most my Faith I CAN’T never vote for Mitt on any position of power, in fact I’m fighting against him with many conservatives that see that he’s not so far apart from obama, the color of his skin and the name of the party is the only difference, but their policies are the same, as everything obama is doing in national level, MITT HAD DONE IT BEFORE in his state of MA.
      Only phony conservatives ( just by name) will vote someone like Mitt who’s so against everything we represent, we might get obama, but that will be because was meant to be if we don’t fight back against MITT, provoking a brokered convention, where we conservatives can actually choose one of our own.
      Corruption bring corruption, and we can’t save this Nation by bring more corruption in exchange for the one we already have.
      It’s to know that Nations are govern by the people choice, if the people is corrupt (lazy, apathetic, pity) they will bring the same kind of elected non-leaders of freedom, but if the people choose with integrity and values, they will look for the same kind of leaders and they will get those that will look for the interest of the Nation.
      For that, I agree 1000% with your statement, too many try to sale out the slogan” if you don’t vote for Mitt you vote for Obama” if I don’t vote for Mitt is because I vote for Country, no party, I want in the future to get up in the morning and be able to look to my grand children and said ” I did all I can to preserve your freedoms, and I didn’t rest until I make sure that those freedoms and rights you born with, were yours and were protected until you old enough to do the same for yourself.” As I have live dictatorship I have see the political spectrum that we face today, either mitt or obama is to bring us to my past and it’s time for people to stop choosen party and the less of two evils, it’s time to look for Country and remember that this Nation freedom, has been paid by many who give some and some who give ALL…

  23. Jeff1000 says:

    A conservative caller, asked Mark Levin, why he should vote for Romney. Levin said he should vote for Romney because Romney’s not a Marxist. To not vote, or to vote for someone who has no chance of winning, is to vote for Marxism. And anyone who supports Marxism, directly or undirectly, is my enemy.

  24. OSUBUCKEYEFAN70 says:

    To vote for Romney would be supporting AN enemy…MY enemy….Trying to belittle us and shame us into voting for the wrong person again, as we did in 2008 would be criminal….Mark Levin doesn’t speak for me….I vote my choice and have always walked in lock step with the Republican Party….See where that got us?? And besides if all of those dead people vote for Obama, plus the unions and Chicago mafia, what chance do the rest of us have anyway….SOoooo thanks Mr Levin for trying that guilt trip, but it doesn’t scare me into voting YOUR way…..

  25. C Bartlett says:

    Well written article Mark.  I have read and re-read both your and Mr. L’s Tavern articles several times now.  First let me say that I voted early last week and that I voted for Newt and Ted Cruz for the Senate.  If Romney and Dewhurst are going to be “inevitable” they will be “inevitable” without my vote in the primary.  I have attended a Cruz rally, put signs in my yard and contributed money to his campaign – something I have never done before in my over 35 years as a voter, because I think getting conservatives in the Senate is of utmost importance this year. 
    That being said, while I respect your position in allowing Obama to win this election (by not voting) because you feel that it makes no difference, I disagree for two reasons:  (1) ObamaCare and (2) Supreme Court. 
    I absolutely agree with you that Romney will make very little, if any, headway into fixing what is fundamentally wrong with this country. We have entirely too many people sucking on the system in one form or another – and that includes entitlements of all kinds as well as too many government agencies, regulations and most important, way too many government employees who will continue to vote to keep their (or their spouse’s)  job.  Elected officials will NEVER voluntarily do away with any of these because, heaven forbid, they might not get re-elected.  Whichever “group” that is affected (Social Security, EPA, State & Federal Dept of Education, Medicare, take your pick) will blast the airwaves with horrible, sympathetic ads and the electeds will back off supporting that particular disbursement or agency’s reform and/or demise.  Almost every problem in this country can be boiled down to that fact in one way or another. Both voters and elected officials have their head in the sand and are in denial about the very hard choices that will have to be made. Bottom line – everyone is selfish and protecting their own interests.  My husband & I are convinced that we will have to completely hit bottom before anything will change.  I don’t know if it will be as bad as the Great Depression, but it could easily come very close. BUT – IF AND WHEN we are going to hit bottom (that might actually take a few years), I don’t want to see ObamaCare anywhere close to being implemented and I certainly don’t want any more liberal, activist judges on the Supreme Court to aid and abet whatever the recovery process might look like.  
    I am convinced that Romney and the other Republican Progressives have no real desire to implement a true conservative plan for this country. I am constantly dismayed that they, along with the Liberal Demoncrats, control the money and the power, and therefore the elections. I have no clue how to educate the voting population as to what they are doing – there are way too many otherwise responsible voters that just don’t care enough to learn about what is going on in Washington DC and how our liberty is v-e-r-y slowly being usurped – kind of like the frog in the pot of water with the heat being turned up. We have not had “an event” of significant magnitude to wake them up or make the water boil – at least not yet.  The economics and politics of the corruption that is Washington is difficult to dissect and understand, and the media certainly assists in the cover-up.
    I am sincerely hoping for at least a few more conservatives in the Senate and the House this time around. We knew last time that this was going to take a few cycles and lots of hard work.  Just getting Harry Reid out of the Senate leadership could have made a huge difference during the last two years.  (We all should have paid a lot more attention to that race in 2010 – live and learn….)  We are absolutely going to have to hold all members of Congress more accountable no matter who wins the White House in November.  If the SC does not find ObamaCare unconstitutional, I do think repeal will be voted on in both houses and if Romney is in the White House, while he may not actually FIGHT for repeal, there’s no way he’d have the guts to veto a repeal from Congress. Obama – duh – it’s HIS mark on history – he’d veto it in a split second. I have my doubts that we’ll be able to get a veto-proof majority in both houses.  Hence – reason #1 to not allow Obama another term.
    It is likely that Romney would not appoint true conservatives to the Supreme Court but surely he and the GOP EST wouldn’t allow someone as radically, blatantly liberally activist as Sotomayor or Kagan. Obama? Yeah – two more of those kind and we’re doomed. We are stuck with these for LIFETIME.  No matter how good of a job we eventually do to re-introduce conservative principals in the future, if lifetime appointed liberal judges do not support conservative laws in court, it won’t matter how many conservatives we manage to get in any elections.  We are seeing federal control tying the hands of even our city, county, and local school leadership in ways that they have no business doing – hence reason #2 for not allowing Obama another term.
    There is actually one more reason. I have never thought that Obama had much “class”. He does not have enough common sense to deal with foreign countries effectively. I don’t know if he is getting really bad advice from the people around him or he is so narcissistic that he just ignores them. But I think there are a bunch of countries laughing at us behind our back (and possibly have weapons aimed at us, as well) because we are foolish enough to allow someone like Obama to be our leader. I just hate that we are the brunt of the joke.  
    I will continue to hope and pray for a better candidate to come out of the convention, but I know, deep down, that the chances are slim.  Like you (and Mr. L), I will absolutely NOT “rah rah for Romney” either. But I WILL vote for him against Obama.

  26. Buckeyefan70 says:

    I just don’t get it….Why is it, that people think that voting for Romney will automatically get rid of Obama??? HE CANNOT beat OBAMA even if 99% of living human beings voted for him…Obama will have 200 % of dead people voting for him….So why even bother to vote??? I will, because I can, and I DO for the time being live in a country where I am free to vote my choice….AND unless,, if or when, the RNC drags someone worthy out of the closet for me to vote on, I know who I will and I won’t vote for….

  27. Kathie says:

    Like you, I have drawn the line. The only point on which we differ is that it sounds like there is a sliver of a chance you might vote for Romney. Otherwise, I am 99.9% in agreement with you.

  28. Lou says:

    People who say they will vote for Romney to get Obama out live in a world I cannot comprehend….Romney cannot beat Obama, I don’t care if 99% of living human beings vote for him…200% of the combination of dead people, unions, and the Chicago mafia will beat Romney..Therefore any vote or a no vote will make no difference….

  29. Lou says:


  30. el_polacko says:

    when did this site go full tin-foil hat ?? you’ve got me wondering if this rant isn’t a false flag coming from the obama camp. if you wanna leave the republican party (or think that it has left you) then fine…leave. join a third party, start your own party, become a democrat…whatever. but claiming to be a ‘true’ republican while trying to convince fellow republicans that it’s in their best interests to vote against (or abstain from voting for) the republican candidate is just wrong….and calling the candidate a “spy” or a “saboteur” is just nuts.

  31. CC says:

    Mark, we miss you buddy! I know you’re busy with the farm, but I need to hear from THE BEST VOICE OUT THERE on the common sense issues of the day. Please take 1 hour to post one of your GEMS so that I can tweet to everyone who has an ear! LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR NEXT POST.

  32. the unit says:

    With further ado…M.A. will post again without further notice. Probably be in a few minutes according to past predictions.:) Sunday is as believers does.

  33. CC says:

    Still waitin’ Mark! Did you vote for Newt today? He’s still on the Ballot, you know. Let us Real Conservatives throw a monkey wrench in the system so that we can get a brokered convention!

  34. Pat says:

    I heard a little while ago Romney only needs 58 more delegates to cinch the race….I DON’T care, I will not vote for the arse, He cannot beat Obama so why should I waste a vote on him?? I have always done the right thing, or at least the RNC’s right thing all of these yrs, and for what?? Whatever I do it is a wasted vote…So be it….GO NEWT….

  35. bdwatcher says:

    Much to my dismay, this writing has been in the works for decades. Marxist, socialists, communists.. what next doesn’t really matter. It appears that the forces to be are leading those not aware by their noses to exactly where intended. I once said to another. (ex)  “You are where you let yourself be.” Well, a good majority are going to be where they let themselves be. I will vote for Romney. I do believe our “fundamental transformation” will be complete in another 4 years of O. I write letters to Congressmen, Senators, contribute to Right to Work and others. But, sometimes it looks like we are alone in this fight with so many in power willing to do anything for money and more power.

    I have my greenhouse, planting vegetables and will next hope to have a chicken pen. I don’t want to trade a wheelbarrel of cash for a loaf of bread. Priorities…

    Walker re-elected. Maybe a start?

  36. I share your sentiment and I have been stewing about the possibility of entering the voting booth and voting for everything EXCEPT the Presidency. I truly do not want my vote to go toward “more of the same”. This post is a masterpiece. Well done!