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While I’m busy declaring war on the GOP establishment, I ought to make mention of another thing that burns me up.  Some of you will have noticed throughout the primary campaign season that certain GOP candidates seemed unwilling to go after Mitt Romney on a number of issues, and always seemed to defer to him in various ways.  It’s true.  Some of them seemed more interested in blowing him kisses than in defeating him, and to be blunt, some of you along with me thought at times that they may have been conspiring with Mitt right along.  If to withhold one’s criticisms of one’s opponents is to evince some sort of collusion, I must now ask you what it must be if Mitt Romney does it with respect to Barack Obama.   This business of Mitt Romney repudiating the examination of Barack Obama’s relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright and other leftist radicals is disgusting.

Mark Levin commented on this subject last week, and he properly flogged Romney.  RightScoop provides the audio.

Levin is spot-on here.  Romney used every conceivable advertising gimmick and revisionist historical fraud to attack Newt Gingrich, and he and his surrogates left no stone un-turned in seeking to hammer the former House Speaker, but when it comes to Barack Obama, some things are simply off limits.   Ladies and gentlemen, I must ask you with a sense of grim foreboding:  If you believe that Ron Paul held fire on Mitt Romney in exchange for something, why do you suppose Mitt Romney is insisting on holding fire against Barack Obama?  Answer it.  If you believe there is a quid pro quo in the first instance, please tell me what you believe about the second instance?  Don’t tell me that Romney is “unwilling to go to the gutter,” or some such nonsense.  He was more than willing when his opponent was Newt Gingrich.  He was more than willing when any of the would-be non-Romneys rose, even momentarily.  Sure, he used surrogates, but what is this business about leaving the Rev. Wright issue alone?

Does he believe it will buy Obama’s silence on Romney’s religion?  It won’t, and the evidence is that it hasn’t.  Knowing this, why would Romney seek to repudiate all of those who raise the issue of Rev. Wright?   When it was about obtaining the nomination, Romney was a “no-holds-barred” and “hey, that’s politics” sort of guy, but now that it’s Barack Obama, whose defeat is the object of this entire campaign, he’s pulling his punches?

Don’t tell me that the GOP establishment wishes to defeat Barack Obama.  Don’t tell me they don’t constitute a “fifth column.”  Don’t pretend to me that Mitt Romney is anything but another statist placeholder who will lead us into defeat.  I have taken all I am inclined to take when it comes to the Republican establishment.  It’s not that they don’t know how to win, but that they don’t want us to win.  Holding back on Barack Obama’s associations with radicals isn’t a strategy to “keep clear of the gutter,” as some would suppose, but a strategy to let Barack Obama go un-vetted for a second consecutive election cycle, and the only reason somebody, anybody, could possibly want that is…


You see, there are those who have already begun to argue that Romney, if he loses, will do so because of a lack of support.  The idea is to shift blame to conservatives, Tea Party folk, or anybody else who will not step up and vocally support or at least vote for Romney.  I reject that thesis as a scandalous lie.  Don’t tell me Romney wants to win but doesn’t want to talk about Reverend Jeremiah Wright, or Bill Ayers, or the whole rogues’ gallery of philosophical villainy that accompanies Barack Obama.  Then, after rejecting these obvious problems with Barack Obama, I’m to blame if Mitt Romney loses?

No way.

If Mitt Romney loses, it will be because he failed.  He failed to be a conservative.  He failed to insist on talking about Barack Obama’s radical associations.  He failed to rally the base of the Republican party.  He failed to motivate conservatives.  He failed. If you want to blame me for a Romney loss, have at it, but I won’t accept blame.  Here we have a candidate who saw no problem in hammering his Republican opponents in dishonest ways, but who now shrinks from talking about the truth of Barack Obama, and some wish to blame me?

If you will not call a monster by name in public, why would you be surprised if others will not view him in that light?  After all, we elect Presidents because we expect them to tell us the truth even when it’s unpleasant.  If we know the truth about Obama, but Romney won’t say it, what could be the justification?  At what point does somebody step up and ask Romney:  “Why won’t you talk about Obama’s radical associations?”  Why, after saying he cannot tell the superPACs that support him what to do, when it came to Newt Gingrich, is he now going out of his way to dissociate himself from any discussion of Obama on this subject by those superPACs?  What he’s done is to “call off the dogs” on this, something he refused to do when it came to Gingrich just a few months ago, laughing it off as the nature of politics.

I am beginning to think Mitt Romney will have a good deal for which to answer if/when he loses in November, because if he refuses to talk about Obama’s past, he’s helping Obama to win.  Every conservative in the country must know this, lest a parade of the “political analysts” tell us it’s our fault.





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  1. Carmtom13 says:

    Mark they will not only blame the conservatives, they will all blame Governor Sarah Palin. To them I say they had the perfect candidate who would not sit down and shut up and who has been taking on BHO since 2008, has more stones than all of them but instead of getting behind a winner Governor Palin they chose to get behind a rino. Why? In my opinion it is that she is not 4 sale and will not go along to get along. She is a constitutional conservative with a proven record and stood up to the GOP establishment in Alaska. Perhaps that is the problem the DC elite GOP establishment is paying her back for that. Romney loses the GOP will have nobody to blame but THEMSELVES!

  2. Guest says:

    I loved this rant! Encore!

  3. excopconservative says:

    On Saturday, the MN Republican Party selected 13 at large “Party” delegates to the convention.  These delegates were not selected based on any caucus or primary.  Ron Paul won 12 of the 13 “Party” delegates.  Romney couldn’t even mount a challenge.  He has NO supporters.  He could have evened up the score some for the delegates he did not get in the caucus by going after the “at large” delegates but he did not.  So Ron Paul chalks up another delegation.  Does that make 11 or 12?  Certainly enough to make motions in Tampa.

    If he can’t compete with Ron Paul, how does he expect to compete with Obama, his unions, and his leftist groups?  He has lost before he has begun.  It takes people to vote and unless you can raise the dead, as the democrats certainly will, they have to convince others to vote with them.  Where are these people?  Romney is in command of a vanished army, missing in the small skirmishes, and refusing to serve in the larger war. 


  4. Teri Mount McCall says:

    The GOP has no one to blame but themselves for this one.  The very definition of stupid is doing the same thing over and over then expecting a different result!  The ONLY way Romney will have a chance to actually win is if blue dog Democrats and Independents fill in the void from the conservative base and give it to him.  I don’t think I know very many Conservatives at all that are willing to vote for Romney … maybe one or two and I am praying they will change their minds.

  5. Lynda says:

    you said everything I have tried to say….I just do not think they want to win…and I do not understand why….

    • wodiej says:

       I think it’s because they are all corrupt, no matter who wins, THEY win, and WE THE PEOPLE LOSE.

  6. Lynda says:

    You said everything I was thinking and h

  7. TENCOLE says:

    Daaaang, Mark, it’s like you’ve been reading my mind.
    It’s like the gope want to loose…setting up 2016 for someone they really like….like a Jeb Bush.

    I loathe the gope as much as I loathe Obama…..I will not vote for either and I just don’t care what the “you just gave Obama another 4 years”  people think.

    Keep up the good work, there are many of us that believe like you do.
    BTW Mark, you are fast becoming one of my heroes. ♥

  8. More Romney bashig…it never quits with you guys. Your mad SP didn’t run, well so am I but that’s not Romneys fault, it’s SP’s fault. Why don’t you rag on Her?

    • Guest says:

       We are mad that the GOPe is trying to force a statist down our throat.

      We’ve drawn a line in the sand. Deal with it!

      Your boy should have challenged Obama for the Democrat nomination.

      Conservatives are conservative first not Republican and definitely not “sheeple.”

      • hbnolikeee says:

        You either buck up and support Mitt or enjoy the ride as we nose dive into the sewer.

        • Guest says:

           You are already in the sewer with your support for corrupt Etch-a-sketch. I will never support corruption. It’s easier to sleep that way. Morals, values, and ethics beats the corrupt GOPe anyway you look at it. You chose corruption when you chose Etch-a-sketch. Your grandchildren will hate you for it.

          • hbnolikeee says:

            so while you sleep enjoy gagging on the feces that you will soon be inhaling.  good choice.

            • Guest says:

               Conservatives don’t respond in this manner. It is possible to have a civil discussion with someone you don’t agree with. Now that we know you are not a conservative and just another Romneybot who has adopted the Axelrod 2008 game plan we will pay no attention to your opinion. Have a nice day.

            • wodiej says:

               you sound just like a liberal w your filthy talk and you like Romney. Makes sense.

      • Sounds like you want to take the party down in flames to prove your point? How dumb is that?

        • Guest says:

           I’d say it was a very dumb thing for the GOPe to do force a crony capitalist down conservative’s throats. Yes, the GOPe did take the party down in flames. It was Etch-a-sketch’s choice. To the victor goes the spoils. Time for the Freedom party.
          We owe the GOPe nothing.

  9. TeaPartyBarbie says:

    Exactly, and I would take your analysis one step further. After all, isn’t it interesting that the rise of Obama, who could not deliver in Iowa or New Hampshire, came on the heels of a Romney withdrawl? Did they not share a friendship with Tedd Kennedy? Is it so far fetched to assume that as Romney left the race, it was to prop up that most feared Hilary Clinton’s adversary rather than to allow Hilary to rise and be the Democratic contender? Is there not a curious relationship between Mitt Romney’s policies and Obama’s? Is there not a curious relationship between Obama’s 08 donors and Obama’s donors? 

    Nobody took Obama seriously until Tedd Kennedy hailed him. What other liaison in the Republican Party from MA did Tedd Kennedy have? I’m certain Tedd Kennedy knew what it was like to lose from Clinton’s influence. That sounds like a mutual incentive born in revenge laid havoc on America. 

    Oh, but surely such matters could never be….

  10. the unit says:

    Have you heard…power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Sort of an old proverb. United We Stand…now applies to the power elite.  Head of all nations, G8 and all others who attended NATO and G8, in Chicago and the Swamp… that’s them.  We will pay and not just in the pocket book, but definitely there.  How could that be?  Seeing is believing…it’s  the shell game (fraud perpetrated).  You watch, been looking a while. That’s why… if you’ve been asked why would leaders want this future for their kids and grands?  Pure folly.  It’s pay day someday.

  11. Dean Sheridan says:

    It’s becoming more obvious bye the day that Obama got to “pick” his opposition. These deals were cut long ago. Almost to a man a Liberal would tell you that Mitt’s their preferred. The reasons are obvious for that but the real reason looms in History. A winning strategy of a winning Gingrich ticket is just unacceptable; maybe even more for the GOP. I would need 4 pages on the reasons why – but trust me here. For the History, most will state as a matter of fact two things that failed Obama the most. Ideological misgivings yes, but more importantly he screwed up on the vast majority of basic issues. To a Liberal (Progressive) the latter is the key. For He, to be the first Black POTUS and be labeled incompetent just does not “fit in the Box”. In this way, it gives the left way to save face by narrowly winning or loosing the election; rebuilding their lie in his own new phoney image money can buy. 

    As for Romney, look at McCain. Both of them have a track History of destroying and going after the only true Conservatives in a fields when Primaried with massive war chests. This is because they are “The” threat and would lose. In turn they can’t go after opponents in a General the same way because of being viewed as Hippocrates; they need Independents to vote for them, to win.

    As for Newt, there will never be another like him. No one could had withstood the barrage and really come within an eyelash of being the Nominee like he really did. This is far from the end of meaningful contributions he will put into play. You can count on it!  In the end they even figured out that Newt’s reputation of intelligence and ideas would bring him down if not for support of Romney in beating Obama; even in a losing cause. 

    You see for Newt to be the Nominee – Obama would get his clock cleaned; H.I.S.T.O.R.Y. and for the GOP they’ve been hiding in their cloche rooms and this way if Romney wins or loses they can still save their own Bacon form the People; but not with Newt.   

    Expect negative ads across the fruited plain for 60 days at the tune of over a billion representing 90% of  their budgets. One has no record of accomplishment and the other wins elections that way. But don’t be fooled. Meaningful, truthful negative claims on Obama have been taken out of play. Romney did it to himself. The others cut the deal. 

    And we could have had a real Statesman – what’s that the youth will say? Shame on the GOP & RNC – they gave us Obummer and now they cut deals to deceit us. Sadly enough, without something to build on in 16′ like in 08′ with McCain a Romney loss will give us that with our hat in hand. This time there might not be enough time to turn the clock back; we just make bigger cloche rooms.

    • susiepuma says:

      I would never have voted for Newt or any of the other dwarves – this whole primary season has been a set up from the get -go & yes, even your wonderful Newt is 4 sale – he was bought off pretty cheaply too………………
      The only Republican who is not only a true conservative but is also NOT FOR SALE, is NOT a GOPE, is NOT a crony capitalist, is NOT a member of permanent political class, and is definitely NOT an elite is Governor Sarah Palin and the GOP has (along with their Dem/Progs on the Left) been in a systematic stealth campaign to malign, smear, distort, and generally tear her down since she is one of us – the American People – and she scares the hell out of them………………………………………

      She will be the next President of the United States – one way or another………………

    • wodiej says:

       Gingrich was the best one of the bunch, faults and all.

  12. the unit says:

    Ok, I get the point of many of posting comments.  “O” or “R”, another fellow said many years ago, 

    “There’s not a dimes worth of difference between them.”   Maybe not a word for word quote. And then many silver dimes were still in circulation.
    As to what Levin said…Romney’s not marxist as a reason to vote for him, maybe somewhere else in M.A.’s articles.  Ok, nobody tells you who to vote for.  Then with or without your vote and “O” wins… how do you like …welcome Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder…lawyer as qualified as the last two.  Think long and firmly.  Maybe there is still a chance to prevent demise of nation state, but not with ….. you figure.

    • Guest says:

       Etch-a-sketch will give you Chief Justices like David Souter who will vote with the Democrats for the next 40 years. Etch-a-sketch = Obama any way you look at it.

  13. el_polacko says:

    i’m not one who goes in for name-calling but i gotta say that you guys are nuts. romney is winning the republican primary because people like him and are voting for him. this is a good thing for those of us who want obama out of office. either we get behind mitt or we suffer through god-knows-what in a second obama term. paul isn’t going to win, no third party candidate is going to win…newt or palin or whoever aren’t jumping in at the last minute. it’s time to get real.  all of this ranting about conspiracies and ‘rinos’ is just crazy talk. i’m sorry that your favorite didn’t win the primary (or didn’t run) but having cry-baby fits over it isn’t gonna do anybody any good. let’s take back the whitehouse from the democrats in november… vote in mitt.

    • wodiej says:

       and calling people names won’t help RINO Romney either. Some of us care about who we get not just anybody. Apparently your argument is simply sit down and shut up.

    • Guest says:

       We are NOT on the same team. Deal with it. I want the GOPe out.

  14. the unit says:

    I’ll be Mad Hatter, seventh chapter of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”,  entitled “A Mad Tea-Party.”  Everybody vote no and nobody wins. Screwy, yep…but it’s getting worse than that.

  15. the unit says:

    We are in a difficult time…we don’t want our old folks to suffer, or the newborn to not have care.  But it could happen. Obama and Biden are telling us  they can take care of Julia  and her needs, including dropped blots called kids.  I was almost persuaded but I came to my senses. We must do that.

  16. Joe Nonymous says:

    What I think needs to happen is we all go ahead and vote for Romney, giving the G.O.P. one last goodbye kiss, then do what should have been done a long time ago.  But good-bye never seems to be goodbye, does it?  The horror we are seeing play out is nothing new.  The only difference between this cycle and the previous is that Obama is now a _proven_ failure, but was that ever really in doubt?  And does it change anyone’s vote?
    If the Republican Party is broken beyond repair, what will it take for small govt conservatives to create a real separate party that can communicate effectively to the American People just how grave the situation has become?  And how could any such group withstand the combined might of the Two-Party system’s Dirty Tricks Squad?  The Tea Party movement initially gave me some hope, but it has been successfully manipulated into something different, and far less threatening to the Establishment.  Small govt conservatives _should_ be able to make much common cause with libertarians, but the Libertarian Party has been overrun by eco-leftists and no longer can be truthfully called libertarian.

    • the unit says:

      Joe, the last goodbye been said long long ago. It does not matter anymore that Obama now has experience to the plan.   Your representative understands, but still in closet on what really matters..Hello world…government.  Been in plan years and years. Kinda like confederation of states in early union before Constitution. But new world constitution won’t be like what founders wrote. U.S. …one state…diminished in influence and soon diminished military power with coming cuts, and war weary troops, with no jobs at home. But maybe, just maybe folks are waking up and goodbye can be hello again.

  17. wodiej says:

    Excellent analysis Mark. Hope all is well w you. thanks

  18. the unit says:

    So only a few are tuning in to CNN,cable NBC according to what I read.  Independents will decide in the summer months according to what I read.  Dick Morris says landslide for Romney according to what I read. Our local paper showed front page pic of election supervisors office representative at community center showing people how voting machines work and how to vote. The clubs were not shown. 

  19. the unit says:

    And another thing….why are we here?  USA Constitution and laws?  Ruth Bader Ginsberg!!!


  20. the unit says:

    Texas voted.  We got to keep stiff upper lip.

    Our…my country tis of thee.

  21. the unit says:

    I’ve been asked in previous posts…where was I when this present path toward globalism, which at best can be called socialism, without representative government? And what did I do about it? I was being fooled 20 years ago by Perot, whom I foolishly promoted.  Before that…just naive, living, working, thinking all was well, sometimes raising hell I guess. The raising hell…that was before Perot…I was old Unit by your standards by then.

    Same ole same ole…quote …Jeb Bush in Hill newspaper today “President Obama’s trade inaction and political calculations are part of a broader pattern of economic failures for this president that have resulted in real pain for Floridians and Americans throughout this great country,” the former governor said. 

    Quote here…http://thehill.com/blogs/on-the-money/budget/230453-van-hollen-calls-out-jeb-bush-for-silence-on-his-brothers-policies

    I think Obama did sign trade action not long ago after holding back awhile.  Same ole same ole…jobs still leaving…not coming back…service jobs was what was promoted 20 years ago.  Servicing like how many flips per hamburger before serving? 

    It’s a merry-go-round…no matter what horse you choose to ride…youse pay youse quarter and there goes your quarter. 

  22. the unit says:

    And another thing….the employment situation in May 2012 is still W’s fault according to the White House…


    Golly Dang…I must be the mad hatter as I try to make sense of what’s down this rabbit hole!  I try to explain it to myself to no avail.

    Gaining my senses…it still boils down to Jeb quote below.  Also the merry-go-round only cost a nickle back then!  Now costs children’s future.