I Would Like to Thank John Roberts

Thanks John Roberts!

I wish to thank Chief Supreme Court Justice John Roberts. He has made plain what I have been arguing for some time: This nation is dead. Everything that had made it a nation, indivisible, has been wiped away, and in its place is a stinking, festering carcass of past glory. What remains is the fetid, reeking, scorched remains of a free people, now subjugated into tyranny by a United States Supreme Court dominated by a cabal of leftists and pragmatists, the former seeking to overturn our constitution, and the latter willing to join them in order to remain popular. There is no political liberty anywhere on Earth any longer.

There will be some number of conservative talking heads who will urge calm, and if you feel inclined to listen to that hogwash, you should follow your leanings, but I will have none of it. There is nothing in this but pure, unmitigated evil. This law has converted us to the Soviet Union. The walls are not [yet] built, and the barb-wired fences to restrain us are not [yet] erected, but all the necessary elements of a slave state are now in place.

Freedom of choice? Gone.

Freedom to be unmolested by outrageous governmental persecution? Gone.

Freedom to worship(or not) as one sees fit? Gone.

Freedom to live one’s life according to such beliefs? Gone.

Freedom to be secure in your person and your effects? Gone.

Freedom to decide what is in one’s own best interest? Stripped, wrecked, tormented, and tossed aside by John Roberts and the rest of the Statist Judicial activists on the Supreme Court.

Do you realize that to decide as he did, John Roberts had to ignore the plain language of the law, and imagine what is a penalty provision into a tax?

We have here a case of judicial activism writ large across our constitution, and it is a red-letter stamp: Null and Void.

Do you expect Mitt Romney to save you from this? Do you expect him to step up and do so?

Ladies and gentlemen, this has been rigged. The least-qualified Republican to campaign against Obamacare is our presumptive nominee. The least-qualified to criticize it will now be our candidate?

Shall I play the funeral dirge now, or wait until November 7th?

While the media has immediately leaped into the considerations of the horse-race aspects of this Supreme Court ruling, nobody is addressing the fact that our liberties have been stripped from us. Nobody but a few lonely conservative bloggers, Sarah Palin, and Rush Limbaugh. I expect other talk-show hosts will address this matter, but what we have in this case is a complete dissolution of the United States as we have known it.

I will not pay for Obama-care. I am looking into pulling my own health insurance, and making them force me to pay. SCREW THEM! This is my life, my money, my health, my choice.

I refuse. I reference the first Texas flag:

I Mean It

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47 Responses to I Would Like to Thank John Roberts

  1. the unit says:

    Here, here. And I agree.  But we ain’t spit yet.  That southern possum, flat as he may be has left offspring in the nearby wood and they is learning about roads and headlights. Requiem for a Heavyweight, even Rocky is coming November 6. It don’t have to be Romney in boxer shorts, but both houses of congress.  That’s round one…knock out not assured, but let’s not be punch drunk now and denied from further rounds.

  2. CC says:

    I join you Mark in your frustration Mark, and if anything good came out of today is I haven’t seen you post this much since March. Good to have you back Common Sense! I am listening to Rush as I am posting this and I hate to tell you this as a 20yr dittohead, Rush still is carrying Mitt’s water. Rush,bless his heart, keeps saying we can change things in November and that Romney can repeal this. I’m sorry Rush, I thought you were smarter than that! You see Mark,and don’t forget, I’ve been a 20yr dittohead, but Rush is just a party “HACK”, and if he thinks that the author of Obamacare will repeal it, then Rush better get the other half of his brain from behind his back untied! Did you hear Mitt’s press release? He said that he will repeal Obamacare, but we MUST find a way to get everyone insured! Mitt’s ONLY saying he will repeal it just to get us conservatives to vote for him. HE KNOWS HE CAN”T REPEAL IT! WE HAVE TO REPEAL IT, by elcting the most commonsense and conservative CITIZEN electives possible! And believe me IT AIN”T ROMNEY! Great work today, Mark. Get your frustrations out in print.

  3. the unit says:

    I really agree most assuredly with the rigged premise.  I’m sure that before on other comments I’ve said that the the higher, elite, leaders, thinkers, our elected ones, and that media ones like George Stephanopoulos, Chris Matthews types have bought into this…as the Articles of Confederation had to give way to the Constitution…so does the idea of a nation state has to give way to some sort of world government…League of Nations didn’t work out well, United Nations hasn’t either.  Rigging been going on for so long…some of us remember when Armand Hammer of Occidental Petroleum flew into the Soviet Union during the Cold War, not the baking soda Arm and Hammer.  He came and went without provocation or altercation. Who he met with I can’t say.  East and West trying to figure out a solution of world bliss, but  really of course control of people and resources. The rigging was going on then, and still is with Obama and Putin and corporate ones the like of GE and really still the oil industry, Exxon(and others) and Russia(and others) on joint ventures all over the earth, without Hammer now. How does this elite/corporate world government sound?, …been in the rigging a long time, all (of course us) will be without individual, property, or state(nation or U.S. state) sovereignty rights.  Or how many sheets of toilet paper you have the “right” to use.

    The above is what has been confirmed by SCOTUS just before July 4th.

    Although I have hopes of a Rocky congress,  Even Allen West  succumbed and voted to extend the debt limit on my kids and grands in last vote.  Was he re-educated  as well?

    Gotta go now…duty calls…I still have a roll right now !

  4. SorataYuy says:

    Oh for crying out loud. Go to a _REAL_ “communist” country, then complain about how your “rights” are being stripped from you, huh? If you’re able to whine your little head off about it the way you are, you’re not being persecuted. Grow up already and accept that change -happens-. It’s the way of life and the world to change.

    • Mark America says:

      You are what Stalin referred to as a “useful idiot.”


      • SorataYuy says:

         No, I am what is referred to as “someone who has no illusions of where the trouble really is.” The trouble lies in the system that was screwed over back in the days of Nixon and Kennedy. The trouble lies in the fact that capitalism combined with unchecked greed is what is destroying this great nation. The trouble lies with people complaining about things that are supposed to make lives better, and then when asked “all right, how would YOU make it better?”, they can offer nothing. So let’s hear it – how would YOU make it better, in this system where people are charged heavily into debt to pay huge bills that they honestly have no real way of paying? You’re so educated, let’s hear _YOUR_ solution, hmm?

        • Mark America says:

          So, you want things, but you don’t want to pay for them? And you believe the Obama sing-song that it can be had for free? How are you not a useful idiot as per Comrade Stalin’s definition?

          • SorataYuy says:

             First off – I haven’t cast any aspersions upon -your- intelligence level. Kindly stop casting them on mine.

            Secondly, I asked you a question. What is -your- personal solution to our incredibly messed-up healthcare system? You don’t approve of “Obama’s sing-song”, fine – sing your song. Come up with something better than all the high healthcare prices that can only really be afforded by people that make over 100K a year, the system that no longer cares for the people that use it, the system that one is almost better off -not- using at this point in time. Let’s hear it, please.

            Thirdly. I never once said I “want things but don’t want to pay for them.” Are you not paying attention to what I’m actually saying? I speaka de Englits, where my words getting lost in transliteration…? ?.?

            Point the fourth: I am quite aware of the loss of some of our liberties. We lost them back during the last presidential administration. Remember that wonderful PATRIOT Act, the one that took away a scary amount of our freedom to be free in our person and our effects? We can thank the people who crammed that down the throat of Congress. Is it a damn shame that the current President didn’t let it die when it came up for renewal? -Yes-. However – I have yet to see just where all those other freedoms have been stripped from us.

            How has the government personally stripped you of freedom of choice?
            What have they done to you that is “outrageous governmental persecution”?
            Freedom to worship(or not) as one sees fit? I have yet to hear a single word in the media (except from the media themselves, that seem to demand we worship -them-…) about “One National Religion” yet. 
            Freedom to live one’s life according to such beliefs? This was “stripped from us” in… what way, exactly?
            Freedom to decide what is in one’s own best interest? Okay, this one I’ll half-grant you, seeing as our consumeristic society has been quietly trying to get rid of some of that pesky “illusion of choice” for a while now. All hail our corporate overlords, for only they know what is best for us to eat, wear, read, watch, and do! [/sarcasm and irony]

            In the end, good sir, all I hear here is reactionary rhetoric. I can understand being upset (since you quite obviously oppose the idea of a nation where someone can go into the hospital and -not- be turned away because their insurance “just doesn’t cover it”), but I have yet to see just how, exactly, such a thing, “is a complete dissolution of the United States as we have known it.” May I point you to our founding fathers? One of the very things they fought against was the corporate greed of their own time. Boston Tea Party ring a bell? Same thing – big business wanting more and more out of a populace that can’t afford it.

        • Mark America says:

          Define greed. Do you know how I define greed? I define greed as the desire for money, material, property, wealth, and spiritual fulfillment one has not earned by his own exertions, mental, physical, or spiritual.

          That’s greed.

          It is not my job to make your life better. It is not society’s job to make your life better. That’s up to you. If you spend your life waiting for somebody else to make your life better, take a number and get in line at your EBT dispensation station.

          There is nothing greedy about wishing to keep what you have earned. Have you earned anything lately?

          • SorataYuy says:

             And since you asked, I define greed as something similar. Part of it is always wanting more, and not being satisfied with what you have. Many of the entertainment industries are a wonderful example of this. =

            And yes, I do believe in keeping what you have earned. Therein is some of the problem. Those multi-million dollar salaries that company heads and their top brass get while their board of directors goes and makes pay cuts to the people that have made it possible for all those salaries to be paid in the first place? That’s taking away what’s earned right there. There’s some of that unchecked greed in action. One of my friends had a great career until the board decided to give themselves a 20% pay raise – and got that 20% by cutting out the department he worked in. Five years of loyalty he had personally given to that company, thrown away because a group of people decided they “had earned it.”

            Anyway, back on some of the rest of the topic that’s got you seeing red in the first place: taxes, right? (the very idea of a new one, in this case) Thing is, that’s kind of how the government tries to give back to us, by taking care of things like our roads, our cities, all the non-commercial aspects. Did you know that as a nation we once tried things without taxes from the government, with people merely “donating” instead, as I’ve heard a few of the rich are trying to suggest?

            Result: America’s money was useless within a few years. So we’ve got to have -some- tax for the government to work. Especially if it’s going to be a large-scale thing like reforming a broken or corrupt system. And here’s the biggest thing I have to ask: In the end, isn’t it about taking care of one another? I’m not saying “oh go ahead and work and I’ll live off the results.” No. I’m saying, isn’t it a worthwhile, indeed, Christian thing, to try and help one another?

            I’ll be honest – yes, I am someone who will benefit from the Affordable Healthcare Act. I haven’t had insurance in almost 10 years now, ever since I stopped being a military dependent. Unfortunately, in this military town, it’s mostly “jobs”, no real careers. So healthcare hasn’t really been possible for me – just can’t afford it -and- pay my bills, too. Due to another streak of bad luck, I would probably be turned away by most companies for what many of them could and likely would define as a “pre-existing condition” they wouldn’t cover. (hit by a car in 2003, never managed to get the ankle properly looked at, and it’s very likely set wrong, as running for more than 90 seconds is quite painful and standing for more than 90 minutes starts to -really- hurt. so there go a -lot- of jobs around here for me, too.) I can actually have some small glimmer of hope now “hey, maybe I can get this ankle -fixed-, and not only will my quality of life improve, but maybe now it’ll help open up some of the positions around here that I can make some real money at!”

            Is this a troubling America? Yes, I can and do agree with you on that point. It troubles me to see so many people being ugly to each other on such a casual basis (geez, if yer gonna dislike someone, at least put some -feeling- into it, y’know? that’s my take on it). It troubles me to see less and less care for the future and more care for personal agendas, up there in the White House and in the Senate (from -all- sides), and in businesses. But do I feel America is dead and dissolved? Never. Not so long as there is one person who is willing to reach out to another and to try and help. Not so long as we are free to discuss whatever we like in any form we see fit, including the ‘net (take -that- PIPA and SOPA!) And not so long as we’re free to just walk down the street, saying whatever we want to whoever we want (within the bounds of “is this going to get me punched in the face? yes/no” of course.) America is -still- the land of the free, and it will be for as long as there is still one person willing to say “No, I won’t” one more time than the other person says “yes, you will.”

        • Kathie says:

           What have you DONE to make it better? Anyone can boast about intentions. Tell us specifically what you have personally already done to solve the problem.

          • SorataYuy says:

             Paid my taxes? Done my best to contribute to society and be happy and willing to share what little I have? (note: being that I am a college student, this isn’t much, of course.) Doing what I can to try to make this world a better place than when I came into it? Oh yes, and making sure to vote at each and every election I’ve been alive for, with as much information about the matters at hand that I can get my hands and mind on. Being that I’m too broke to get some of the people up on the Hill to listen (hard to compete with the monies Wall Street and Hollywood can bring to bear =), that’s about the limit of my abilities in this arena at present. Other than attempting to do what many up there aren’t, and trying to keep the long view in mind, rather than just the short-term.

            • SorataYuy says:

               Also, “every election I’ve been alive for that I could legally vote in.” Just wanted to amend that slight (accidental) omission on my part.

            • the unit says:

              SorataYuy…my apology was sincerely offered in above post. But I could not pass this up…not wanting a war of dialogue of course. Just a question of your question marks…”Paid my taxes?” and other proclamations followed by question marks.  So did you and do you?  Exclamation marks would be in order for such proclamations I think. Luckily learned this before the “New Education.” Not that it seems to matter so much anymore.  In college…not surprised !

            • SorataYuy says:

              @the unit:  I saw, no worries! My question marks were mostly me being juuuust a tiny bit of a smart-alec (I’m mischievous and playful, so sometimes I can’t -quite- help myself.) By sincerely answering, but making it into a question as an answer to a question. :)

            • the unit says:

              Ok Doky…I think were on same page really.  You’re working after all.  Just realize you deserve what you work for.  Take change as it comes…not what you can do to bring it about…cause it will fool you every time.  Best of luck to you in the future…from the ole Unit

            • Kathie says:

              So you are doing what most of us are doing. If this is your notion of solving the problem, you have no reason to take an accusative tone. You didn’t mention volunteering, by the way–that’s one thing you can do to make the world a better place, without having tons of money.

        • Texmom says:

           Washington has corrupted capitalism with politicians who are bought off and have been there too long. The first step is term limits, IMO. Until we have term limits, I think we’ll continue to see hgih levels of corruption. It isn’t the capitalism. It’s those who manipulate it.

      • the unit says:

        The way I read it all these years…besides perhaps ”useful idiot”, more over a “useless eater.”  Should “make it” in Hollywood fine. Now with Zombies and all ! Think not so much enjoyment in Miami these days.  But don’t bite off more than you can chew.

        • SorataYuy says:

          I find it interesting how when I try to debate, and open up an actual dialogue (like asking “okay, what’s -your- solution then?”), my comments are mysteriously not put through…

          • Mark America says:

            Let me help you out. I am a one-man operation. I work a full-time job, run a farm, and oh yes, I occasionally sleep. Due to a rash of spamming that occurred here around one year ago, I now moderate all remarks and comments to prevent abuse. If you use profanity, you’re out. If you threaten people, you’re out. If you attack others with slurs, you’re out. I get around to moderating as time permits. Keep your pants on.

          • the unit says:

            SorataYuy…I apologize for the “useless eater” analogy.  No way I know those details about you.  But I do think that’s how the elite think of you and me.  So it was not so critical after all. :)  And some elements of whom you point out are among that elite for sure.

            You have said you are a college student…young I suppose, not necessarily…my wife got teaching certificate at 60 after kids were grown. And change is normal…we lost child of 19 twenty years ago in car accident, and tremendous property lost in Katrina.  Understand change and living with it.

            Working all my life was never intended to deny anyone the opportunity to do the same.  Hope you because of your education will be fulfilled with a job down the road.

            So here’s the change I like…jump in the creek, or the pool, or the Gulf, get sandy playing with the kids at the beach, then going home, taking a hot shower, toweling off and putting on old jeans and shirt.  Ah…what a feeling.

            But you’ll have to debate others…I’m out of here.

            • SorataYuy says:

               Accepted. I agree, I think the elite need to spend a few days trying to live in our lives for a while. Especially the ones that spout out nonsense like “after I’ve paid my bills for the month, I have only $100,000 to feed my family with.”  Cripes, I could -live- on that much a year, maybe spread it out another six months with some planning. x.x

              I’m a youngish student, yes. I just turned 30 this month and I’m working on my bachelor’s in computers (having to do it with Grants, for that matter – jobs around here just don’t pay enough to live and take classes at the same time. = I count it a good day when I can put more than $20 at a time in my gas tank, heck.)

              Sorry to hear about your child. I had a friend who had to leave his home during Katrina for a while, too, and I ran into a lot Katrina-affected people when I was working as a bill collector for a few months back in ’05. It was terrible. :(

              I can agree with that sort of change, too. I just wish I -could- go do something like that. I live in Texas, and right now going outside for more than a couple minutes is almost like waving hi and yelling “neener-neener, can’t get me!” to the Grim Reaper. X.x So I’ll just enjoy my a/c until the sun finally goes down. :)

            • the unit says:

              To SorataYuy…posted this below but since reply link runs out also posting here as well…

              Ok Doky…I think were on same page really.  You’re working after all.  Just realize you deserve what you work for.  Take change as it comes…not what you can do to bring it about…cause it will fool you every time.  Best of luck to you in the future…from the ole Unit 

    • Xander says:

       Change as a factor of life does not necessitate its deliberate implementation. The notion that one must accept change for being change is foolish and dangerous. Severing one’s arm is most definitely a change, but it is not necessarily better. And when another entity is the one holding the cleaver, you can’t help but be nervous and wonder whether they truly have your best interests at heart when they see fit to hack any limb for whichever cause they hold dearest at the moment.

      As for the rest of the garbage you’ve written, we don’t need to go to a communist country to experience a true loss of rights, as history has already shown it to be the fate of the boat we’re on. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear the coming disaster are breaking their backs and cracking oars trying to put us off the course our inept navigators have set us. Unfortunately those who chose to be blind and deaf, such as yourself, will keep rowing cheerfully onward anyways.

  5. Richard says:

    They say “It is always darkest before the dawn,” but I find it is rarely true when there is an entire city burning nearby whose streets are lined with charred bodies hanging from the lamp and sign posts like some sort of Satanic, Disney Main Street Electrical Parade with off-key, partially broken versions of America the Beautiful, Stars and Stripes, and the Star Spangled Banner playing in the distance.
    I have this awful sinking feeling we have really been set up. For those that don’t know it, there are enclaves of “almost” free people, or “wanting to be free” people around the world that look up to the United States as the one truly free world power that would always keep the lights of freedom turned on, and keep the sea lanes of commerce flowing, and they get a sort of inner strength from us. If you thnk WE feel bad….picture those with 1 foot already in the grave, that used to use us to cheer themselves up.  The motto at CanadaFreePress.com reads: “Because Without America There is No Free World”
               As depressing as that sounds, I’m here to tell you that “This Ain’t Over Yet.”
                                                             Not by a long shot.

  6. Texmom says:

    I get this and we felt devastated this morning, but…never never never never never give it up. I’m not.Not by a long shot (if you’ll pardon the expression).
    Those who are believers know that hopeless situations can be turned around through a power greater than our own. Keep the faith.

    • the unit says:

      Like another poster said…as to keeping the faith…not that God be with us…but let’s be on Gods side. See the sun tomorrow!

  7. Kathie says:

    First comes shock, then anger, then determination.  American liberty isn’t dead if it lives in you, and as long as you defend your rights. I won’t comply with this criminal edict, either. So that’s two of us. Any more?

  8. Jeff1000 says:

    In no way condoning Robert’s decision, but now we’re really going to find out what we’re made of, and whatever we’re made of, we’re going to have to live with.

    • the unit says:

      I think this does throw it back to us, and perhaps thankfully before the election.  Lets none of us do any response to allow a call for martial law. And some leftists are calling for protection be given to Congressional members.  The expect a violent response, and probably there are those who would.

      Constitutional or unconstitutional we’ve been given a tax and in the Federalist Papers it was described where to take out our anger.  The following article helped me understand what went on:


      • Jeff1000 says:

        It would have been a win for Obama if the mandate was ruled constitutional under the Commerce Clause, but the Supreme Court ruling that the ACA is only constitutional as a tax exposed Obama as a liar who didn’t tell the American people that Obamacare would be the most massive tax increase on the middle class, the poor, and small business in the history of the United States.

        Just as in 2010, I believe that republicans are going to gain both houses of Congress as well as sweep Obama out of the White House. What does Obama run on now, free condoms? The economy, which is the most important issue, and directly tied into Obamacare, is in the crapper and will only get worse leading up to November. CJ John Roberts made a horrendous decision on the merits of Obamacare, but despite that, he might have done us all a huge favor. 

        • the unit says:

          Yeah…suppose the ruling came after the election and Senate remained with Dems, with Dems maybe picking up a few seats in House.  Then we would definitely be stuck, no matter who won as President.  I’d like to see conservatives as super majority in both House and Senate (no Rinos).

  9. the unit says:

    Do you remember years ago when someone said…”it depends on how you define what is is?”  Old Clinton of course if you do not remember.  I bring it up because I have often here, lately, identified myself as conservative.  My ’60’s dictionary named four political stances…radical, liberal, conservative, and reactionary.  Internet dicts now list moderate in between liberal and conservative.  And there is some discussion where progressive fits in the liberal position on some sites.  Now conservative from ’60 forward as best as I can tell…is agreeing with the status quo, the present. By definition…that is not me.  From what I read our nations founders were liberals, going against the times of conservatives, the British Loyalists here in America.  I think myself and those I read here are in this day and time are reactionaries longing for the liberals of those days gone by. Defining myself by dictionary may not be so important, except I want to be different from “what is is.”  Because I can choose.

    For status quo…nope.  I like one website definition of reactionary…”A person walking backward while facing forward.”  Going back for truth, ethics, morals that I remember, and I remember them in my time, not back the founding !

    • Texmom says:

        Collapse Do you remember years ago when someone said…”it depends on how you define what is is?”That is exactly what my dh said when he heard the news.

      • the unit says:

        Texmom, you got to be much more cool and savvy than me with the internet jive.  dh…88 year old mil said must mean “dead husband.”  I’m really scared to use cool, savvy and jive.  Communication  we need.  Studied some of this piglatin…glad  I didn’t say Supreme Court decision gave me tia after looking up what it could mean internet wise.   I would have meant medical wise ,which I’ve had.  Someone might say “can’t we just communicate?”

  10. Maxandfrancis says:

    Mark Levin also has the right bead on things.  He is utterly disgusted.

  11. Our current administration is an example of FUBAR at its finest.

  12. Stand Taker says:

    It pains me to hear people fabricate a silver lining to this ruling, and it’s always framed as a political silver lining. “This is good. Roberts exposed Obama. He woke us up.”

    Ok, let’s entertain that premise. Say the ruling galvanizes opposition to Obama and sweeps him and his ilk from office, resulting in a GOP government. How does that unring the totalitarian bell that Roberts rung? How does that put us back behind the threshold Roberts just kicked us across? 

    What if Roberts and/or his family were threatened into this vote? I’m sorry but you NEVER kowtow to evil. If I’m Roberts, I’m ruling this whole thing unconstitutional and shouting it from the rooftops with scorn. I eviscerate this law so thoroughly that it embarrasses supporters into shame that they ever dreamed it up. 

    What happened Thursday was satanic. You always know when evil is at work because the results are always the most bizarre, twisted, unrealistic.

    I stand firm and confident that the Lord will vindicate us.