Seeing Red: You’re Damned Right – I’m Mad

Afraid to Know?

I’ve received a few emails asking me if I’m so angry as it seems on the surface.  I’ve politely responded that I’m actually much angrier than the printed word permits me to express.  I’ve made mention of something else on that score, and in so doing, you’d think I’d crossed the Rubicon.  Maybe I should.  I’ve admitted openly that I am not only angry at the Congress, the President and the Court over this Obama-care monstrosity, but that I’m likewise furious at my fellow Americans who aren’t equally furious!  I’ve been asked what I expect the anger to get for me, and the truth is that I don’t know.  I’ve never been quite this angry before, and I’ve never muttered so many oaths under my breath, and within the confines of my own head as I have these last few days.  I’ve asked this question in other forms before, but few have seemed willing to take it up.  One of the reasons the statists continue to do things like this to us is because we’re peaceful, law-abiding people on the whole, but just as in the case of the contraception mandate in Obama-care, I am beginning to conclude that perhaps we are the problem.  They seem to poke at us like a moron prodding a grizzly with a stick, safely from beyond the bars of a cage at the zoo.  We never seem to grab the stick, pull them close, and rip their faces from their thick skulls, and it is this that makes them all the more smug each time they poke at us:  We hold the key to the cage.

I’ve been asked too how it is that we can express this anger.  I suppose we could resort to pitchforks and torches, but I expect that’s precisely what the statists want.  In the mean time, we’ll wait peaceably for them to ban pitchforks and torches.  They’ve already made incandescent light-bulbs illegal.  How long can it be before torches are banned both as a matter of public safety and as a matter of environmental concern?  Pitchforks may require a better excuse, but I’m sure they’ll do something like limiting their length.  No, the way to express our anger comes down to something simpler, but even this, I’m afraid most people are too timid to attempt:  We can simply say “no,” and mean it.  Ayn Rand put forward the solution in Atlas Shrugged, but since few can be bothered to read a book of that epic length any longer, I suppose I had better give a brief summary: Those who work, and earn and build are convinced to simply stop, leaving nothing to the statists from which to subsist.  All the little moochers, and all the crony capitalists find they cannot survive without those who produce, and they quickly move to a post-Apocalyptic society where anarchy reigns for a time, until the looters ultimately reduce themselves to insignificance.

The basic idea is this:  All of this is done by our consent.  The ghastly welfare-state, the crony-capitalism, the corruption, all of it, every piece, because in part, some of us are corrupted by it, and in part because we are too fearful to simply say “no” and thereby undergo the temporary misery of a rapidly collapsing society.   Only our productive endeavors keep this monster alive.  Each time we go to work, invest our money, or shove some of it into a savings account, we’re feeding the beast.  We’re keeping it alive.  It is by behaving as a parasite on our life-blood, our productive enterprises, our labor, and our jobs that this is all kept going.  Without our daily/weekly/monthly/annual ‘contributions’ to their system, their system would quickly starve and die.  The idea of leaving this all behind has come to be termed “going Galt,” a hat-tip to the book’s hero, John Galt.   In Rand’s novel, he was the first to abandon the society to its own devices, determined that he would no longer to provide it any form of support, material, or otherwise.  He then set about the task of convincing others to join him.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am on the cusp of “going Galt.” Being as this site is named “Mark America,” perhaps the act would come to  be known as “going America,” and that would be fitting, indeed.  Our country has fallen into the depths of a sickness from which the only recovery will be when we decide to impose it.  We have the power to treat this disease.  We have the ability to starve it of nourishment.  Do we have the courage?  Somehow, while I would love to credit Americans with the courage of the ages, still, I get the nagging impression that too many among us would be comfortable as slaves so long as the bellies are full, the roofs don’t leak, and the rivers don’t rise.  It’s a depressing state of affairs.

Are there any willing to starve the beast, even at the cost of their own temporary, although probably somewhat protracted discomfort?  None can say.  None dare say.  Meanwhile, let’s be angry.  Without corresponding action, it doesn’t fix much, but it sure feels good.


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17 Responses to Seeing Red: You’re Damned Right – I’m Mad

  1. Carlirwin32 says:

    If you read my posts and my comments I have been livid over this turn of events. It is one defeat after another and always because a so called conservative (Roberts in this case) does us in. and I am sick of always hearing after one of these defeats, well IF we did this or do that, and we do and then some hidden Rino always stabs us in the back. so now we are going to repeal it? really, everyone really thinks that, then you just do not know Rino`s then do you. Mark is right about what has happened and justified in his anger. we could have stopped this G-d awful law in its tracks, but no, here we go again on the what IF train, if we do this or what if we do that.

  2. Don Purser says:

    I’ve been angry long before now, sometimes to the point that friends have to tell me to calm down or let it go.  The thing that drives my anger more than anything is the passivity with which so many people see such wrongs done and feel powerless to do anything so they also say nothing.  Fast and Furious comes to mind.  We should have everyone in Congress outraged over the loss of life for political purposes but it seems there are only a few who care enough to take action.  The rest sit passively or worse, defend it because it would harm them politically.  Nothing makes me sicker than those who allow evil to exist and prosper because it helps their political goals.  It happens on both sides and it’s sick.  This lack of outrage at evil is why our country finds itself where it is – because people lack a basic understanding of right and wrong and they throw out any values, principles, honor, or truth, in order to accomplish their goal.  The lack of moral underpinning – by citizens and leaders alike – is what will be the downfall of the US.

  3. the unit says:

    “Going Galt” may not be a choice, but the fork in the road Yogi mentioned, either path leading to a box canyon.  Collapse.  And temporary?…no really more than protracted I’m afraid.  And I don’t think it’s when we decide to impose it.  It’s a coming.  Oh, but I’ll think about it tomorrow.

  4. the unit says:

    Yore subtitle included question…”now what?”   Good question.  For now…wait and vote Nov. 6.  Sure be vocal about the goings on.  But no acts to bring on the now lawful peacetime martial law.  I think there will be plenty squatters to do that, as engineered.

    Needed a plumber Friday to fix busted water main line to house from meter…after I paid.. then he asked if I listened to Glen Beck.  I said yeah sometimes.  Then said to him maybe we can repeal “O”care with the right congress.  He said why?…I hope to get insurance for wife and kids…as he spit from his wad of chew in front of his about six year old kid who was with him .  Good luck huh?

  5. MannaDelight says:

    There are many of us who are LIVID. But TOO many who are passive. They just don’t get it.That’s why I need my jolt of Rush & Levin each day. They’re angry but will fight like hell to get our country back. I need to hear that I’m not alone with my anger & fear of where we are headed. They (and you) give me hope, which I sorely need as well. I live in an Obama neighborhood with my new car covered with AFP bumpers stickers. I’m waiting for my car to get keyed. But I still won’t back down. This is my great America. God bless us all.
    Thank you for this post, Mark America.  

  6. Cindi says:

    I’ve already experienced this anger about a year or so ago…and it was burning me out to the point of affecting my health.  I had to get rid of the anger before it destroyed me.  If I were younger, I probably could have sustained it longer.  Yes, I’m still angry – just in a quieter way.  In ways, I feel that there is no turning back what is happening.  Does that make me passive or realistic?  Yes, we do the “prepper” thing.  We starve the beast in some ways.  and I can not vote for Romney in good conscience either.  Did you have a blog article on that?  So what to do?  I will vote.  That is my responsibility.  Yes, I’ll support Repubs in the House and Senate.  But I’ll be writing in someone for President.  Is that wrong?  Truly, I’m at a loss to know where to go from here. I’ve debated some with conservative friends who keep saying Roberts is “crazy like a fox”; and I’m “no, he’s just crazy”.   Going Galt?  That time may be coming.  I do know this – I made the decision several years ago they won’t be taking me alive.  Is that being passive or will that be the blood of a patriot?

  7. Richard says:

    “going Galt.”  – It may be time. I have 6 employees that would all end up on welfare… they would not get a job (even if they could).  I just heard the stats on Chicago. Crime, Schools, Taxes, Unemployment, OH –  MY – GOD – the people that “run” THAT city are the SCUM in the Whitehouse.  I suspect that if the TRUE STATS, the  TRUE FACTS could be publicized LOUDLY across this country, it would dunk them all in the toilet. But where is the press??
    Look them up…. how can this be?

  8. Kathie says:

    If by going Galt you mean retreating from active confrontation with the dictators on Capitol Hill, I feel that this is not the means by which our Constitutional republic would be restored. It was not the way it was originally established. The founders knew how to PUSH. I believe a firm, assertive exercise of our rights to their fullest extent on every occasion will eventually wear down and crush these efforts at tyranny by our sheer weight of numbers. For instance, lemonade stands. Last year we read about children whose stands were shut down by local authorities–something we’d have thought Orwellian just ten years ago. What should have been the response? Hundreds of citizens setting up lemonade stands in their front yards. When cooperation means surrendering our rights, we have to learn to be uncooperative. Let’s take a lesson from the events surrounding the Stamp Act of 1765, which was the Obamacare of its day. Americans refused to allow it to be implemented, and it had to be repealed. We’ve been here before, and we can do this.

    • Mark America says:

      No, Kathie, by “going Galt,” I mean abandoning this sick system to die without any material support…

      • Kathie says:

         I see. As a matter of fact, the founders did that, too, by boycotting British goods. In a sense the unemployed have done more to put pressure on federal government than those of us who continue to pay taxes. We’re feeding the institutions that are destroying us; they’re starving the beast.

  9. John says:

    they key to John Galt was his “engine”… unlimited power with which to make “going Galt” work.

    Therein lies the problem as they have the energy AND we don’t have the cloaking device either…

    No, I am at a loss but I read the Bible and we DO win in the end….

    That’s all I’ve got now

    • Mark America says:

      Actually Golfmann, the key to Galt was his willingness to withhold his motor from the world that so desperately needed it. It is our productive capacity we must withhold.

      • John says:

        Oh I understand that and they would have STOLEN it given the chance, but without the “engine” he couldn’t have had a Galt’s Gulch running on it’s own and even be hidden.

        The government knows where we ALL are if they want to, and I DON’T like it!

  10. Pattybsl says:

    ‘Going Galt’– I listened to a TeaParty Patriots teleconference last night and it was being discussed how Governors are saying they will not comply with Obamacare/tax. If this is done, this would, in essence, be ‘going Galt’, wouldn’t it?
    btw– I wear my ‘Who is John Galt’ t-shirt as often as I can!

  11. Tntreeherder says:

    Liberalism needs us. We don’t need it.