No pictures.  No fancy formatting.  No media clips.  Just me. Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for resorting to this sort of language, and I understand some of you will see it as inexcusable, but I have had enough of this hogwash. THERE IS NO SILVER LINING! Got it? All of these pathetic rationalizations that are being spoon-fed to you so you will leave it for the election, and then leave it in perpetuity, as they slowly bring the pot to boil is so that you won’t leap out of the pot, as you should. You should! Sadly, there are some Americans who are falling for a number of purely asinine rationalizations, excuses, and other ‘silver lining’ theories, and we need to wake them the Hell up!  Some people don’t apparently get the message unless you’re loud and obnoxious like Chris Christie. Maybe I should call some useless media type an “idiot.”   I wonder if Chris Matthews is busy…

Do me a favor. Stop telling me how John Roberts has done us all a favor, by “throwing this back to the political realm.” Stop telling me how he’s done us a favor by “rallying the troops.” Stop telling me how he’s done us a favor by openly labeling “Obama-care as a tax.” Please don’t tell me how he’s done us a favor by “narrowing the commerce clause,” because he’s done no such thing. In fact, do me one last favor, and tell me how any of this is a favor to anybody who values freedom.

Will you next tell me that Tojo did us a favor by ordering the attack on Pearl Harbor? Did bin Laden do us a favor by hitting us on 9/11? We woke up, damnit! No? Perhaps you will tell me that Hitler did the Jews a favor by killing so many of them? After all, you might be fool enough to believe that it was the thing that motivated them to build their own country in their historic homeland. Are you going to tell me that the Catholic Church did the western world a favor by having its inquisitions? After all, it was then that we learned it might not be a good idea to mix church and state. Oh wait, well, not all of us learned that. Perhaps you can tell all the fifty million people who were not born that Roe v. Wade was doing them a favor, and the rest of us besides, since now we’re aware of the issue. Goodness gracious, we should absolutely worship the Supreme Court for that one, no? Perhaps we can thank Obama for turning our economy slowly into third-world wreckage. After all, you’re fired up about it, right?

This lunacy that bad actions, decisions, and all the rest are simply to do those of us who immediately survive it some sort of contrived favor is simply childish rationalization. Chief Justice Roberts SCREWED this country. I don’t give a hoot for his motives. They can’t possibly be good, unless you’re to tell me that he has the intellect of a three-year-old, in which case, why is he still on the court?  Ladies and gentlemen, there is a serious problem.  Are we so intent upon avoiding conflict that we will rationalize a complete and total defeat at the hands of a stealth, fifth-column Chief Justice into some sort of victory?

I would ordinarily apologize for being so profane, but damnit, it’s time for people to wake up!  You’re sleeping through the death of the Republic with happy-talk about “silver linings.”  I have devoted my life, all of it I could spare, and much of it I couldn’t, to the dedicated purpose of preserving the lives, liberties and properties of my fellow Americans, first as a soldier, and now in my professional pursuits, and in so many places I look, I hear and read the words of the walking dead.

Are you so interested in avoiding conflict, or discomfort that this you will not acknowledge as a horrendous defeat?  While some of us are angry, we have Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader in the Senate, (R-KY,) who is already conceding it will be difficult if not impossible to repeal Obama-care.  Liberty is being destroyed forevermore, and the country with it, and I have even friends in the conservative spectrum who are stammering and stumbling to spew some sort of rhetoric that relieves them from the necessity to be less than perfectly civil about all of this.  These are the people who would tell a woman about rape that “if it’s inevitable, lie back and enjoy it.”

Make no mistake about it. We are being raped, and this time, the ring-leader is a man in a black robe.  What makes it all the worse is the parade of people who are trying to make it less vile.  Euphemisms spring up: “Involuntary sexual relations.”  Silver linings are discovered: “Well, at least you’ll know to arm yourself in the future.”   Favors are discerned: “Well, at least you’ll be ready for it next time.”  Anything at all is being said that permits those of lesser character to claim justification for saying and doing nothing.

I know this does not apply to most of my readers, but it clearly applies to some number who consider themselves conservatives:  If you will not stand up against this and decry it, what will you resist?  Is there anything?  What is the thing that is a bridge too far, where you’re concerned?  This monstrous ruling has laid the final groundwork for the destruction of all your liberties, and yet you do nothing but suggest ever more convoluted rationalizations of it.  What the Hell is wrong with you, anyway?  How did you become so neutered, so flaccid, and so impotent?  When did you, who claim to be patriots, lose your stomach for the battle?  Or have you been faking all along?

Am I making you angry? Good!  Are you pissed-off that I would address you this way?  I know that you know who you are.  If I’m making you angry, let me tell you I am happy that something can elevate your blood pressure a point or two and prove you still have a pulse, but I implore you to turn your anger where it belongs.



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10 Responses to AAAAARRRGGGHHH! Wake the Hell Up!

  1. jeannebodine says:

    Amen, Amen, Amen. The rationalizing by some on the right has made it that much harder to come to grips with the decision.

  2. Reb in Texas says:

    Agreed my friend – I am as mad at those who would try to make excuses or put a positive spin on this disaster of a ruling for US… I am the bho, the dems, and lsm.

    But then, more and more I fear the fix is in……….we just don’t know all the players yet……though I greatly fear the election this fall (assuming there is one) will make no difference.

    I am with you my friend every step of the way – as we proceed.

    PS Am also sharing this and the ‘Are You Kidding…’ one on my fb page.

  3. Reb in Texas says:


    On a side note – have you read about this decision in Florida – it seems to be as bad the the Supremes were on ACA and the Arizona case this week.

    Here’s a reference to an article on the Florida case –

    We are in the process of losing our beloved country – and the speed is increasing, as time draws short.


  4. Section 9 says:

    It’s bad enough that Governor Weak Sauce’s advisor, Mark Fehrnstrom, refuses to call Obamacare’s tax a tax and still calls it a penalty.

    This is another one  of those times I wish to go out and hunt RINO.

  5. Pattybsl says:

    So what can we do, now?

  6. Cindi says:

    I swear when i get really angry too. 
    yea, we’re screwed.  and roberts did it. 
    i’m amazed more people don’t get that.
    but then i’m more amazed that i continue to be amazed.  too much common sense here i guess.
    there are obviously a lot of brain dead folks in this country – waiting on their free health care.

  7. Dagger82 says:

    Yes, Mark, I too have been sick since the ruling was announced last Thursday.  At first, I was just mad as Hell because I’d had premonitions beforehand every time Republicans and conservative pundits wallowed in the pre-glow of impending victory anticipating the Court’s smackdown.  It was a foreboding that had no legal basis, just that gut feeling of experience that had seen success fall on its face by mere pin-prick.

    There are some out there who seem to be as mad and disgusted as I ~ you’re the first I’ve seen in print.  The “big boys” are all pussy-footing around it and don’t have the guts to call a spade by its name.  Sarah Palin spoke out on The Five and even shut ole’ Bickel down about the death panels’ inevitability.  But, as a national leader even she has to use her “General’s voice” lest the troops become demoralized and rush to surrender

    Even in your gruffness, you’ve described our predicament accurately, kinda’ like modern day Thomas Paine:  “These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”  His words were written to inspire a rag-tag militia that first winter of the war as they prepared to face the battle-hardened Hessian soldiers.

    We’ve just now suffered the opening volley and your words are apprapos to rally the forces.  We will spread them on this Independence Day and take on the task of gathering patriots who will stay the course.  This Republic and our freedom are too valuable to let the scum-sucking Progressives take it without a fight.  First at Ft Morris, GA and later at Gonzales, TX, patriots showed the enemy what they were made of and flew the flag to prove it.  That banner will be unfurled once more and God help them that side against it.   

  8. Rivermott says:

    I agree, also, with your Mark….but to get the masses to hear that Obama must go…no word scares them or wakes them up like the word TAX….and I will use Judge Roberts decision this is a tax as a weapon against Obama and his minions.  The SCOTUS made its ruling but we can take what we can from it and use it against the corrupt government we have in place.  To call it a tax as the Obama lawyers presented it also means that, as a tax, the Constitutional procedure of issuing a tax was not followed as this was initiated in the Senate and not the House….many violations have occured with this tyrannical attack on America and the Constitution…that is why we MUST throw Obama and his crew out….and put some common sense, level headed people in Congress…taking over the majority in Senate and House with conservatives.  Unfortunately, we are being presented a weak leader who will just nod and move like a slug hoping the American people will dislike Obama even if they don’t support him……we have snakes in Washington….we don’t need a slug as President…we need a ROADRUNNER!

  9. Kathie says:

    Along with your razor-sharp, fearless messages these past few days, history has kept me from despairing. “We fight, get beat, rise and fight again,” as Gen. Nathanael Greene said. Thomas Dixon is right: These ARE the times that try men’s (and women’s) souls–and when you think of it, did anyone ever promise us it would be easy to preserve this Constitutional republic? Perhaps our generation has been chosen to re-establish what the founders created 236 years ago; if so, to the extent to which it may be done across cyberspace, let us “with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence…mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor” to this end.