A Party of One

Destined to Wander Alone?

I’ve decided to abandon the GOP to all of the fake conservatives, and the throngs of moderates, who together drive policy, appoint most of our judges, and otherwise make nice with the statists, handing them victory after victory,  in part not only because they’re mealy-mouthed losers, but also in no small measure because they support statism, albeit in a slightly less obnoxious form. It seems none in the GOP speak for me any longer, or to the degree the rare few do, they are also undercut and undermined by the same miserable party establishment.  The party has nominated a candidate who will encounter great difficulty winning, in part because he arises from that same permanent political class of elites, but also because he simply lacks any grounding in principle.  Due to this, and due to the recent disaster that was the Obama-care ruling, I have decided to take my ball and go home.  Yes, I am being selfish, in the intellectually healthy meaning of the word. Yes, it’s going to be a challenge.  No, I am not going away, and I’m nearly certain you won’t miss me.

It’s not that I won’t express my opinion, quite to the contrary, but that I have no intention of being a servant on the Republican estate any more than I would serve in bondage on the Democrats’ plantation.  I am forming a party, dedicated to the principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, but paying absolutely no respect to any measure of statist dogma.  I will actively resist the governing powers, to whatever degree I am able.  I will not hesitate to call a lie a lie when I hear one, no matter who utters it.  I shall form my own party, and if need be, it will remain a Party of One.

It’s not that I wouldn’t enjoy some company, and it’s not that I expect to get very far on my own, but that I know in our current system, with the contrived “loyal opposition” (stress on “loyal,” much less so on “opposition”) party that is the GOP, my interests will not be served, except perhaps coincidentally, as a sidebar to the interests running the party.  I would be happy for company, but not if it means compromising my principles.  I’ve been asked by the GOP to do so endlessly, throughout the entirety of my adult life, and I simply haven’t the stomach for it.  I don’t plan on fielding candidates because I can’t fill all those offices alone(although I can probably nominate a dog who can fill most of them with more vigor and dedication than most of their occupants.)  No, this problem is bigger than any one man.  This crisis has reached a mass that is global in scale and lethal in effect.  Since I can only control me, that is precisely what I shall do, and the promise I now make to myself is to never again offer a vote for any candidate who will not declare an abiding fondness for the liberties explicit, and implied, in our Constitution and Declaration.  Since most candidates will have some form of track record, I will examine those, and I will support none whose promises offer one vision while their practice had conducted the pursuit of another.

You might ask what principles I hold dear, and I am certain that in reading through my archives, you could discern them for yourself, where they are less than perfectly explicit.  My first rule is: Thou shalt not make demands of others for those things to which you have no natural entitlement, and thou must make whole all those to whom one has by their own choices entered into an obligation.  My second rule is: The only legitimate purpose of government is to see to it that the first is not violated, neither by domestic nor foreign parties, and that to the degree there are civil disputes among them, provide an objective law and venue for the settlement of their disputes.  My third rule is that any person or organization that seeks to use force to obtain that to which he has no natural entitlement must be dealt with as a murderer or attempted murderer.

That’s really it.  Yes, there are other principles, but these encompass the majority of all the necessary laws in a successful civil society.  How do I know that?  Because that is, in the main, and for most purposes, precisely what the founders gave us.  Are there a large number of details to fill in here?  Sure.  What there won’t be from me is a bunch of excuse-making for violating these principles at whim.  You see, if you examine the damage that has been done to our Republic, either by malevolent rigging, or by slothful complacency, most of it has consisted of making exceptions to these principles.  Really, it’s not hard to discern.  We ratified a 13th Amendment forbidding slavery or indentured servitude, but then we enacted a selective service that dismissed the underlying principle that each man owns his own person, and may not be compelled to the involuntary service of others. We forgave it on the basis of “necessity,” which is the most popular excuse we use when we don’t wish to do a thing the right way.

We believe in property rights, but then we steal property from one another using the same old excuse.  We pretend that labor and accumulated wealth aren’t property.  We pretend that compulsory service to others extracted by a third party isn’t slavery.   We pretend words can mean one thing when they’re laid down, but anything we might wish to imagine at some future date.  Are you reading my words, John Roberts?  What about you, Mitt Romney?   We abuse our fellow man senselessly, taking from him his private property for public use and compensating him with what we deem to be a “fair market price,” rather than the open market price, which means what he would negotiate if he were not under duress.  We claim that’s a “necessity too,” asserting the obscene argument that if we paid open market price to everybody, we would never have any public projects because they would all become prohibitively expensive, while ignoring the fact that if it is really worth doing at the public expense, it is worth paying the open market prices in order to avoid stealing from our fellow citizens.  If it’s not worth that cost, why then do we do it at all?

We commit great treason even against the English language, inasmuch as we mindlessly mouth an insipid term that remains a grotesque, natural oxymoron if we had the slightest desire to discern it.  Consider “necessary evil,” and what it implies.  A thing which had been necessary is that for which there existed no rational alternative.  An act of evil is a matter of volition. If there was no choice, an action can be neither good nor evil, and morality doesn’t enter the equation.  In short, if a thing had been necessary, it could not also be evil.  If a thing is evil, it must not have been necessary.  Consider this a moment the next time you repeat that term.  Ask yourself “Am I calling this action “necessary” to cover the fact that it was merely evil, or am I calling it “evil” because it hadn’t been necessary after all?”

This brings us back to the nature of government, and it should not go unsaid that government among men is necessary, but not necessarily evil.  A government becomes evil only when it takes up its power to do that which is not actually necessary.  A government taxing its people in order to raise a necessary defense of them is not evil, but of course, if they were virtuous people, they would know this and not need to be taxed.  They would see the threat against their existence and spring forth with their lives and their wallets to take up the defense.  Instead, governments resort to taxes because too many people lack the virtue even to willing pay for and participate in the defense of their own lives and property.  If you wonder about the moral decline of the people in any country, you need not examine how many attend church, but how many attend to the defenses of the nation with the same passion they have for some damned sports team.

Now there are some who will argue I am much too demanding, but I would urge you to consider their motives:  What is it that they seek to obtain without their own exertions?  The defense of their nation?  The roof over their head? The education of their children?  A blessed ham sandwich on rye?  Ladies and gentlemen, liberty is not so difficult as some would have you think, but again I urge you to consider the motives of those who complicate the matter.  If one can muddle the issue with enough gray areas, before long, you won’t notice that the entire page has turned black.

As I said, I am satisfied to go it alone if need be, all the remaining days of my life.  I would dearly love it if there were so many who loved liberty so well as they profess, but even our founders faced this darkness, as Thomas Paine wrote of the “summer soldiers and sunshine patriots.”  This is why I have decided to go it alone.  I believe I must, in the name of all the things I hold dear, for our Republic faces dark years now, and it has lost its purpose behind all the veils of feigned necessity. There are many of you, my friends, who have shared this blog with me, and I will understand if you see my abandonment of the GOP as an abandonment of you, but my dear friends, I am not going away.  I simply refuse to be a participant in a ghastly charade, and when you eventually come to discover the full scope of it, as I believe you will, I will for my part welcome you again to the land of the free, and the home of the brave.  I’ve decided to discover America again, before it’s gone forever.

I am no longer afraid.


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27 Responses to A Party of One

  1. Wraith says:

    One by one, the scales fall from their eyes.  Welcome to the realization that D’s and R’s are two sides of the same tarnished coin–glad to read it, bro!  :D

  2. Reb in Texas says:

    You are not alone – while there are few who understand or state it as well as you do, Mark, I believe many in the Tea Party movement believe much of, if not most of this as well – including a number of former democrats with whom I’ve had the opportunity to really talk.

    We’ve talked of a new party if the other 2 need to be forsaken – maybe now is the time to begin that. My only point is that there are some good people running for office under the repub label who I believe worthy of our support. That I will do as I can.

    I am with you Mark……but then I’ve long understood we talk the same language.

  3. Trumper47 says:

    We the People have let the GOP get away with it. We got Romney because we didn’t do what we should have done. We split the vote among the candidates instead of sticking together and choosing the right candidate. Unfortunately, we fell into the same trap again. They gave us Romney and we accepted it. The only hope we have is Governor Sarah Palin! Not one person who she endorsed helped her. All politicians are pieces of SHIT!!!! I don’t consider Gov Palin a politician……SHE IS ONE OF US!!!!!!!

  4. Jeff1000 says:

    Being a party of one is all well and good Mark (I’ve been a party of one all my adult life), but that doesn’t change the reality that Obama MUST BE STOPPED, and the only way that Obama can be stopped is to vote for Romney. Anyone who doesn’t rally behind Romney is a fool and is just as destructive to what’s left of our Republic as Obama and his useful idiots. I know of no conservatives who are thrilled with Romney and this rock and a hard place we find ourselves in, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. At this time in history, reality MUST transcend ideology.  

    • lisalisalisa7 says:

      Agree with you! The GOP rammed Romney down our throats, and for that they should pay with their jobs. We can’t abandon reason. We have to be patient. There is no easy fix. It’s going to take time to undo what Obama has done, and if putting up with Romney for 4 years while he fixes the economy is what it takes, I’ll take it! The alternative is four more yrs of Obama and that really would be the end of America.

      Romney does not appear to be a liar. Obama is a proven liar. Romney may listen to the people. We know for a fact that the narcissistic Obama will not. Does Romney have a bunch of extremists on his staff, or a history of hanging out with the wrong crowd, ever? No, he doesn’t. That’s good enough for me, because we can’t take a chance. Side by side there is no comparison. Mitt will win just because he’s not Obama, RomneyCare or not. There are a lot of ppl who want ObamaCare, or something like it. Perhaps he’s learned something and could fix it? If he fails, he goes. But, I guarantee you, he won’t seek to destroy America. Mitt Romney loves America as far as I can tell.

      The GOP will pay. We are all angry. I was a military brat. My dad always stopped the car and got out to salute the flag. He respected what it stood for, and so do I. TV used to go off the air back then, and would end with the national anthem and the flag of the United States of America waving in the breeze. I remember waking him up once in the middle of the night on some late weekend when I was 7 or 8. I whispered -should I put my hand over my heart for the flag on TV?- He opened his eyes, looked at me and said “You should if you want to”. That’s the moment I became patriotic for my country. Like me, babyboomers everywhere are ready to stand up and fight for freedom.

      • CC says:

        I cannot believe you just said Romney does not appear to be a liar, when you know damn well he lied about Newt resigning in disgrace. Mitt Romney is a FRAUD and a Liar and will say anything to become president because and this is what’s gonna get me in trouble, but he is a Big Wig in the biggest cult in America. I’m sorry if I offend any Mormans, and I know Mark doesn’t want to talk about it, so I will:http://www.utlm.org/onlinebooks/changecontents.htm

      • Guest says:

         Etch-a-sketch is not a liar. What planet do you live on?

    • CC says:


    • Guest says:

       Jeff, you are the fool. You vote against your own best interests. Conservatives are not accepting the GOPe’s statism any longer. The GOPe doesn’t represent us.

      You are a fool if you cannot see that you behavior will guarantee that there will never be another conservative candidate for POTUS again.

      Insanity is having the same behavior and expecting a different outcome.

      Conservatives are not “sheeple.”


      • Jeff1000 says:


        Yeah, I’m the fool because I’m going to do my part to make sure Obama is a one-term president. Okay.

        Surely you must realize that once these Marxist policies like Obamacare and Cap and Trade become imbedded we’ll never get rid of them, and four more years of Obama will ensure that. I don’t recall Ronald Reagan rolling back Social Security or Medicaid. I’m afraid that if Obama is reelected it won’t matter if we never have another conservative candidate. The country will be beyond repair.

        If it takes a fool to get rid of the Imperial Obama and Obamacare, then sign me up.

        Best Regards.

        • Mark America says:

          Jeff, Let’s watch it with the name-calling. I realize JRD1 referred to you as a fool due to your earlier remark using the same term. If you think I’m a fool, that’s fine, but let’s not start hurling names back and forth.

          • Jeff1000 says:

            Mark, I sincerely apologize to you and anyone else I may have offended.

            To offer an explanation, but not an excuse, is that I’m very afraid for our country and I want the best possible outcome in the election, as I know you and your readers do as well.

            I understand the theory that electing another RINO might doom true conservatism, and that may be the case, I’m not sure. Like most of politics it’s theoretical, as is my position. I do know that people on the right fighting amongst themselves is a problem as well.

            I’ll take my chances though and cover Mark Levin’s back on this one, plus my gut tells me the same thing.

            Best Regards.

      • Mark America says:

        JRD1, I realize Jeff implied that any who felt like you and I about Romney is a fool, but please don’t respond in kind. I don’t mind people who wish to come here and comment, calling me names, as I can just as easily ban their butts and be done with it if it gets out of hand. I don’t like when posters begin to call one another names, and while appreciate your general sentiment on this, let’s leave the name-hurling to the RINO and Lib sites. They do enough for fifty blogs. Thanks!


  5. warpsix says:

    I could not agree more!. Romney gets my vote, I May have wanted someone more conservative but 4 more years of 0bama isn’t an option.

    • Guest says:

       8 years of Etch-a-sketch, McConnell, and Boehner is not an option.

      8 years of Etch-a-sketch who is to the left of Bill Clinton is not an option.

      Better 4 more years of Dumb-0 with a GOP that knows they will not win re-election if they do not vote conservative and has the incentive to fight Dumb-0 with every breath they take!

  6. Richard says:

    I too have had it with the Republicans – COMPLETELY. We need a new party. PERIOD. I watched the “good old boy network” screw over two TRUE conservative republicans (West and Adams) by gerrymandering them out of any chance for reelection so the “good old boy” BIG SPENDERS could be reelected to pass such GARBAGE as this HUGE PORK FILLED Omnibus spending nightmare that just sailed through the House and Senate. Obama PRAISED IT and only 50 some House and 17 Senate “supposed conservative” Republicans voted against it…  Where the hell do they think the money is coming from?  The Republican party is just Democrats Light.

    As far as Romney – he is a Wind-Direction-Republican (which way is it blowing today?), but I will not let the Muslim Marxist have it for four more – There is no way we can afford that since he is ignoring Congress and making up his own laws as he goes (and the the Crying Speaker does NOTHING), and now the Marxist has the Supreme court in his pocket. I say we take the house, the senate and cut the Supreme court down to 5 members using the “Last IN First Out Rule” –  We’d Lose Alito in the deal, But  KeggerBrain: GONE-  SodaBrain: GONE –  TurnCoatRoberts: GONE, and Driving-Miss-Commie-Ginsberg’s can’t hold out more than another year or so.  That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it…  
    But most of all,  I WANT A NEW PARTY!  One that wants to balance the budget and limit the size of the Federal Government to18% of GDP and BAN All Public Sector Unions (and amend the constitution to ENFORCE IT!) – PERIOD.

    • CC says:

      So just this once, you’re willing to vote against your conscience and principles, you know, kinda like 2008? Can’t you see, just because we have a Marxist in the white house, doesn’t mean that, WE HAVE TO VOTE FOR SOMEBODY who is the FATHER OF OBAMACARE, who is the puppet of the GOPE! WHY GIVE THEM THE POWER? If you want a new party, like I think most of Mark’s readers want, then let’s start now! Let’s do EVERYTHING we can to defeat the GOPE! If that means that Obama get’s another 4 years, so be it! This country has been through a lot worse than BHO! Don’t let the politics of fear drive you, just like it did to all those who pulled that lever for Mitt!

  7. Soggys says:

    Mark – (I doubt you read these comments as I’ve left others which requested a response and didn’t get any..) but I offered a ‘challenge’ of supporting the Libertarian Party (I’m not a member) about 10 newsletters ago,  as a part solution to your remarks about the problems with both parties (essentially both being to similar at to offer a distinction anymore – and definitely not conservative enough). At the time I had just seen some of the Libertarian convention and listened to their new nominees and decided this might be the team to watch during the summer. Their time may actually be here. So as an alternative to you ‘standing alone’, give us some ‘enlightened words’ as to what would be so bad about supporting a different faction who do profess to take ‘conservatism’ to a new level……???????   

    • Mark America says:

      Soggy, given that I do actually read every comment here, although I frequently find I haven’t the time to respond to them all, let me take a crack at this, however briefly: If I believe that a party is broken, and that this applies particularly to the two major parties, it is no less true of the libertarians. I don’t say this in order to poke fun at the libertarians, because I have many sympathies with them, but I’m afraid until they make marijuana legalization a much less central issue in their platform, they’re going to have trouble. More, libertarians have views on abortion that are incompatible with those of many conservatives, myself included, and it makes it difficult for the libertarians to gain any momentum or mass. They are generally right on economics, but then they are also frequently wrong-headed on their “open-borders” tendencies. Much of their thinking would be great in a perfect world absent all human evils, but in the real world, too frequently, they seem to ignore objective reality. It’s why they’ve never become a mainstream party. They follow logic in the abstract, but in applied logic, they trip off into the absurd at times.

      As an example, I would be fine with the legalization of all drugs, pot to crack to meth, but I want absolute liability laws first, whereby if you cause harm to others in a state influenced by said chemicals, you are subject to the worst penalties imaginable, and that no arguments of diminished capacity apply, because the actor intentionally and by his own volition enacted that diminution. In other words, if you are high on whatever(to include alcohol) and you run over a little kid on the street, I want you subjected to the death penalty because while the act itself may have been an ‘accident’ at the moment it occurred, it was no accident that the actor had been in that diminished state, and was in that sense premeditated.

      When they come out in favor of the laws to remedy such aspects, I would agree with them on legalization. If the penalties for doing injury to others are severe and certain, that will tend to inhibit the free-for-all aspects about which most rational folk worry.

      You see, this is the difference between logic as an abstraction in a vacuum, and logic as applied in the real world. It the difference that basically forbids me from joining with the libertarians at present.

  8. CC says:

    Make that party of 2, I Want TO JOIN YOUR Party. On your last posting about “being ambushed…”, I suggested that You are our leader and that if you won’t run for POTUS, at least start a new party! You must have been reading my mind, well at least let me have that little bit of self-indulgence. Mark, you have what it takes to do this and do it well, so when do we start? What party will you call it, like it really matters? I”M IN! Who do I make the check out to?Let’s do it, Mark!

  9. purplewings says:

    Wouldn’t that be just great!   Take some votes away from the GOP and allow another 4 lousy years of Obama!  No thanks.  You’re timing is off and your idea is a killer.  There is a time for that but it’s certainly not while we have Communism all around us and a president who is more Muslim than anything else….. It won’t take Obama another 4 years to kill America!  It’s almost there.  Just a little more spending and it’s over.

    • Guest says:

       Every presidential election will be the same as it is now with you old and tired defeatist attitude. No thanks. Etch-a-sketch is going down! You will thank us for it.

      How does it feel to be an enabler. The GOPe are addicts and you just keep giving them the money for another fix! That is totally irresponsible behavior.

  10. Shawn S says:

    I agree 100% with your argument and this has been discussed many times with my Newt Gingrich friends.
    The Republican party has not stood up for itself in many years since Newt Gingrich left office. I also don’t believe they even know what they stand for because they lost their way with greed of power like the Liberals.
    As I have mentioned before here and elsewhere when Newt Left his Speakership in Congress the Republicans went on a spending spree like Dad left the Liquor cabinet open.
    They all talk the talk with no action of saving this great Nation. There was only one person running who as of day one could have changed the direction for the betterment of all Americans.

    I believe We just lost the best President this country would have ever had and they don’t even know it.
    You are right! We are at a crossroad in this Country and it will take strong leadership to steer this once Great Nation and the GOP establishment out of the mudhole.
    I have learned that People are sheep. They need to be told what to do and think. They believe lies if told long enough. (Democrat Play Book). They have become lazy. They won’t take the time to do their own research on a candidate running for office to get the truth so they listen to News Stations they supposably believe have their best interest at heart. They don’t realize that these News Stations have their own interest they are looking out for. 
    This election cycle has shown people for who they really are. Conservatives radio talk show hosts who beat their chests everyday about how conservative they are, only to see them back a LIBERAL RINO.

     I have to hand it to Ron Paul for having people who truly believe in the man and to do everything they could to swamp a caucus with as many supporters as possible to steal that caucus. The only Problem with that was the candidate.

    We have watched candidates spend Millions with false ads and steal idea’s from the smartest candidate running and call it their own. (When a lie is told long enough, That lie becomes true).

    Do we need a new party? YES!!  WE need a true Conservative Party. One that will change this Country back to what the founding fathers invisioned. Like the One that was lead by Newt Gingrich in the 90s.

    Will we get one? Can we put one together? I don’t know. We all know we need one. Who will step forward?

    Time will tell.

    For now we have to do everything we can to get this American loathing freeloader out of the White House.

    If that takes holding my nose at the voting poll then so be it for now. I don’t like it. I don’t want to do it. But as a business owner and one who truly believes in America I have to.

    Shawn Simpson

  11. Kathie says:

    No complaints here. I abandoned the GOP after the auto bailout. I think it was the intention of the founders that we each be a party of one, taking guidance from God and our conscience, rather than from party officials. The most pernicious aspect of the “hold your nose and vote for Romney” meme going the rounds is that it argues that we have no choice, that Romney is the “necessary evil”. Allowing ourselves to be argued into learned helplessness is worse than than being strong and defiant in a storm of opposition–something like Stockholm Syndrome. If Romney wins and continues Obama’s anti-Constitutional policies, many Republicans who supported him will continue to support him to avoid the pain of buyer’s remorse, all to the detriment of the nation. Yes, I have no regrets in leaving the Party of Done. I want no part of what they’re doing to this country.