We’ve Been Ambushed [Again]

Time To Abandon Our 'Leaders'

Talk to a few war veterans.  Speak to men who’ve been in the real thick of it.  When you’ve been led into the valley, higher ground all around, you’re at the mercy of every enemy with a sling-shot.  The best way to survive an ambush, they will tell you grimly, is to avoid walking into one.  The fact is that a well-laid ambush is designed to catch you off guard, on indefensible ground, when you’re least apt to be able to put up any significant defense, and to kill you off quickly.  There won’t be time to think of alternate plans.  There won’t be time to dig in.  If you find yourself in this situation, the enemy intends only one thing, and it usually doesn’t involve the taking of prisoners. If your leaders are so inept(or treacherous) as to place you in this situation repeatedly, or occasionally, if necessity led you into the Valley of Death, you really don’t have many options.  The idea is to react almost automatically, by training rather than deliberation, because it’s the only chance you’ll have.

One could suppose that you might drop your arms, wave a white flag, and hope the enemy is taking his time long enough to consider momentarily whether to give quarter.  This approach generally earns the focus of fire, and a quick death.  You can drop low on your belly seeking such minimal cover as the kill-zone affords(by design, naturally) and try to win a battle pitched decisively against you, but you won’t likely last unless the enemy becomes bored and inexplicably wanders off.  No, these options don’t offer much hope at all, so the great wisdom of military experience is that you must not hesitate, you must not linger, and you must not delay: Turn and charge the enemy.  It’s a low-odds approach, and it means charging those with superior position, infinitely better cover, concealment, and tactical preparedness, but as bad as that may sound, it’s still your only plausible chance.  If we conservatives are ever to escape from the perpetual statist ambush into which our GOP establishment leaders continue to march us, we will need to break out.  The survival of our nation now depends upon it.

You might insist that we continue to follow the same inept Lieutenants, despite the fact that they’ve demonstrated repeatedly the willingness to walk us into a hail of political bullets from which there is no easy escape.  Why?  On Monday night, listening to Mark Levin, I could hear a wistful, not-quite-defeated, but resigned tone in his voice when he said “We’ve been boxed in. What else can we do[but support Romney and the RINO brigade?]” Yes, it is as hopeless as that.  Yes, it is going to be a slaughter, again.  Yes, even if we manage to drag this turd across the finish line, he will betray us, appoint more John Roberts-class judges, and yes, he’ll rationalize raising our taxes, tinkering with Obama-care, but not repealing it, and otherwise slugging us in the jaw for our efforts.  Yes, that’s what we could do, and it’s certainly what we’ve been asked to do(and have done) many times in the past.  Yes, we have.  Yes, we can.

On the other hand, there is still another approach to consider. We can abandon the Republican party.  Loudly.  Now.  Why wait?  As these hapless leaders walk us into ambush after ambush, setting the table for the enemy, and practically joining them, we always look stunned, like deer caught in the headlights of an on-rushing truck.  We’re always surprised when they do it to us.  Why?  We’re always surprised when their judicial appointments turn on us in order to curry favor on the cocktail circuit.  Why?  They’ve screwed us so many times, and in so many ways, we ought by now admit that we like it, since we seem disinclined to do the first thing about it.  Oh, let’s have a Tea Party.  That will show them!  Or not.  How long did it take the GOP establishment to begin its attempt to co-opt and mute the Tea Party? Ten seconds?  Another ambush…

I have been considering this a long time, as I’ve recognized that there is a contingent within the Republican party that does not share our basic views, our values, or our commitment to constitutional conservatism.  They actually hate us more than the leftists, if there’s any evidence that they oppose the leftists at all.  One can spend a good deal of time trying to discern why that would be, but the motive is probably less important than the fact.  They want us to lose.  They are willing to give the country away to the leftists, one piece at a time, so long as we don’t have it.  Some of them view it as their duty to drag us ‘forward,’ ever smarter, as Levin would call them, “the masterminds,” and they always know better, they believe.

Well, they don’t know better.  They don’t know what is best for me and my life, or you and yours, but they claim to speak on behalf of a mythical creature they call “society.”  They’re always in a hurry to introduce us to society, this monster they’ve constructed, and every time we catch a glimpse of it, the beast has grown more ugly than the last.  This is what waits for us in the weeds of the ambush, and for my part, I have no intention of playing along.  They have told us now for months, nay, years, that we must defeat Barack Obama to have our country back, but the truth is they don’t want it back.  They want Obama’s vision.  They have helped him obtain it, and while they may throw the dogs a bone or two over which to scuffle and snarl in the dirt at their feet, they’ve no intention whatever of walking this back.

McConnell and Boehner have each in their own way admitted it.  As I posted Monday evening, McConnell is already making excuses for his future inability to repeal Obama-care.  Boehner is setting up meaningless repeal votes in the House, when at any time in the last eighteen months, he could have set up a vote on withholding funds for it, but no, we’re going to have a fake dog-and-pony show-vote on the 11th of July so we can all feel like we exacted our pound of flesh while having accomplished exactly, precisely nothing.  This is what passes for leadership in the GOP.  This is the result of decades of spineless, candy-assed surrender-monkey thinking, and for the most part, we’ve permitted ourselves to be marched into the kill-zone again and again.

Pardon me, but I’m no longer interested in being led to an inevitable death.  The way I now view it, there is even less to fear from Obama than before.  We will now have Obama-care, we will have Cap and Tax, we will have no freedoms whatever, and I imagine it will only be some short period of time before he appoints another mastermind to head up some nutrition mandate, with Michael Bloomberg spear-heading the effort, telling us we mustn’t have table salt or more than 16 ounces of a soft-drink.  No, I have no interest in participating in this.  I am going to resist. I will not comply.  I will not be a party to any of it.  Barack Obama can enact whatever he likes. Congress can go full-bore leftist backed up by the Roberts-led Supreme Court jesters.  I don’t care.  They can all kiss my ass.  Until they man-up and are willing to come force me to comply, they’re not going to get my docile cooperation.  Taxes?  SCREW YOU! Hey, John Roberts, tax this! Mandates?  Come and mandate it if you think you can!  Bring friends.

You can have your blessed Republican party.  I will be party-less.  I am already country-less, having watched mostly in silence as it has been deconstructed over the course of my life.  If I’m going to be slaughtered in this statist kill-zone, I might just as well take my chances and charge the ambushers, because a possible or even probable death is still better than a certainty.  I simply don’t care what any of the talking heads say any longer.  There’s no point in extenuating the matter.  The Republican party, its line of inept Lieutenants, and its clear commitment to undoing my liberties, is simply dead to me.  Promises, promises.  Mitt Romney might win, but if so, he’ll do it without my vote.  I will not vote to empower him any more than I will vote to re-elect his play-acting “opponent.” I am out to defeat the GOP.  Yes, this means the liberals will win.  Is that any different than now?  How, exactly?  No, the first thing to do when you’re being ambushed is to recognize that your survival now depends on getting out of the kill-zone, and the GOP establishment has made of the party an endless sea of death for conservatism.  I’m out.  Feel free to seek cover next to your Lieutenant.  He’ll be glad to use your corpse as cover.

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30 Responses to We’ve Been Ambushed [Again]

  1. Pat Cashman says:

    Mark, it’s about damn time that you have lost your cool. Bravo my friend. We have mutual friends who are doing exactly as you have described, taking cover. I have lost my patience with them. They try to put a brave face out there, but they are doing nothing but running for their lives. And they will get shot in the back. I will not get shot in the back. The entire GOP is dead to me.

  2. TheresaAK says:

    Good Morning America!!! 

    Mark you always stir the deepest Patriotic, Patrick Henry in my soul….There will be a new party….it’s coming…..What a great Independence Day speech…..you will top any speech out there…because it’s the truth and from your heart, not from some speech writer…God Bless you brother….

  3. Carlirwin32 says:

    some are really going to disagree with this article, but I am not one of those people. The other day as I set and thought about that slogan “anyone but Obama” I thought “that is a slogan for losers. People saying we have to support Romney now (and I was one of those people) because we have to get Obama out of the WH. Thats it, that is our whole plan, just a few months ago most conservatives would have been spitting nails at just the mention of Romney`s name, and now he is our guy? How did this happen again? Fact is,this is going to be like 2008 and maybe even worst. How can Romney win a debate against Obama, when they are practically the same person. Now they can clean Romney up all they want, but make no mistake he is a moderate Liberal.

    • falling321 says:

      At this point, with the choice being a moderate liberal and a far left liberal that we already know will claim “flexibility” once re-elected, my vote will go to the moderate liberal.  I absolutely REFUSE to allow my vote to give Obama a single hairs width chance of being re-elected.  So vote third party if you wish…and then look in the mirror and blame yourself when Obama is re-elected. 

      We didn’t win this time, but that doesn’t mean we lay down and let the left have their way with us.  Romney may only be a baby step in the right direction, but I’ll take that baby step over the step downhill slide that Obama has us on!

      • Cindi says:

         this is the type of bashing i was talking about from fellow conservatives- when i have said i am voting my conscience…and also as a Christian who has prayed about this decision.  Somehow this means I will be responsible for electing Obama?  No, not unless I vote for him.  Since when does anyone tell me how to vote?  Vote the way you want, sir, but for me, i hold myself responsible for doing the right thing according to my available knowledge and conscience, etc..  And for me, I could not look in the mirror if i voted for Romney. 

        • falling321 says:

          And if you can look in the mirror and know you gave Obama an unopposed vote, then that is fine with me.  No one, especially not me, is telling you who to vote for, but I have certainly been called some very nasty things by those who are refusing to vote for Romney.  So if you do not mind giving Obama an unopposed vote…go for it, but in my mind it is just as bad as throwing your vote in the trash or not even bothering to show up at the polls.  BTW, depending on the state you live in, write in votes are literally thrown in the trash and never counted unless someone has filed the proper paperwork as a write in candidate.  Your state election laws should be online if you are interested in saving the gas it would take to drive to the polls.

          • Cindi says:

            Yes, i will be able to look in the mirror with my integrity and honor intact.  but would not be able to if i vote for Romney.   i believe that doing the right thing (according to the dictates of my conscience) has long-term benefits in many ways.  And “they” may throw my write-in vote in the trash, but I and God know how I voted and why.

      • lisalisalisa7 says:

        I totally agree with you! We can’t afford to give Obama even one vote! He is fully prepared to cheat, but people are watching this time and it won’t be so easy. Why not stand up AFTER the election against Romney? Now is not the time to let anger control you, we must get Obama out of office first. Because for all of Romney’s issues at least he is not an American hating, Islamist loving Traitor & he can be reasoned with after he’s elected. Obama is a narcissist. That fact alone makes him a dangerous President.

      • Guest says:

         You are part of the problem running around like a chicken without a head in a panic. No one is moving the country left but the GOPe who refuse to fight the leftists. It was the Snow job sisters who voted Obamacare out of committee. It’s always a moderate Republican who seals the deal. They are worse then Democrats. Voting for someone who is to the left of Bill Clinton is not only not in your best interests, it’s screwing yourself, duh!

        I’m not voting for Etch-a-sketch! I don’t care if he chooses Mother Theresa as his running mate. He is a progressive Democrat and should have challenged Obama for the Democrat nomination. Etch-a-sketch loses. It’s a done deal. Keep running around in a panic while the adults in the room take the country back!

        You are an enabler. The GOPe are addicts. Treat them like you would treat an addict.

        • falling321 says:

          Did I insult you?  No, I said vote as you wish, but I refuse to give Obama a single unopposed vote and will do my best to get people to the polls to vote for Romney.  He was my last choice for our nominee, but he is the one we have.  I will not throw my vote in the trash when I can use it to oppose Obama.  While I don’t particularly trust Romney to fully repeal Obamacare, I KNOW Obama won’t do it and I know he will use his new found taxing ability to control as much as he can before his next four years are up.  This election is a “best of two evils” election, but if as I said, I will take a baby step in the right direction over Obama’s down hill slide.
          Romney is far from perfect, but I will vote for someone with re-election hanging over their head over Obama every single day of the week.  And BTW, I do not know where you live, but check your states voting regulations.  Where I live Obama and Romney will be the only two on the ballot.  Any write in votes are simply disposed of unless someone has filed the proper paperwork to become a write in candidate.  Do you really believe I should just let them throw my vote in the trash or stay home?

    • Kathie says:

       I admire your courage for admitting that you were pulling for Romney, and then recognized what he really is. Two things are at stake: one is the election. The other is our personal integrity and independence. Once a person casts that aside to support someone they don’t respect, what have they got left to fight with?

  4. Cindi says:

    thank goodness i’m not the only one who is refusing to play the game any longer.
    When i said a while back to fellow conservatives that there was no way in heck I’d vote for Romney,  I was bashed repeatedly.  So be it.  Besides, he has taken a temple oath to follow the LDS prophet over anyone else (which includes the Constitution) and the LDS goal is a Mormon theocracy.  Anyone checked the oaths he had made or researched White Horse Prophecy?  I was in the Mormon church for a few years and have studied it extensively.  And I know Romney could be more dangerous than Obama, if such a thing is possible – but I believe it is.  No vote from me for Romney.  As I explained to others, I report to a higher power and my conscience will not allow me to vote for him. 

  5. JPT says:

    The GOP is hopeless. I know it’s painful and infuriating watching Obama get away with destroying what’s left of the country. Voting Republican will not do anything to stop it. This is the most important point we need to understands. Thanks to Republicans, For every Alito/Scalia, we get two or three Kennedy’s, O’Connor’s, Roberts, or ultra-liberal fanatics like Souter and Blackmun. Yes, the justice who wrote the majority opinion in Roe v Wade was appointed by a Republican, Richard Nixon.

  6. lisalisalisa7 says:

    We need Sarah Palin.

    • Mark America says:

      We do, but she is following another path, apparently. More is the scale of our crisis.

      • Reb in Texas says:

        True, Sarah ‘seems’ to be on another path – but she is helping to lead the way to get more good people elected….for we need them too – in the House and the Senate if We The People are to save this beloved country of ours. I also believe, with God’s help and guidance – and the people, Sarah would step forward.

  7. AndrewSiff says:

    What a fine post!

  8. the unit says:

    I’ve been reading here a long time…since October…gone back to June 2011 reading past posts.  Every post was enlightening.  But we are in the game that’s being played today and has been for decades.  Not folding is the game today.  It’s time to hold them, not walk away or run.  Forget Romney,  elect supermajority House and Senate then see how to play our cards.

  9. Kathie says:

    It’s a relief to know there are others experiencing the same revolution of thought and feelings, and coming to the same conclusion. Democrats and Republicans have joined forces to box us in, which means that we have to think and act outside of their box. Romney will not get my vote. I’m also going to start giving my Republican representatives serious grief about their party’s betrayal of us and the Constitution. They’re guilty by association.

  10. Okoutbac says:

    Bucking the system: RNC Delegates, are you listening? – By Wayne Mazza
    by WE the People Unite on Tuesday, July 3, 2012 at 2:50pm ·
    There was a time in America that honesty, integrity, and taking a stand was monumental to the character of a man or woman. I remember the days when “Made in America” was a source of pride, “The underdog” was championed, a simple “Handshake” sealed a deal, and when giving ones “WORD” meant keeping it. I remember when people did not sacrifice their integrity to defend bad behavior of their sports or music icons. When people did not sacrifice principles for winning at any cost, they helped each other with the goodness of their hearts, not government handouts. This year, the 2012 Presidential election will be the most important since the Reagan vs Carter election. Both of these democratic presidents, Carter and Obama, are strikingly similar, both have failed the American people miserably. At a time when job growth and the economy was the most important issues, our current president decided to waste his first two years with a stacked deck giving us a health care bill that is, by design, geared to put insurance companies out of business and become totally government controlled. It will be unsustainable and will ration health care. He has also put hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars into green energy. Healthcare and Green jobs have one thing in common for this administration, CRONY CAPITALISM on steroids. The president has been bought and paid for by his handlers, lobbyists, and unions which are why they are exempted from the Healthcare bill and millions of taxpayers dollars have went down the drain on companies like Solyndra. Now we have the challenger, RNC backed, Mitt Romney, who has the backing of many bundlers and handlers as Obama had. When you have big time money backing you, you will become bought and paid for. It will be more of the same, just a different party. There is only one politician that never took big money from anyone and she is not for sale. This citizen has a record of “Bucking the System”. That is Governor Sarah Palin. Every delegate has a choice to make: Do I vote conventional (business as usual) or do I vote Unconventional (Palin) like the 1880 election? Garfield, who was not a candidate, was chosen as the Republican nominee at the RNC convention over three nominees. (See RNC Rule 38, no delegates are bound) Do I want a candidate that keeps their word (Palin) or a candidate that puts their finger in the air and goes the way the wind is blowing at that time? Do I want a candidate that puts America first (Palin) or one that is GOPe Party Platform first and good ole boy? Do I want a candidate that believes in private markets for healthcare (Palin) or one that burdens its citizenry with government solutions? Do I want a candidate that exposed CRONY CAPITALISM (Palin) or one that embraces it? Do I want a conservative candidate with a record of accomplishment (Palin) or one with a failed governorship? Do I want a candidate with a steel spine that takes a stand on issues (Palin) or one that flip flops on issues. These are only a few questions of many that show the stark difference between Gov. Palin and Gov. Romney. Honorable delegates, you have a choice to make, maybe the most important of your lives. If you want business as usual to stop, then nominate Gov. Sarah Palin for president (RNC rule 40)If you are happy with the current way business is being done in our country, then go for the conventional candidate. Choose wisely, the very existence of our way of life in this country is at stake. Gov. Sarah Palin, honest, trustworthy, transparency in Government, has always put the people first, serving with a true Servants Heart!

  11. Okoutbac says:

    GREAT NEWS! BEST NEWS OF THE YEAR, thus far that is.

    What is this GREAT NEWS! BEST NEWS OF THE YEAR, thus far that is? The U.S.
    Supreme Court in a ruling 5 to 4 up held the Affordable Care Act – Obamacare by
    declaring the funding mechanisms within it a TAX/taxes.

    How is this GREAT NEWS! BEST NEWS OF THE YEAR, thus far that is? Both,
    Obama and ROMNEY are DEMANDING that the funding mechanisms within Obamacare
    (thus Romneycare) are not taxes. (FYI, there are at least 20 new
    taxes/penalties/fines/punishments within Obamacare) Both, Obama and Romney are
    DEMANDING that the funding mechanisms within Obamacare and Romneycare are
    PENALTIES! I believe they are both.

    Why is this GREAT NEWS! BEST NEWS OF THE YEAR, thus far that is? Whether
    Obama and Romney demand that the funding mechanisms within Obamacare/Romneycare
    are penalties or whether Obama and Romney accept the determination of the U.S.
    Supreme Court that the funding mechanisms within Obamacare and Romneycare are
    taxes, what Obama and Romney are telling Us is that Obamacare and Romneycare are
    all about punishing Us if We choose to exercise our Constitutionally protected
    God given rights of Liberty (freedom of choice) and Pursuit of Happiness (via
    where We choose to spend God’s/our money). Are you aware that they are exempt
    from Obamacare?

    How is this GREAT NEWS! BEST NEWS OF THE YEAR, thus far that is? Thought
    you’d never ask. We all know that Obama has to be removed from the Oval Office
    via the November 2012 Presidential Election. NOW, We know and can show everyone
    else that Romney must not be allowed to enter the Oval Office! The U.S. Supreme
    Court’s decision rightfully secured Obamacare as a “High Priority” for immediate
    repeal. SCOTOS’s decision rightfully identifies Romney as the least likely
    Presidential Candidate to go head to head in the arena of ideas this election
    year on this subject. Romney is the weakest link because he can not attack Obama
    on Obamacare because Romneycare was and is the “Pathway to Obamacare”. Both,
    Romneycare and Obamacare individual mandates violate Our Constitutionally
    protected God given rights of Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. Romney is most
    like Obama. Romney is most like those that have seen the dismantling and death
    of Our Constitution, Our Bill of Rights and Our Declaration of Independence. And
    today, 3 July 2012, FOX News just reported
    that Obama has the biggest lead he has had thus far against Romney. This is most
    likely due to Romney’s agreement with Obama that Obamacare is not a tax. Romney
    apparently believes as he did as Governor and as Obama believes as the U.S.
    President that as the “Top Gun” of their respective office that they have the
    power to ignore our Constitutionally protected God given rights of Liberty and
    Pursuit of Happiness as they see fit and if We do not agree with them, they will
    punish Us through fines and other penalties. Here is a notable link to a recent
    post by Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation and many more are popping up daily
    highlighting my point that Romney has to go and that We need to nominate a true,
    unquestionable Constitutional Conservative for President:

    Why is this GREAT NEWS! BEST
    NEWS OF THE YEAR, thus far that is? This election year “IS NOT” about electing
    an individual most like Obama! This election year “IS ABOUT” electing an
    individual most like We, Tea Party/Constitutional Conservatives!

    We can and must now begin our effort to remove the Republican
    Establishment’s “Chosen One”, Romney, from “Our” Presidential Nominee List.
    Romney is not a member or even a slight supporter of We, Tea
    Party/Constitutional Conservatives. Romney’s record speaks for itself, too
    include his appointing of “only” Liberal Justices as a Governor. Most
    importantly, We can now intensify Our effort to nominate and elect two members
    from the We the People, Tea Party, Constitutional Conservative Party on November
    6, 2012.

    These two People are Sarah Palin – Our next President and Allen West – Our
    next Vice President.

    Sarah Palin and Allen West are polar opposites of Obama. Romney is most
    like Obama. Sarah Palin and Allen West are most like We, Tea
    Party/Constitutional Conservatives. Romney is most like those that have seen the
    dismantling and death of Our Constitution, Our Bill of Rights and Our
    Declaration of Independence.

    Please join me and those who already support Sarah Palin and Allen West as
    President and Vice President, respectively. Thank you and God Bless.

    #AOLMsgPart_1_cbc56de9-ed10-44b2-b22a-007474b6df5f td{color: black;} #AOLMsgPart_1_cbc56de9-ed10-44b2-b22a-007474b6df5f #yiv1079825264 .yiv1079825264AOLWebSuite .yiv1079825264AOLPicturesFullSizeLink {height:1px;width:1px;overflow:hidden;}#AOLMsgPart_1_cbc56de9-ed10-44b2-b22a-007474b6df5f #yiv1079825264 .yiv1079825264AOLWebSuite a {color:blue;text-decoration:underline;cursor:pointer;}#AOLMsgPart_1_cbc56de9-ed10-44b2-b22a-007474b6df5f #yiv1079825264 .yiv1079825264AOLWebSuite a.yiv1079825264hsSig {cursor:default;}

  12. the unit says:

    I can’t argue with all my fellow comment posters.  But we have been dealt a hand whether we like it or not, could be and likely is a fraudulently dealt one with a card up democrats and republicans sleeve.  But I’ll play it rather than not get in the game.  Laid hand on the table in 2010, did pretty well, shoot for next time too.  

  13. Reb in Texas says:


    I wasn’t surprised to read this article….think I’ve seen it coming in you just as I have been feeling the same for some period of time, watching the mess that was our primary, not to mention what the repubs have done and, worse – not done – these past years.

    I don’t know what we face this year – at the convention, much less the election – assuming we have one – much less the count of the votes. And, yes, Sarah may seem to be going in another direction – though one we need just as much as a variety of other moves. I still believe – when we are able to call on her – she would step forward…..

    I’ve long thought of romney as a squish – and have of late been using that in place of his name in my remarks…..plus I’ve long believed we cannot trust him much more than bho.

    Besides doing what we can on all levels to get some good people elected, the only other thing I know to do is to continue praying – asking God to help US, protect US and enable US to do what He would have US do.

    Thank you Mark – there are many of US in this together.

  14. irishcoins says:

    Have a great day of Freedom this July 4th, Mark.  And always remember Liberty.

  15. Polarbearpapa says:


    “There is an opinion that
    parties in free countries are useful checks upon the Administration of
    the Government and serve to keep alive the spirit of Liberty. This
    within certain limits is probably true–and in Governments of a
    Monarchical cast Patriotism may look with endulgence, if not with
    favour, upon the spirit of party. But in those of the popular character,
    in Governments purely elective, it is a spirit not to be encouraged.
    From their natural tendency, it is certain there will always be enough
    of that spirit for every salutary purpose. And there being constant
    danger of excess, the effort ought to be, by force of public opinion, to
    mitigate & assuage it. A fire not to be quenched; it demands a
    uniform vigilance to prevent its bursting into a flame, lest instead of
    warming it should consume.”

    George Washington

    ..and consume it has….

  16. CC says:

    Mark, YOU ARE AMAZING, and I agree with everything you say 99% of the time. The other 1% has to do with you being a Ford guy and me being a Chevy guy. You are our leader, therefore I nominate YOU Markamerica for POTUS. And if you cannot do that than at least start a new party, a party who won’t ambush us and will honor and protect our freedoms and liberties. Comon Mark, YOU my friend are the wisest and most influential man (at least in my 51 yrs on this earth) that I have ever heard. You’re better than ANY conservative I’ve EVER heard, and WE NEED YOU TO HELP GET THIS COUNTRY BACK ON THE RIGHT TRACK!