Harboring the Enemy

Is the GOP Bearing Us Gifts?

My friend Carl likens the GOP establishment’s strategy to the idiotic way in which the US lost in Vietnam.  Too often, the Republican Party creates a safe haven for the left by placing off-limits to attack such programs as education in which they hold complete sway.  More than this, the party adopts rules of engagement that hamper the effort, for instance when John McCain refused to use Obama’s middle name, or when Romney used every Alinskyite tactic to secure the nomination, but will not use them in the general election campaign.  I’m prepared to take it one step more:  When we elect establishment candidates, we provide the left with a safe haven in government, as most of them are permitted to remain in place.  Permitting establishment Republicans to call themselves “conservative” without challenge, we encourage the denigration of actual conservatism.  Mitt Romney isn’t conservative.  He’s a “moderate Republican,” which is to say he is a liberal.  If he takes the White House in November, it will remain staffed by people who are statists.  There will be no change in philosophy, but merely a slow-down in the rate of its pursuit. We shouldn’t expect to restore our constitutional republic by harboring the enemy.

Mitt Romney says he’s been “severely conservative.”  I don’t know how one who knows the first thing about conservatism could begin to make such a claim.  If anything, his history as Governor of Massachusetts tells us something quite different.  Romney-care is an abomination to any free people, and the mere fact that he helped enact such a program as law puts the lie to his claim of conservative credentials, much less a “severe” one.  No, he enacted regulations that pushed the entire farcical global-warmist agenda, and he helped to create and fund programs such as “Welfare Wheels” that are all in keeping with a big-government statist.  The most telling part of his claim is the use of the word “severe” as his adjective of choice.  It is only the most liberal Republicans who attach the impression of severity to conservatism.  For mainstream conservatives, we believe we do not need to say we are “compassionate” because compassion is implicit in our policy ideas.  To the degree we are “severe,” it is in the realm of truth-telling and logical analysis.  To apply the modifier “severely” to conservative is to admit that he doesn’t know what conservatism is all about.  It confesses a philosophical distance from conservatism that cannot be bridged by our desire to win in November.

There are those who would take issue with my description of Republican establishment types as “enemies,” but this is at long last  why some might refer to me as a “severe conservative.”  I’m not willing to gloss over the reality, either for the sake of an election, or for the sake of some false sense of party unity, much less to condescend to other conservatives who will have known better all along.  The simple truth is that establishment Republicans repeatedly damage conservatism in two fundamental ways, and I won’t apologize for pointing them out:

  • They actively seek to undermine conservatives, conservative ideas and principles, and frequently side with the radical, statist left.
  • They frequently attempt to disguise themselves as conservatives, such that when their own versions of statist programs go awry, the wider universe of conservatism in general takes the blame, despite the fact that conservatism had exactly nothing to do with the failures.

I’m going to prove the first method by the use of a single name:  John Roberts.   John Roberts undoubtedly sees Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas as  examples of  “severe conservatives.”  His own abandonment of constitutional principles and precedents marks him as precisely the sort of enemy we face in the GOP establishment.  Following along behind him is a cadre of Republican(but not conservative) excuse-makers who will try to convince you he had ruled correctly, somehow.  What John Roberts did by his ruling marks him as an enemy of free men everywhere, and I frankly don’t give a damn what some spouting geyser of human incompetence says to the contrary.

They often disguise themselves as “conservatives,” and you can often see this when they begin to attach all sorts of modifiers to the label “conservatism.”  They will tell you they are at least “moderately conservative,” or practitioners of “compassionate conservatism.”  What these really mean is: “Weak-kneed, non-conservative conservatism.”  In practice, what these translate into are simply more statist programs, regulations, and market-manipulations.  What the programs born of these will reveal is a contempt for principled conservatism.

Some will immediately throw in my face that my own favored candidate, whose candidacy didn’t materialize in 2012, likes to talk about “common-sense, constitutional, conservative ideas.”  Permit me to explain why I see this as significantly different.  When Governor Palin uses that particular phraseology, I believe she is describing the nature of the ideas. I also think she’s describing the nature of conservatism accurately.  Conservatism is rooted in a respect for common sense, or if you will, simple logic.  Conservatism is rooted in a reverence for the constitution as written by our founders, but not necessarily as reinterpreted by subsequent lawmakers or judges.  Based on such evidence as her career in politics makes plain, I don’t believe that Governor Palin is trying to re-define what conservatism is, but instead, simply explaining it those who haven’t understood it, or have been misled about it by some of the alleged practitioners(who weren’t.)

Enemy identification is a difficult task at times, and it’s made all the more difficult by enemies who try to position themselves as allies.  The GOP establishment doesn’t love any liberty so well that they’re willing to stand on its behalf if they perceive a popular movement of any dimension against it.  The truth may be worse, because just as many of my readers have perceived over time, there are instances in which it has been perfectly clear that establishment Republicans are part of the left.  Consider the issue of immigration, or the implementation of new entitlement programs, or their willingness to go along in many cases with further restrictions on firearm ownership.  See how they pander to the environmental movement, another front for radical leftists.  It is becoming apparent that in all meaningful ways, they are absolutely committed to undermining our republic, just like the leftists. The only significant difference I can see is that most of them will claim a committed faith, whereas the leftists distance themselves from faith in most instances.

There are those for whom such an apparent difference is enough to make a distinction, but as I have observed, I cannot know what a man truly believes simply because he declares it.  What I can know is what a politician has done, and what it says about the views held by virtue of their practice.  If this is the measure, and I firmly assert that there must be no other, I do not know why I would view the establishment of the Republican Party as anything other than an enemy, every bit as committed and intractable as the rabid left to the dissolution of the American republic as we have known it.  In the final analysis, this is why I am walking away briskly from the Republicans.   I am still “severely conservative.” I haven’t changed my views, but one: I no longer believe that the GOP can serve as a vehicle for the restoration of the republic.  I will no longer be tempted for short-run political advantage to adopt the old notion that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”  I will simply hereafter acknowledge that I may have more enemies, and that the only real battle between them is akin to the struggle between rival gangs.  They might fight with one another, but in practice, they’re all the same, and either will happily pillage, plunder and poach my life when the opportunity arises.

Rather than we conservatives looking for ways to join the Republican Party, I think it’s time for conservatives to move on, and let Republicans try to join with us.  I’m not willing to let the latest Republican Trojan horse through the gates of our city, bearing statists.  Be not deceived, conservatives.


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10 Responses to Harboring the Enemy

  1. Phil Arnold says:

    Thanks, Mark, for writing along the lines that I have been thinking for some time. If the GOP establishment were not enemies of true consertative policies, they would not have waged the war they did against Governor Palin starting in 2008. I am sure that the war they waged against her was a huge factor in her decision not to run. If they had supported and defended her instead on waging war against her, I’m sure we could now have her as potential nominee who could easily defeat Obama in November.

  2. the unit says:

    Just my opinion…Romney and Roberts are “severely conservative.”  Rock solid with the status quo and the direction we are headed, the way of the last few decades by those who see the world needs governing from a global perspective.  If you want nation rights, states rights and federalism in our relations…it’s called Reactionary the way it was. That’s the thought of our founders where freedom and liberty lay. They were liberals back then, against the status quo of their time.  Obama is Radical to the extreme, moderate only as to reelection needs.  What will Romney be actually?  He was a missionary to the world once,… as President?…your guess is as good as my opinion!

  3. Carlirwin32 says:

    everyone is asking the question, why will Romney not attack Obama in a more forceful way. My question is, why are people even asking this question. when your past beliefs and policies are nearly a mirror imagine of the person you are up against, it makes a forceful attack not only harder but actually pretty silly to try. The only hope Romney stands of winning is convincing people he can do a better job of fixing the economy then his twin can. and yes go ahead and point out the differences in the two men, and then take a hard honest look at those differences and you will see how minor they are.

    • Exodus2011 says:

      also Snuffles is afraid that if he attacks the 0 overtly then Axelrod will hang the ‘Inspirer of Obamacare’ MILLSTONE around his neck, thus weakening him even further with Conservatives, before Tampa.

      Ole Etch-A-Sketch has a problem, if he remains Snuffles he is seen as WEAK, and if he fights and Axelrod comes after him as the ‘Inspirer of Obamacare’ he is a DEAD MAN .. .too early. (for him, but not for Conservatism – OPEN TAMPA and nominate the NOT4SALE Proven Reformer, and give America a CHANCE at avoiding a debt calamity in 2013!)

  4. Polarbearpapa says:

    ” I am commonly opposed to those who modestly assume the rank of
    champions of liberty, and make a very patriotic noise about the people.
    It is the stale artifice which has duped the world a thousand times, and
    yet, though detected, it is still successful. I love liberty as well as
    anybody. I am proud of it, as the true title of our people to
    distinction above others; but…I would guard it by making the laws
    strong enough to protect it.”

     Fisher Ames

  5. Kathie says:

    Tragically, Conservatives appear to be permanently harnessed to the Republican party, hoping against hope that one day they will convert it to Conservatism. Such conversion is unlikely, nor is it likely that an independent Conservative party will take shape, as long as they lack courage to break away. This being the case, neither party can blame self-respecting Americans for abandoning them and going it alone. Thank God, we were given a user’s manual along with this Republic. The Constitution is standard against which all parties are measured. It wasn’t written to define our liberties, but rather to restrict government activity.

  6. Misterjkane says:

    Obama’s the greater enemy. As bad as Romney is, and he’s
    bad, he’s 1000 times better than the Dictator. If you sit out this election or
    vote third-party and encourage others to do so, you help reelect the Dictator
    and share in the responsibility for the destruction this nation.


    With Romney and the Republican Party, we have an outside
    chance to save the Republic; with Obama and the Democrats, we have no chance. I
    understand your frustration, but don’t toss out the baby with the bathwater. I
    can name a few good Republicans in Congress, but I can’t name one Democrat.
    Metaphorically speaking, the Republicans are the police, the Democrats are
    organized crime. You don’t toss out the cops and hire the mob because of
    corruption on the force. You expose the corrupt cops and remove them.


    Don’t let your emotions destroy this nation because of
    Roberts. The Court has three solid conservatives, and the next POTUS will
    appoint at least one justice, maybe more. We must not get off the horse in
    midstream; we set out to do a job in 2010, and now we must finish it. We are
    doing triage to save our Republic: first we remove the immediate threat, and then
    we turn our attention to the sell-outs and traitors.

    • the unit says:

      Basically my thoughts as well, not liberal feelings.  But I then give attention to what about the non achievers, no requirement for Fed. income tax for about 49 percent, and kick back income credit for whatever reason, and of course make purchase and pay sales tax with government money, Pelosi said unemployment money spent increases economic output.  Sorry… another “Fluke” argument to me. 

      I support penalty/tax…double speak, 1984. Good …lay on butt…pay both.  Did y”all read Russian Constitution…we hear “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”  But the phrase continues…”if you don’t work, you don’t eat.”  It’s there.  Read it.

      Really though…I seems those elected to a republican form of government must have had to gone to the reeducation camps prior of taking office.

    • CC says:

      The Greater Enemy! So you’re saying that Mitt is AN enemy, just not THE GREATER ENEMY! Lesser of two evils is still evil. The lesser enemy is still the enemy! The politics of Fear and deception and a whole lot of money with statists and Washington elites with a sprinkle of “Fair and Balanced” news got us Mitt. The GOPE feasted on the fears of Americans who’s battle cry was ABO. ABO? Really? The Battle Cry should have been ABR! The absolute worst republican candidate to be the presumed nominee. No,this has to stop,and stop NOW! This country has been through a lot worse than BHO, and Mark is right, the Republican party is over. We must destroy the GOPE and start anew with a party that abides and honors the US constitution. I say abolish the 16th amendmend, in other word get rid of IRS.