The Exasperating Insufficiency of Mitt Romney

What is he willing to do?

Many people will hold their fire until November 7th to say with gusto what is already known, and has been for some time:  Mitt Romney isn’t up to this campaign.  He might be a nice guy.  He is a good father and husband by all reports.  He may well be an effective businessman.  What Mitt Romney isn’t is a leader.  Mitt Romney is stuck in a hollowed-out, anti-ideological mold, from which his training and temperament will not permit him to escape.  There is no way to say it but one:  The Republican Party needs a different candidate, and it needs that candidate fast.  Romney isn’t going to win this election, because he isn’t capable or willing to do what it will take, and the reserved, staid Republican establishment wouldn’t support him if he did.  Instead, they’re willing to go down rather than let a conservative take the wheel, because when it comes down to it, they retreat rather than soil their hands in the muck of it all. After months of my prognostications about Romney’s inability to win, it’s all beginning to come true.  Romney should have a double-digit lead in the polls, but he hasn’t, and the reason is simple:  He’s not ideologically sufficient to the chore, and he’s failed to evince any passion for the task at hand.

If you’ve ever watched the movie “The Untouchables,” starring Kevin Kostner and Sean Connery, you already know what I mean.  Al Capone was a ruthless killer, and Connery’s character(Mike Malone) demanded of Kostner’s Elliot Ness: “What are you prepared to do?”

Elliot Ness responds:  “Everything within the law.”

Asks Malone, insistently: “And then what are you prepared to do?”


If Mitt Romney is willing to take that blood-oath, I’ve seen no evidence he is living up to it.  Instead of hiring the sort of political aids who could help him “get Capone,” he’s hiring people who have a record of “getting” fellow Republicans. This is an astonishing situation, because what we see is a Republican party establishment not willing to deal harshly with statists, in part because of their own statist reflexes, and in part because they haven’t the stomach to fight anybody but conservatives, apparently.  Now, lest you think it’s just me saying this, I have news: There is a growing list of people who have finally noticed what I’ve been saying all along.  Rush talked about little else on Monday, and Hannity too.   As I called to your attention over the weekend, at least one Tea Party leader is asking if it is “too late to switch[candidates?]”

It’s gotten so bad, in fact, that no less an establishment Republican than Charles Krauthammer is urging Romney to abandon intellectual honesty and simply call Obama-care a tax and be done with it.  Even the Wall Street Journal is figuring it out, but it could well be too late to fix it.  Consider the meaning of all of the criticisms Romney is now receiving:  He’s being told to fight, but he’s being told to abandon intellectual honesty to do so.  That alone will wind up as an Obama campaign ad.  It’s not that Mitt Romney is incapable of winning, but that he seems hopelessly inept when it comes to carrying on the fight. Where was this Mitt Romney in the Florida primary?  Newt Gingrich might now be the nominee if Romney had been so tepid and accommodating of his Republican opponents as he is of Barack Obama.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is the height of absurdity for the GOP to have been reduced to abandoning intellectual honesty to defeat Barack Obama.  It is the height of absurdity that the country now faces the very real possibility of a second term of Barack Obama, because the GOP establishment has given us a guy who is impaired in his ability to fight by virtue of his own record, and restrained from doing battle with Obama by virtue of the GOP establishment mind-set.  Consider that Speaker John Boehner actually extolled the non-virtues of Romney, telling folk that [he]”can’t make you love Mitt Romney.”  When’s the last time a sitting Republican Speaker of the House said that about a presumptive Republican nominee?   This is their guy, and they wanted him, threatening to take their ball and their dollars and go elsewhere if we had “too conservative” a nominee. The conservative base became disgusted, but they could not overcome the “if you want to win, vote for Romney” talk, as every last conservative who had been paying attention these last dozen years knew with near certitude that Romney would not defeat Obama.

The National Republican Convention in Tampa is rapidly approaching, just seven weeks away, and if that party does not get its act together quickly, it is going to end its convention with a nominee who will possess neither the ability nor the will to win.  It’s time Tea Party conservatives begin to ask what it is that they are willing to do.  It may be time to have that brokered convention so many had feared months ago, because it may be the very last chance to save the country.

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20 Responses to The Exasperating Insufficiency of Mitt Romney

  1. Reb in Texas says:

    Thank you for this Mark. I’ve long believed the same, and have been praying for this, that God forgives US our many transgressions and guides US forward…….with the leader He knows will do His will, lead US back to him – and the US forward to that best envisioned by our wise founding fathers.

  2. JustMyOpinion says:

    Thank You, Great article. 
    I am all for  brokered convention. 

  3. surfcitysocal says:

    Amen. #RepealandReplaceRomney

  4. Yet, I’m not worried that if nominated, Romney won’t beat Obama.

    I’m dreading a Romney presidency, after the globalist Marxofascist Imperialists have set America to collapse during just that.

  5. Kathie says:

    An 11th-hour switch? If John Roberts can do it, so can convention delegates.

  6. NEWT2012 says:

    I have been saying this since the ONLY candidate who could have buried Obama in a debate,
    the ONLY candidate to balance a Federal budget in our lifetime not ONCE,
    not TWICE, not THREE times, but ALL four years was punked in favor of
    this POS – There can actually be a vote on the floor at the GOP
    convention…the people who continue to support this f’ing losers will
    ultimately be culpable for the four more years of Obama they are going
    to give us all.

  7. Just One Tulip In the Field says:

    Amen!  you convinced me Mark, this is for YOU!

  8. Reb in Texas says:

    And – I still pray for Sarah Palin……….for I believe there is no one else out there with the proven experience, the willingness and ability to speak straight to US all, who is guided by God, and has a servant’s heart. I could go on and on regarding her qualifications and abilities, but many here already know this.

  9. TeaPartyBarbie says:

    We must do all that we can to avoid a Romney nomination but in a way that we can still support him softly if we do not. Irrespective of who you support, please use #FreeGOP for twitter related to a brokered convention. Come’on folks, 70% of the GOP was NOT ROMNEY. Let’s make it happen!

  10. susiepuma says:

    Romeny acts like this is a pillow fight instead of a fight to save the death of our country as we knew it prior to the fraud opening a lot of eyes…………………but then again, romeny a is a plastic kendoll flip flopper  

    Conservatives need to follow their ‘natural’ leader and not ony grow a set but find that steel spine and stand up for what they believe.  Contrary to what the majority of the Republican Party believe – Repubs are a minority within their wing of the National Party  – Conservatives can, should, and will (if they find the cajones & the spine)  be the winner in Tampa Bay………………………….

  11. Just One Tulip In the Field says:

    Former Obama Donor Holds High Dollar Fundraiser For Romney With Other Ex-Obama Supporters

    It would be different if say for example if Romney had successfully turned this donor on to conservatism but that it not what is hapening.  The left are seeking Romney to hold onto the ground they have gained.  Good grief!  KNOW the resolution !

    We cannot wait 4 solid years for REAL solutions!  He leaves far too much out of his discussion let alone his platform!

  12. Timothy Ward says:

    Great article.  Quit Mitt quick!  All conventions used to be brokered.  Back then they were actually worth watching and participatory events.  And for those that buy the “there’s not enough time” argument,  there’s 9 weeks between the convention at Tampa and November 6, that’s more time than there is between now and the GOP convention.  There is ALWAYS time to make the right choice!  Gingrich/Paul 2012!

  13. the unit says:

    I’m sure I’ve said this before.  I will not get any “likes.”  But all who think here need to consider.

    Quote Mark… ” Mitt Romney is stuck in a hollowed-out, anti-ideological mold, from which his training and temperament will not permit him to escape.”   

    It’s the “I’m OK, You”re Ok” book of the ’60’s.  But as a missionary to where ever it was, England or Europe…he “feels” world commitment.   

    But Obama is that ideological mold of Marxist, Alinsky training.  Disrupt the narrative and  relations.

    Fine let it be, for brokered convention it it happens.   You still get globalist now days.  

  14. the unit says:

    Traffic is a little slow, so I add this addenda:

    I’ve been reading and posting here since Oct-Nov.  Lots of great common sense articles which were easy to agree with.  Wishing for days gone by. But that’s  reactionary, not conservative.  There is a definition communication problem.  Conservative according to the dictionary is “agreeing with the status quo.”  Is that you? Then Boehner, Pelosi, McConnell, Reid, Obama, and Romney are your persons. If you’re one to adhere to the Constitution…you are Reactionary.  Call a spade a spade.Get a brokered convention if you can…but you get a globalist in the end.  It’s Yogi’s fork in the road…when you come upon it…take it.  Globalist either path.Romney is like Mark says…”Mitt Romney is stuck in a hollowed-out, anti-ideological mold, from which his training and temperament will not permit him to escape.”  But if anti-ideological, then maybe can be swayed, with all the kids and grandkids and their future at stake.But Obama  is stuck in an ideological mold of Marxism and Alinsky disrupt the narrative and common humanity relations to achieve power.  Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  15. Elena Indracusin says:

    I have been closely watching the GOP primary and came to the conclusion that Republican Party, or the establishment I should say, do not want to win this coming election. They do everything they can to promote Romney who has been resisted by the majority Americans from the beginning, and even though many Americans finally start waking up and understand that Obama is keeping his word and transforming America but not the way they hoped for, the polls still not looking good for Romney. Why? To me it is very obvious, he is a Mormon, whether you like it or not, many Christians and Catholics have problem with this religion; Romney was pro-abortion then he was against abortion; he was pro-gun then he changed his mind; he was for gay marriages then he was against it; Obama care was adopted from Romney care, and no matter what republicans can say to us, it is very obvious, it was a tax or penalty in Massachusetts and it will be implemented all over the country now. This is just one side of republican’s stupidity or should I say a lack of vision on their candidate.  At least Obama is aggressive in his agenda, and he cares less that republicans are on his way, he knows they are spineless so he does what he wants and no one is stopping him. He has media on his side, he has Hollywood on his side, and he has the comedy shows on in his side and so on..  Now let’s look at republicans: they could be so excited and all over the Joe Arpaio investigation by promoting his investigation all over the country; show to American people that the man has the past that he tries to seal, expose his birth certificate issue that every useless republican is so afraid of to even speak up against. I have no respect for the party that does not respect our constitution and I am ashamed of republican’s inability to be aggressive like Democrats are. I am ashamed of a party that goes along with liberals so they just stay in power and collect their pay checks. It is time for a new party to be born and challenge democrats and republicans; it is time for a healthy competition.

    • Just One Tulip In the Field says:

       I am for taking back the party if at all possible by all means of a “get down, hoe down” right on the convention floor ousting Reince Priebus on the foor of the convention!  Then and only then we we know if we must all stay or go!  If we all go the RNC wil be a shell of itself that is for sure!

  16. Polarbearpapa says:

    “This process of election affords a moral certainty that the office of
    President will seldom fall to the lot of any many who is not in an
    eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.”

    Alexander Hamilton

    ….Well..we sure blew that all to hades in 08…… and here we are trying to do it again…..

  17. Rosco1776 says:

    Let’s hope Ron Paul can pull an upset at the convention!